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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Judases Devour Many For the Beast

Robin Schenck - 09/20/2012
(David's notes in red)

The cannibalistic fish and grizzly bear part of this dream replayed three times, with a change in the third part.

First part of dream: I am with a large group of UBM local people in a very large room. Our group is much larger, maybe three times the size of our current group. (The setting is some time in the near future.) Someone is telling and acting out the story about catching a fish. Philip Sapp gets up, goes to the front near the man with the imaginary fishing pole and begins to act the part of the caught fish, flopping about on the floor as if hooked by a fishing pole hook with the fisherman trying to reel him in. Philip never touched the floor, though; he floated above the floor as he made the flopping motions across the room. I did not know the fisherman, but he was a man maybe in his fifties or sixties. Maybe he was a Man-child type. (Current UBMers testifying how they were caught for the kingdom by our ministry.)

Second part of dream which repeats three times, with a change in the third showing: I leave the UBM fish story gathering of local UBMers where the skit is going on and end up in a city. I am in an area that would be described as a city mall area in a large courtyard amongst tall buildings. (A UBMer observing a lost Babylonish city and its merchandising.) There are many people standing around with me, not UBMers though, just people who live and work or are just in the city. We are standing around a small pond with fish in it and somebody is telling us the story of a fish in that very pond. (A UBMer observing another small group of Christians in the midst of Babylon.) We were watching the fish behave as the story was being told to us. A lead fish which might have been female (in that it receives the seed of the Word), is talking to another fish, both of them about maybe a foot or so in length. The lead fish is a pale whitish-pinkish color (lukewarm) and the other fish is being reprimanded and forbidden to do something and is male and silver (silver represents the color that best reflects the light [of the Word], rather than absorbs it as we should).

This silver male fish is offended about something he's being told he can't do anymore and he begins to eat the smaller (immature) fish that come to bring some kind of correction to him. (A familiar story which is apparently being enacted in other assemblies; ambitious Judas types with rejection and large egos who will not take correction from man or the Word, getting unforgiving, angry, self-righteous and prideful. They then begin to spread slander and faction against their leadership to make disciples for themselves. Father has used these spirits to cleanse the Bride of the people who do not listen to the voice of the Good Shepherd and now it appears He will begin using this on the larger Church, for judgment begins at the house of God.) Each time the offended fish eats another, he grows larger until he must be about 50 to 60 pounds (swallowing up disciples). My last look at him is when he has another smaller fish in his big mouth. He has quite some fearsome teeth, too, being so large now after gobbling up so many smaller fish. I was standing right in front of him as he was acting out in the pond, mouth agape with this smaller also silver in color fish's head in his mouth. (These factious people are able to devour the mind of those silver fish who only reflect the light of the Word, rather than absorb it.) He was now a really big fat silver male fish (those who sow the seed of flesh and receive not the seed of the Word) and he was angry, very offended indeed. (Their angry criticism stems from their success in making a few followers through putting down on the true leadership in order to make themselves look greater. These Judases become members of the larger body of the Beast, as we will see below.)

Somehow he began to go after people standing around, but then he became a big brown (grizzly?) bear with some seriously big, sharp claws on his huge paws. This bear was very big and began attacking folks, chomping on them and killing a number right there around the pond. (The one-time fish and believer is now a member of the larger body of the Beast to begin the destruction of the unsaved, turning them against any good they could receive from the ministries, similar to what Judas did to Jesus. This appears to have become a larger persecution.) I turned around and hid just a few feet away from the pond in a tiny closet with a cardboard door! The closet was bright and well lit with a light that never went out, but boy, was it tiny. The cardboard door was ridiculous to say the least, but that was the door to the closet! It was secured with a Band-Aid-type tape holding the latch in place! (Our prayer closet is just big enough for one but is a place of supernatural protection when the eternal light from God's Word is respected. Also, the Feast of Tabernacles is a parable of the seven-year tribulation when we abide in small, individual manmade tabernacles for seven days/years and then on the eighth Day of the Lord receive our permanent tabernacle or body.)

Anyway, before I got the door closed, a pastor or a man whom I knew who had two sons came at the last possible second before the bear arrived at this area and the man told me he had a son he was putting in there also. (The Father is our Pastor and His two Sons are Jesus and the end time Man-child [sons of God], in whom He lives. Jesus will come in our individual lives through the Man-child to protect us just before the Beast begins the covenant.) I am not quite sure if he got that son into the closet with me, but I think he did and once that son was put in there, the long sheet of cardboard door was stood flimsily in place and sealed shut with a cheap Band-Aid through the cardboard latch! (Just as nothing flimsy and natural can protect you from a bear, neither can your own works protect one from a demon-possessed man or beast. We must hold fast to the light of God's Word in our individual lives.) The bear came just in front of the closet, but didn't get us, and he made his way around the pond and chewed up and took bites out of the people around the pond! (Those who are not in covenant through the reformed Word given through the Man-child will be devoured. A double prophecy of Jesus and Jesus in the end-time body of the Man-child shows this: {Act.3:22} Moses indeed said, A prophet shall the Lord God raise up unto you from among your brethren, like unto me. To him shall ye hearken in all things whatsoever he shall speak unto you. {23} And it shall be, that every soul that shall not hearken to that prophet, shall be utterly destroyed from among the people.


However, the third showing came with a change: The third time the dream repeated, the last part changed and I decided to leave before the bear arrived. (Perhaps this represents an alternative ending for some UBM brethren in dealing with the approaching Beast. The difference being in one case the UBMer fled into the wilderness refuge and in the other the UBMer stood only in their personal refuge in Christ.) I opened the cardboard door and hurried out of the tiny closet and out into the large city avenue where people were running in maybe four directions out of the area, running in large groups like flocks of people. (I suspect that some people from all walks of life, Christian and non-Christian, are prepared to flee the large cities when the economy crumbles and martial law is announced, in effect springing the Beast's trap.) I was at the end and maybe 50-60 yards behind a big group that was escaping the area, but I was not really a part of that group. There were other people around me, but not nearly as large as that big pack ahead of us; we were the stragglers.

A woman's voice sounded in the area, reassuring people that their tickets would still be good (honored) because their signatures were on them. These were tickets for any kind of bus, train or public transportation that people had already purchased. (Does this mean that money spent would be honored but new purchases would not, for the banks would be closed when the tribulation starts?) As I ran well behind the large pack of folks I was following out of the area, a young caucasian woman with dark hair, who was also crippled in some fashion, was laying in the street unable to get up and run. (Those with dark hair, symbolizing submission to darkness, are always crippled in the ways of the Lord and will be unable to flee and could be captured by the Beast.) That bear was someplace in the area and would soon appear. The woman said she only had one dollar. (Most of their money could be locked up in a bank holiday because they don't listen to the Lord.) I told her she really needed to get up and go and I was helping her up so she could lean on me and we began to hobble out of there together. As I went to help her up off the ground, I saw on the ground beside her a one dollar bill, a small offering-type manila envelope with lines on it to write notes on and her set of various keys. (Could this mean that even though they are crippled, they could escape because they have stored up their treasures in Heaven rather than on Earth?)

But then I was alone again, trying to get out of there. I ended up running through the marshy little pond area again, into some kind of woodsy area nearby and avoiding that bear, wherever he was at the moment, and then on to a much larger area of marsh around a much larger body of water, really a lake or river area, and managed to get to the other side of it to a small town outside the center city area. I avoided entering into the particularly marshy water, but stayed on the dryer, firm ground around this body of water. As I was leaving the small pond before getting to the larger body of water area (in other words in the marsh area), I noticed a trail of death the bear had left. He was just munching his way through people, whomever he could grab, and I was passing several who'd been severely bitten and lay wounded and/or dead on the ground, just strewn by the bear around the pond area. (The marsh areas seemed to be a dangerous area for the threat of being captured by the bear. Marshes are not living [i.e. moving] water but stagnant water. Those who walk in the living and active water of God's Word will be safe.)

I circled around to my right through the woods and out into open marshy area, discovering the big lake section. Once on the other side of the big lake area in a small town, I walked or floated or something on a main street of the town where people were walking up and down and riding bicycles also. I thought about getting a bicycle to ride. (This floating sounds like walking in Heavenly places in Christ. Maybe this is a city of refuge, since it appears people are at peace. Bicycles represent Christian balance and progress, since you have to keep peddling and balanced to stay upright. Even if this is not a city of refuge, martial law is a much lower probability in small towns.)

Then it was night and I was driving my vehicle (resting from self-works). I got a phone call from David Eells (a type of the David ministry) and we were having an absolutely wonderful conversation about some scripture text, something about a woman (The Revelation 12 Woman going into the wilderness tribulation?), but I just cannot remember what we were talking about, but it was such a wonderful discussion and I was so thrilled or impressed positively by whatever David was telling me about it. In fact, it was so interesting that David came from his home and drove out to the parking lot that I ended up pulling into. (The Davids will meet with the Woman in the wilderness.) He got out of his car and was about to get into the passenger seat of my vehicle when he got a phone call as he stood outside. He was parked right next to my vehicle in that parking lot. As he was on the phone talking to someone else, I took the opportunity to start cleaning up a bunch of stuff I had on that seat and the garbage on the floor. I was throwing it all into the back seat. (Throwing the garbage of our life behind us.) He told this man on his phone a number of things, but one was that David's mother had fallen down the stairs quite a few times that week. (Many in the Church [or mother] will stumble downward in their steps at the beginning of the tribulation week, failing to escape from the Beast.) In the dream, I knew that David's mother lived with him and his family. (The Davids live in the midst of the mother Church with the Bride and children.)

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