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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Islam Wars Against the U.S. Christians

K - 10/08/2015
(David's notes in red)

I live in San Diego. In a dream, I was looking over at the ocean from a cliff, where you can walk down to the water's edge. It was very dark and the waves were raging; it was hard to make out the waves, but you could see the whites of the cresting waves . They appeared to be up to 50 feet high. The coastline was all dark rocks, except for the area in front of me that looked like golden sand that had been carved into steps that went far out into the ocean. (These are the steps of Jesus manifested in the Man-child and those who follow in His steps.)

The waves were pounding the shore and there was a ferocity to their actions. (Islam will make war on the sands of the seashore, meaning Abraham's seed, the Christians.) Looking down at the steps, I could see in the distance a small boy near the water's edge. (The Man-child will be on the front line of this battle to save Christians.) He seemed to have no fear of the waves. (He will not fear Islam.)

This represents Islam making war against the U.S., here in the U.S.

As I looked in the direction of the child, I saw a vision in the ocean of a huge golden mosque with its teardrop dome taking up the whole scene. (In other words, the mosque also represents the waves of the sea against Abraham's seed through faith, in the U.S.) The next moment it was gone back to being a raging ocean and a dark sky.

As I watched the child, I thought to myself, where are his parents? Then the child started climbing up the steps in my direction. When he was near me, I could make out what he looked like. He had dark curly hair and he looked like he was six years old. (Six is the number of man and represents Jesus in the Man-child.) Then, I heard a voice behind me, saying, "Look at the black rope". I could not see this rope anywhere and then the dream ended.

ISIS and other radicals have made war throughout the Middle East to overthrow relatively peaceful governments and make war against Christianity. They are now being brought into Europe and this country by a manufactured crisis and covertly to do the same. God is chastening apostate Christianity so that it will repent and return to His Word.

Refugee Chaos Engulfs Germany
Garrett Crawford - 09/28/2015

This is from a retired RAF officer who served in the sixties and is now working and living in Germany:

Dear friends,

Europe is now in total chaos and I think that you should know about it. I have waited a week or so to see how things will develop and to glean more information before presenting the facts.

As you may know from the media, the flood of refugees into Europe has reached ridiculous proportions and to the extent that Hungary and other Balkan states have closed their borders and Turkey is considering doing the same.

Angela Merkel, in an ill-advised speech to the Bunderstag, welcomed all refugees to Germany and the floodgates opened and, in my view, this was all pre-planned beginning with the Pope's appeal last year for Islam to move closer to Christianity. This was then followed up via the Italian government instructing the Italian Navy to rescue all boat refugees and bring them to Italy.

As a result, it seems that some 8,000 people per day are now entering Europe via various routes. Most of these are young males between 17 and 25. The result is chaos, as you can imagine.

Here in Saarland we have been overwhelmed with refugees, mainly young males but some families. In Lebach, some 10 kilometers from here, a camp for 200 was set up and a further 100 added this last week. The politicians, local government and religious leaders have fallen over themselves to bring them in and cater for them.

And so what is the result? In Ventimiglia near Monte Carlo, the refugees banded together (organised by smartphone) and overran the market and stole or destroyed everything and ransacked the town.

Here in Lebach, a group entered a supermarket and took what they wanted and destroyed the rest. When the Manageress confronted them, they called up their friends and smashed the place to bits. The police arrived but were overwhelmed. The supermarket is now closed.

Yesterday, my friends rang from Weissenfels near Leipzig since two supermarkets and a Kaufland store in Halle suffered the same way. More news is coming in from all over Germany of the same situations. The media report none of this.

Many people have demonstrated against being overrun by immigrants. In Weissenfels, families were thrown out of an eight flat apartment block and 70 refugees moved in. Small towns of some 2,000 to 3,000 people are overrun by some 5,000 to 6,000 refugees.

Much civil unrest is apparent and is just boiling under the surface. Europe is in chaos and the do-gooders have totally lost control of the situation. Islam has overwhelmed us.

For the Syrian and Afghan refugees, I have every sympathy and they need help. They should get it. But for the rest, in my view, the state authorities must be firm and send them back. Perhaps it is too late.

Anyway, I thought that you should know that the situation here is pretty grim and I fail to see how it can be resolved. I can only foresee a police state.

Senate Committee Probes Refugee Resettlement Officials
Trunews [ link ]

A Senate Committee Thursday grilled officials at the Office of Refugee Resettlement and found they didn't have answers to questions.

The officials either didn't know or refused to provide numbers on how many refugees have become terrorists after coming to the U.S. They also could not give a percentage of how many refugees they could positively identify, before letting them in.

Every year the U.S. State Department works with the United Nations to let up to 100,000 people from third world countries into the United States. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) directly asked the Associate Director for Fraud Detection and National Security, Matthew Emrich, if his department had access to Syrian databases which provide background records on refugees - and he answered no.

Sessions also pointed out passports could be purchased on the black market cheaply and that most refugees come from countries fraught with terrorists.

Emrich also admitted the U.S. accepts refugees from countries that do not have adequate data bases. But he did insist trained officers conduct interviews.

A Senate Subcommittee has a list of people arrested from July 2014 to July 15, who have been charged with terrorist activity. All are believed to have come to the U.S. from Muslim countries.

This review comes as more Senate Democrats and President Obama want to accept more migrants and allow for shorter screening periods. Sessions eluded that Democrats are motivated politically and emotionally, arguing that more refugees should be relocated to Europe, so they will be closer to their homelands. He said the U.S. is doing more than it should.

The U.S. has given $4.5 billion in aid to Syrian refugees in the past three years.

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