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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Iran: Crippled and Revived
Garrett Crawford - 04/05/2007, 5:00 am

In the first vision, I was shown a large hand and it seemed bloody. I am almost certain it was in the shape of a horned goat, which is an occult hand sign. As I was beholding this wonder, it vanished, and I saw the President of Iran standing before me. One of his hands was mutilated badly and it seemed all his fingers were torn off; just a bloody stub remained. Even though he had this serious wound on his hand, he was smiling with an eerie confidence. Then he stuck his whole hand in his mouth and when he pulled it out again, it started to take shape into something. It sprouted two fingers and when it was done growing it resembled the hand I saw in the first vision (the one shaped like a horned goat).

This dream had a profound effect on me. After I woke up from it I was in amazement and in a state of complete bewilderment. I could not get the image out of my head. I feel that the Spirit gave me the interpretation: America will go to war against Iran and bloody her, but Iran will somehow regain strength and grow back, enabling her to hurt the United States in some way.

Just like Persia of old, it was conquered by Babylon, but after many years the Persians attacked and destroyed Babylon with the Medes. I think that we will soon see America bloody Iran, but sometime after that, Iran will have the last laugh.

Note from David: I believe Iran will soon be hit by Israel with the consent of the U.S., which could start the great Middle Eastern war before the tribulation. However, in our list of nations subdued by Babylon in Jeremiah 25, Iran, along with the Medes, will be destroyed just before the last war when the remnants of all the nations rise up against Babylon at the end of the tribulation. The same timing is shown in Jeremiah 49:34-39 when Iran is destroyed by Babylon just before chapter 50 when Babylon falls. Notice also in Samuel Doctorian's revelation, the span of nations are from Israel, where the Lord "begins to work evil", to Iran, the last nation to fall. (The Medes are not a nation but are spread through several nations, including Iran.) "Harvest time has come in Israel and the countries all the way to Iran". I believe it may be towards the end of the tribulation that Iran will take out a whole U.S. army with one nuclear missile as Chuck Youngbrandt saw in a vision. He saw these U.S. troops gathering across the Persian Gulf from Iran when they fired this missile. Of course the U.S. military would be severely weakened but would destroy Iran with nuclear weapons afterwards. This would set the stage for the attack on the U.S. by the nations. As the great eagle of Babylon was finally overthrown by the Medo-Persian Bear, so the modern Russian Bear along with the remnants of nations that suffered through the tribulation wars in Jeremiah 25 will ravage the U.S. Among these nations will be the remnants of the Medo-Persian bear's seed.

U.S. Strike on Iran Delayed?
Garrett Crawford - 03/08/2007

I was standing on the back porch of my dad's house and I was telling these 2 dogs to go to the bathroom. One was a boxer and the other was a bulldog. The boxer started to go and then something distracted him, and he stopped. I was getting really impatient with the dogs after a while, and finally yelled at them in a firm and authoritative voice, "You go poo-poo!" At that moment the bulldog (who had Dick Cheney's head) began to give up what he had, to say it in a nice way, and the feces must have been 20 feet long and a foot wide. He had been holding it in for a very long time; there was no doubt about that. Afterward, as I was staring at this I couldn't believe my eyes. Then a man walked into the backyard and looked at the waste. I told him that the small Bulldog did it. He didn't seem surprised like I was. That's when he said, "I guess that means he won't be going nuclear now". He also said, "These type of dogs are very stubborn and don't like to let go of their waste, they want to hang on it. You have to get really firm with them and show your authority before they will let go".

Maybe this means that Dick Cheney is very stubborn and has his mind made up to go to war with nukes. The large trail of waste that the Cheney-headed bulldog produced may represent all the destruction that he has stored up for his 'enemies'. The nukes represented the 'waste' that the Bulldog refused to let go of, but through much public scrutiny and protesting (my yelling) he had to let go of his plans to use nukes. That is exactly what the American people have been doing these last few years, protesting and exposing him and others, thus making him GIVE UP his plans for possibly nuking targets. Because after the man saw the large trail of waste the dog had released, he said, "I guess that means he wont being going nuclear now".

Note from David: This dream does not mean that they will not strike Iran but that Cheney would not get to go nuclear, just as the military and everyone else has been warning this administration not to use, if they do. I do believe that they will strike Iran but not destroy them at this time. This will happen later, just before America is attacked by the nations.

Iran Bombed
Garrett Crawford - 12/02/2007

I found myself in a country that borders Iran. Something was happening in Iran that was of very big interest to me, so I decided to drive over there to see what was happening. I was accompanied by another person, and as we approached the country I saw smoke covering the horizon, billowing up towards the sky. It was as if a large explosion went off inside the country.

Israel Attacks Iran
Paul - 02/21/2011

Approximately two years ago I had this dream that I was hovering over Israeli military headquarters and could hear what was being discussed. I was hearing the conversation between the U.S. and Israeli top officials and they were discussing and planning an attack on Iran. The military officials were unaware of me. They could not see or hear me. The American officials were the ones actually pushing their agenda in this conversation.

So, the decision was made to hit Iran. Then Israel hit Iran with a nuclear warhead. And after the attack took place, all the nations in the world were extremely upset and in a rage with Israel; then, I noticed that the U.S. backed off, as if they were not involved.

I was aware that quite a few months had gone by and the whole world was extremely upset with Israel and at that point the U.S. finally stepped up to the plate and admitted that they were behind Israel through the whole operation and in agreement with the attack on Iran.

Then I woke up.

Note from David: Israel could have or will have the nuclear bunker-busters, which may be the only thing that will take out some facilities. Their hope is that these will not break out above ground in an explosion but I read a Bible code that seems to say a cloud will drift over the nations there and it could be nuclear. This would surely anger the nations.Even if it didn't break out, it would scare them of the possibilities.

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