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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Worse 9/11 and the Dragon

The world will be motivated through fear of nuclear annihilation to cooperate in a New World Order covenant that will leave America at the head of the seven-headed, ten-horned Dragon of Revelation 12, as the tribulation begins. As things progress I may have to revise this theory. J Now is the time to turn to the Lord and His Word with all of your hearts. God is raising up a beast kingdom to crucify his rebellious people as He has six times before. He will have a holy, powerful people. Praise His name!

Robert Hayes' Dream

I was standing on the coastline and a bunch of fighter jets flew over my head in a single file line. They flew over heading east, out to sea. Then they went down under the water until they were all submerged. The next war will bring a baptism unto death for America as she is. She will change but not for the better.

Then they shot up in the air and there was a big explosion. When the military goes out to fight this war the death, destruction, and the use of nuclear weapons by both sides will motivate the world to bring the death of the old world order and resurrection of the New World Order, which America will also rule.

I was afraid about the explosion and found I was hidden by a rock wall kind of like the cleft of the rock. Nuclear strikes will come to some American cities but Father's protection will be given to His own.

I was standing there in awe when I noticed an army of soldiers climbing a ladder to go up to fight. They were in white and red uniforms. White shirts and pants, with red belts. They looked kind of like revolutionary war uniforms. God's first fruits army from the cleft of the rock will go forth in white by the red blood of Jesus to fight the real enemy.

Michael Weber's Dream, June 2005

I was in a military meeting and I was in uniform but I was not in the military. I saw a black man named Charlie there that I knew when I was in the Air Force. "Charles" means strong or manly. America will show her self-righteous military strength while walking in darkness herself, symbolized by the militant, black man.

He told me that they were leaving in July, going overseas to start operation "Destroy Eagle". They are laying the intelligence groundwork for a war that will ultimately bring destruction to the independence of the Eagle nation as we have known it. The eagle is making unilateral decisions that will bring a World War which always brings a New World Order. World War 1 bought fear to the world and unusual cooperation to create the League of Nations. World War 2 brought fear to the world and the United Nations was born. World War 3 will bring the Dragon of Revelation 12, a New World Order headed by America. The eagle as we have known her will be absorbed into the corporate world body. In the end the whole world will have enough of the heavy-handed harlot and destroy her.

I remember telling him that it was probably better that he was gone because this country was going to be hit by terrorists soon. In the midst of their preparations a worse 9-11 will come upon America.

At the end of the dream it got a little strange. I was in Kansas out in the country looking at some property. The next strike on American cities may cause many Christians to exodus them for country living. It will be a good thing because the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah will continue to receive the heaviest curses.

During this part of the dream a soccer ball came bouncing toward me. The ball had been kicked by someone down the road but I never saw who kicked it. I kicked the ball back down the road and I thought that it landed in a field. There was snow on the ground and it was in July. Soccer is a war between opposing sides in which kicking the ball into the other's court scores points. Have you heard the term "nuclear football"? The ball being kicked here represents a strike on America and the ball being kicked back represents a strike back. The nuclear football landing in a field represents the worldly in America being hit because Jesus said "the field is the world". The soccer ball is black and white. "This competition between sides, each claiming to be right (white) but both being wrong (black) will bring a nuclear winter in summer to America". The referee has a black and white checkered shirt. God is not on America or the Muslims' side but on His people's side to bring them to maturity.

The Eagle Is About To Land
Amos Scaggs - 11/14/2007

The Eagle is about to land on the earth in a vulnerable environment for its safety.

In the air the Eagle is safe but on the ground there are predators.

When the Eagle lands there will be trouble in America. It's place of safety will be totally removed.

The Eagle was just a little higher than the tall fence posts.

The Eagle is America. I saw this three times, so it must be soon to come.

Randy Thames' Dream, July 21, 2002

I dreamt I saw a hawk on the back steps of a house I was in. Standing on the back of the hawk was a blackbird. The house is America. This hawkish administration and their supporters are warring with the blackbird who is the Islamic fundamentalists.

It looked as if the blackbird was trying to push the hawk into the ground. The blackbird will seek to destroy this administration and the American economy with new strikes soon and then a World War will come.

I went outside, broke them up and I asked the hawk if he was ok, or did he need me to pray for him? He told me he was dying. The blackbird was lying on the ground and hardly moving. Islam will take a strong hit from America, including nuclear. A frightened, world peace movement will break up the fight and bring in the New World Order Dragon of the first 3 1/2 years of the tribulation.

Then I looked up in the sky and saw a white horse, a red horse, a black horse, a pale horse - Rev.6:8? and a few others whose colors I could not recognize. They were all riding around in a giant circle. After the tribulation starts these judgments are loosed in Revelation 6 and continue to ravage the world. A circle means a cycle or repetition.

I ran back into the house to tell the people who were there what had happened. I yelled, "OH MY JESUS, YOU GOTTA SEE THIS!" We all went outside and looked up into the sky. As I looked up I saw another white horse with a rider on its back. It was descending out of the sky as it appeared. Behind it was a bright light, brighter than the sun. As it continued to descend I woke up. Every eye shall SEE the coming of Jesus on His white horse at the end of the tribulation.

U.S. Makes Serious Air Strike On Enemies
Jon Knowles - 10/20/2007

This one had my heart pounding as I awoke.

I was standing outside of a military launching facility and I knew they were about to launch a missile out of the ground. Upon ignition, an impossibly HUGE missile came shooting out of the ground with great violence. The sky was very gray, dark and cloudy. As the missile began to fly overhead, the sheer size of it put fear in my mind -- you know how mountains are huge and the further away they are the more fog seems to obscure the view? This missile was SO BIG that it filled the sky and I saw it dip behind the actual curvature of the planet, but it was so far away that there was a distance "fog" between me and "it". I awoke before I saw or heard any explosion, but my heart was pounding in my chest.

I guess we're getting very close to some serious military action.

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