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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

John the Baptist Ministries

Kendall Remmick - 02/07/2010
(David's notes in red)

About three weeks ago, the Lord sent me a short dream. I figured that I shouldn't take any dreams from the Lord lightly and that I should share it.

I was walking down an old, familiar street with a friend whom I never did see in the dream. I knew the person standing next to me was a friend, but did not know who. This street is the one I used to walk home on every day from school when I was in first and second grade. (A revelation of the path of immaturity.) My friend and I walked by one house that had some low evergreen bushes in them, about two feet high. There was a woman sitting on a chair in the midst of the bushes. She was pregnant and had her hands on either side of her stomach, in anticipation of giving birth. In appearance, she was actually a silhouette of a woman, yet still three-dimensional. Inside the silhouette was black darkness like deep space, with no stars (outer darkness). Staring at her was like looking through a portal into darkness. (The apostate, immature church in whom is the absence of God's light.) As we walked past her, either my friend or I said, "She is about to give birth to Twins". (The twins represent the end-time Jacobs and Esaus born to the immature church. Jacob is the father of the 12 patriarchs, like Jesus was the father of the patriarch-apostles to the end-time Church. Esau represents those who have sold their birthright. These two types will be separated at birth and Esau will persecute Jacob the man-child.)

At this point, we looked away and continued to walk forward a few steps. I then stopped and noticed I had a very small lawnmower in my right hand. The woman who was in the small hedge was behind us now and the yard had gotten very big. The grass needed to be mowed but it wasn't green; it was a golden, yellow-brown-like wheat and I realized we were there to mow the lawn. (The time of harvesting or cutting down the flesh of the church in repentance to prepare for the coming of the man-child ministry.) I looked down at the little lawnmower in my hand. The top side of it looked like a regular lawnmower, but the bottom side where the blades were looked like a house fan with a safety screen on it. (A corporate John the Baptist ministry will breathe out the winds of the Spirit to cut down the flesh of the church before the birth of the man-child ministry.) I began to laugh and said, "I can't mow this lawn with this little thing! This lawn is huge!" (Meaning there is an abundance of flesh in the world-wide church.) My friend said, "Well, set it down on the grass and let's see how it does". So we sat it down on the grass. (These ministries will be tested before the anointing.) Surprisingly, it cut well but we realized that the lawnmower was too small, so we agreed we needed to go home and get a bigger lawnmower. Then I woke up. (When the anointing comes on the world-wide John the Baptist ministries from "home", or heaven, the people will be prepared for the coming man-child ministries. {Mat.11:10} This is he, of whom it is written, Behold, I send my messenger before thy face, Who shall prepare thy way before thee.)

When I was writing this, this verse came to me: (Amo.7:2) And it came to pass, that when they had made an end of eating the grass (the beast will devour the grass, or flesh, of God's people, as Nebuchadnezzar did for seven years.) of the land, then I said, O Lord GOD, forgive, I beseech thee: by whom shall Jacob arise? for he is small (immature).

The lawnmower is the ministry before the latter rain. (John the Baptist ministries will baptize for the death of the flesh before the man-child brings the latter rain.) The dry grass is the saints who will die to their flesh, unlike the grapes, as a type of the sinners filled with the world.

John the Baptist came in the anointing of Elijah and will also come again in our time to fulfill this revelation: {Mat.17:10} And his disciples asked him, saying, Why then say the scribes that Elijah must first come? {11} And he answered and said, Elijah indeed cometh, and shall restore all things: {12} but I say into you, that Elijah is come already, and they knew him not, but did unto him whatsoever they would. Even so shall the Son of man also suffer of them. {13} Then understood the disciples that he spake unto them of John the Baptist.

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