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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Jihad in U.S. Streets

Note from David: Although I do not prescribe to some of the things written below, I agree with them that the war is coming soon to the streets of the U.S. The One-Worlders' insistence in looking the other way while the U.S. is flooded with illegal aliens will come back to haunt us. I remember my friend Bolivar's vision 30 years ago of a dangerous tiger coming into the U.S. across the Mexican border. He felt this would be the beginning of great trouble to us. A tiger is a very stealthy predator that is not afraid of much. Don't forget to read Ellie's encouraging word of safety for God's people at the end.

Jihad in U.S. Streets

"These killers are known as 'paintball jihadists' in that they practice in paintball game style what they have planned for America's streets. They are already training others in 'urban combat' using paintball guns. They will engage in paramilitary-style training right under our noses, and lie about it to our faces. They are protected, in some cases, by the religious Imams, some who even encourage or schedule such outings".

Zealot Muslims now plan to bathe America's streets with gunfire just as is going on in Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Darfur and so forth.

Once these Allah devotees get hold, they don't stop. Street fighting never ends. Further, these fighters are more than willing to sacrifice their own bodies and those of their families and neighbors in order to see through Islam World Rule.

Douglas J. Hagmann, Director, Northeast Intelligence Network, reports that American officials already know of the process. However, both government and media are muffling detail.

Jihad will come to the United States due to "Muslim men inside the U.S., (the latter) adhering to the Islamist ideology of jihad, preparing for war on the streets of America.

"The 'insider' reports are very troubling and are purposely being downplayed by official sources and go largely unreported in the media.

"One case, however, can serve as an example of what is taking place all across the U.S. involving the procurement and disbursement of weapons to Muslim 'jihadists'. On Tuesday, May 2, 2007, a federal indictment was unsealed in the U.S. federal court in St. Louis naming eight Islamic men as defendants in a case involving the buying, selling or hiding of automatic weapons, an anti-personnel mine and other explosives.

"The case originated with the arrest of Mousa M. ABUELAWI, 22, of Creve Coeur, MO on December 29, 2006. He was charged with three counts of illegal possession or distribution of a machine gun and conspiracy to violate machine gun statutes. A superseding indictment unsealed yesterday, charges ABUELAWI and seven others with machine gun charges and charges of conspiracy, lying to the FBI and other firearms violations.

"The other seven defendants identified in the indictment are identified as: Thaer Abde SUMAD, 23, of Florissant, MO, Abdikarin WARSAME, 28, Charley M. HUNT Jr., 45, Darnell T. THORNTON, 25, and Hussein Ali NURE, 29, all from Jennings, MO, Mohamed JUDEH, 20, of Maryland Heights and Otha L. BAKER, 20, of St. Louis. If found guilty of the charges, the men face 5-10 years in prison".

Jihadists are stockpiling weaponry and explosives via secret cells. Mosque leaders are cooperating with them.

"In the case of ABUELAWI and the other seven defendants, the men met at gas stations located in north St. Louis between August 2006 and January 2007 to buy or transfer automatic weapons and explosives. In the original documents charging Abuelawi, Sumad is quoted in a meeting with ABUELAWI and a government informer as saying that 'he wants to buy as many explosives as possible because, "we're going to war"'".

Visit Northeast Intelligence Network

2007: Nuclear Attack and Invasion of United States

Hugo Chavez - the 'Missing Link' to Nuclear Terror; MS-13 Gangs and Islamic Sleeper Agents 'Silent' Invasion Force in 3,500 U.S. Cities; Can We Stop It?
By Mark Lawrence, [ SecretsofSurvival.com ]

Update: 5/11/2007 - This may be a very deadly year for Americans living in the United States.

According to Hal Lindsey of WorldNetDaily.com, Hugo Chavez, the President of Venezuela, has threatened to unleash an army of operatives already inside the United States, if the U.S. attacks Iran.

In other words, mass murder by armed gangs already in U.S. cities.

WND: Chavez threatens to 'unleash operatives' already in U.S.

MS-13, most likely the 'army of operatives' Chavez threatened to unleash, is the most violent gang in the United States, numbering in the tens of thousands, responsible for murders across the country and the subject of congressional investigations. At one point they were reported to be in over 3,500 U.S. cities.

Approximately 70,000 more are in Central America where many receive paramilitary training, and from the sound of things, have been sneaking in by the thousands from Mexico into the United States.

MS-13 gangs have set up in many American cities, and are reported to have created a national command hierarchy, with some gang members on the East and West coast reporting directly to and paying gang dues to leaders in Central America.

FPIF: MS-13 'command hierarcy' in U.S. cities

Now it gets scary.

Brigitte Gabriel, the author of "Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America", tells Larry Elder of "The Larry Elder Show" (a nationally syndicated daily talk show for ABC Radio Networks):

"We have terrorists coming through our borders. Al-Qaida is working with the MS-13 gang, smuggling al-Qaida terrorists into the country. Hezbollah is doing the same... We estimate thousands have already been smuggled into America... Hamas is here"...

Update: 05/09/2007

MSNBC: Hezbollah (Islamic radicals) build base in South America

In addition, MS-13 is reported to have smuggled in a variety of nuclear weapons for Al-Qaeda, including suitcase nukes and even a few nuclear missile warheads, and Al-Qaeda's arsenal may even be bigger than that.

Which is probably why a nuclear attack on U.S. soil is now considered the number one threat by Homeland Security.

If you live in America, you should be worried. If you're not worried, you're not paying attention.

The government is slowly telling us what's going on, but they're doing a great job of not creating panic. The threat is real. It can happen any day.

S.F. CHRONICLE: United States drafts 'Day After' nuclear plan

CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Cheney: Nuclear attack on U.S cities 'very real'

Hugo Chavez - the 'Missing Link' to Nuclear Terror

Why the interest in Chavez?

Chavez, if you recall, made threatening remarks to the United Nations back in September of 2006, predicting the fall of the 'United States Empire', and also speaking Arabic, ending his heated speech with inshallah, which means God willing.

Why is the President of Venezuela, a country in South America, speaking Arabic? Why did he predict the fall of the United States?

CNN: Chavez predicts fall of 'United States Empire'

According to WorldNetDaily.com, Chavez has been reported by a defector to have given at least $1 million to Al-Qaeda.

Obviously Hugo Chavez has ties to Iran, hence the threat to unleash operatives if the U.S. attacks Iran. He also has direct ties to MS-13 in Central America, with many originating from his own country, Venezuela.

WorldNetDaily.com writes, 'MS-13 has ties to Adnan El Shukrijumah, a top al-Qaida lieutenant believed to be plotting new attacks against U.S. targets. El Shukrijumah had sought meetings with the Mara Salvatrucha [MS-13] gang leaders who control alien-smuggling routes through Mexico and into the United States'.

If this sounds crazy, that's because it is. Crazy. If news reports are correct, the United States is in imminent danger of nuclear attacks and mass murder across the country.

Of course no country, especially Venezuela, wants to be linked to Al-Qaeda. The U.S. is a sitting duck for an Al-Qaeda nuclear attack because there is no country we can nuke back. Al-Qaeda doesn't have a return address.

You can bet though that a handful of countries would willingly help Al-Qaeda, as long as they can do it without being traced.

Like Iran. Like Chavez. Like Fidel Castro.

Foreign Nations Unite - Enter Fidel Castro

Plots against the United States may be a lot bigger than just Islam.

Two days ago Chavez met with his 'good friend' Fidel Castro, and this made world news. In fact CNN reports that Chavez is in frequent contact with Castro, who of course has been considered a long-time enemy of the United States. Coincidentally, Hugo Chavez is called Castro's protégé.

Ok, so where's the proof that there are 'plots against the U.S.'?

Well, we don't have any 'proof'. Just like in the days prior to 9/11. We didn't have any proof that 9/11 was going to occur. We knew that something was going to occur -but we didn't know what.

Cheney: Nuclear attack 'greatest threat we face'

The Chicago Tribune quotes Cheney as saying, "The fact is that the threat to the United States now of a 9/11 occurring with a group of terrorists armed not with airline tickets and box cutters, but with a nuclear weapon in the middle of one of our own cities, is the greatest threat we face", he said. "It's a very real threat. It's something that we have to worry about and defeat every single day".

What Cheney didn't say, perhaps to prevent widespread panic, is that Bin Laden's plan isn't for one nuclear detonation in one city, it's multiple nukes in multiple cities.

Bin Laden calls this plan 'American Hiroshima'.

MS-13 Gangs and Islamic Terrorists

If Al Qaeda nukes us, it seems likely that MS-13 gangs will take up the fight as well, as MS-13 gangs are alleged to have snuck in thousands of Islamic sleeper agents into the U.S. First Brazil - where they receive fake passports and Hispanic last names - and then up through Mexico.

MS-13 gangs are reported to be in over 3,500 cities; they are in our cities, suburbs, and small towns. Wherever there are drug routes, and nowadays there are drug routes everywhere. We know they have access to guns. We also know they have a reputation for violence and murder.

And according to Brigitte Gabriel's book, there are thousands of Islamic extremists hidden among them.

If this is your first time hearing about the reported connections between Hugo Chavez and Al-Qaeda, or Al-Qaeda and MS-13 gangs, or Islamic sleeper agents disguised as Mexicans and hidden among MS-13 gangs, a number of links follow to articles on WorldNetDaily.com, as well as a link to Larry Elder's interview with author Brigitte Gabriel, that explain these ties:

Clues to Nuclear Apocalypse

Chavez has predicted the fall of the 'United States Empire'.

Chavez hates the U.S.

Fidel Castro is our long time enemy;

Chavez is Castro's protégé.

Chavez has ties to Iran - in fact Chavez threatens to 'unleash operatives' if the United States attacks Iran.

Big red flag.

Iran has ties to Al-Qaeda. Chavez is suspected to have ties to Al-Qaeda.

CNN (April 30) - Chavez tells world that Castro is 'in charge'.

CNN: Chavez: Cuban leader Fidel Castro is 'in charge'

What a random thing to say. Why does Chavez want the world to know that Castro is 'in charge'?

It's possible that support from other countries may depend on Castro being on the card.

Now, do we write off all these news reports as just coincidences, or at worst a rambling string of conspiracy theories?

Or do we realize that Bin Laden's plan for American Hiroshima is shaping up right before our eyes, and may be a lot bigger than just Al-Qaeda?

Bin Laden has promised to kill millions of Americans, and in the last four years Muslims have been warned multiple times to leave major U.S. cities.

2003: American Muslims Told to Leave Major U.S. Cities

2006: Al-Qaeda warns Muslims: Time to get out of U.S.

It's 2007. Time's up.

U.S. 'Invasion'

Considering that there are tens of thousands of MS-13 gang members throughout the United States, and who knows how many Islamic sleeper agents - once these nukes go off, I'm sure these gangs and sleeper agents are not going to be volunteering with rescue efforts.

MSNBC.com reports that a number of MS-13 gang members have had paramilitary training in Central America. So, here we are with tens of thousands of MS-13 gang members in 48 states, a number of who have had paramilitary training - what we have is an ultra-violent invasion force that is already here.

MS-13. Al-Qaeda. Hezbollah. Hamas.

They were already here - that was the plot to 'War of the Worlds', where we were attacked by aliens asleep in our cities, who were suddenly 'activated'. Are we in a similar situation?

Islamic radicals disguised as Mexicans, hidden in our nation's cities among MS-13 gangs (the majority of who are illegal aliens), waiting to be activated by Bin Laden for one very deadly day of terror -

Considering that they're supposed to have nuclear weapons, this sounds more like the Book of Revelation in the Bible and the beginning of the 'End Times' - in fact, nuclear attacks on USA may actually be in Bible prophecy (see link at the bottom of this article).

Red Dawn

Once Bin Laden's suitcase nukes and missile warheads are laying waste to a few key cities, MS-13 gangs will probably become involved. They may attack police stations in the suburbs and small towns across the United States, and start killing Americans by the thousands with machine guns, like AK-47s.

These attacks may include children at elementary schools and high schools, as Bin Laden has made it clear that he wants to kill at least two million American kids.

This may be a very bloody day for America...

Parts of our country may actually fall to foreign take-over.

Smoke will rise from our nation's largest cities, where nuclear suitcase weapons and missile warheads have been detonated across the country.

MS-13 gangs and Islamic sleeper agents are likely to go on a mass killing spree. Tens of thousands of these gang members and sleeper agents will have fled major cities prior to the nukes, and will fall on unsuspecting towns and suburbs. They are an ultra-violent invasion force that is already here...

And as long as our troops are tied down in Iraq, we don't have much of a military to defend ourselves. Even with what we do have, the United States is a vast country with numerous cities and towns spread out for miles in every direction. Many lack protection.

In addition, once the nukes are going off, many reservists are unlikely to report to duty. Small town cops will find themselves vastly outnumbered, their stations probably attacked in a series of ambushes.

Children executed at their schools. Wives and daughters raped and murdered.

Many towns and cities will be on their own, left to deal head on with the tens of thousands of MS-13 gang members and Islamic sleeper agents mixed in among them who have fled the cities in the days prior to the detonation of nukes.

MS-13 Exodus

Dreams... When an earthquake shook the floor beneath the Indian Ocean in December 2004, the resulting tsunamis devastated the shores of Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and other countries.

In the minutes before the tsunamis hit, birds and other animals were seen fleeing the coastline, heading inland.

If you see a large number of Mexicans and Muslims moving out of our nation's largest cities, like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Houston, and San Francisco, or if you work for the LAPD and one day notice that there are a lot less MS-13 gang members around, you might want to consider this a warning sign that Bin Laden's nukes are about to go off.

Or, if you live in a small town or suburb keep an eye out for a sudden influx of Mexicans - many of them may actually be MS-13 gang members from Central America, soldiers and assassins from Venezuela and possibly Cuba, and Islamic radicals from other foreign nations.

They might be playing Mexican music; they might be eating Mexican food; they might be driving a Mexican low-rider -

That doesn't mean they're Mexican.

Cove of Safety
Ellie - 05/04/2007

After reading the above I felt led to forward a dream I had.

In the dream, I was driving along a freeway. In the spirit I saw a vehicle coming towards me. It was traveling the wrong way. First I was shown it in the spirit and then I saw it physically. I saw a cove to my right and immediately pulled into it and I was safe. As the car drove past me I saw that there were actually two vehicles. I had not seen the second vehicle because it was following right behind the first one. These cars were traveling at a high rate of speed which caused me to wonder since they were traveling on a one-way going the wrong way.

I believe I re-entered the freeway after it was clear. I then saw in the spirit that what I had thought was just an isolated incident was not. I saw many vehicles waiting to be released into this freeway going the wrong way. I saw that where they were was dusky so they had their headlights on. They were all behind a median wall or partition which would open like a gate and sweep some vehicles out and into the freeway going the wrong way. I asked, "How can this be?" "This is going to cause much confusion and chaos".

The scene changed and I found myself in a building. I was stepping off an elevator. Someone asked me for something and I told them I had it in my car. I told them I would go retrieve it from the car. I walked back to wait for an elevator. While waiting for an elevator, a woman came up and I began to talk with her. She told me she was hungry. I was not hungry and told her I felt pretty certain the building we were in had an eatery. I also felt I knew where it was and decided to escort her there.

I would like to submit this dream to encourage my brethren that they may have peace. To remind them of the Lord's sovereignty and lovingkindness. He always informs His people of these things as they head our way and will direct us into our "cove" where we will be safe. It has become our heart's desire, those of us that have come to love the Lord, that the Lord be glorified in this earth. In our resting and in our trusting of Him will we greatly glorify the Lord's name. It will be through our state of rest during these judgments that the Lord will exhibit His great power to save.

Then, be ready for the amount of people that will suddenly become hungry to know the word of God. The God of the bible who truly delivers and saves.

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