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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Quakes Bring Revival

Sinkholes, Explosions and Earthquakes
David Eells - 12/02/2012
Video by dutchsince - 11/30/2012

From the pattern shown on this video and others, it appears from earthquakes along the North American Craton that it is moving and releasing natural methane deposits. The eastern edge of this craton includes the TN Valley. This hypothesis seem to be supported by many methane fires and explosions happening along the edge of this craton and the New Madrid fault area, which are likely coming from natural deposits and/or traveling down fault lines.

This all shows one thing: that the area the Lord showed us as a piece of land shaped like a ship bordered on each side by fault lines is even now in the process of moving, albeit very slowly. It appears that sinkholes will be combined with sliding fault lines and the separation of the North American Craton, which has its eastern edge in the TN Valley, from the Eastern Seaboard.

Brother Leon said about a month ago that in a dream I told his wife, Roberta, that I had seen large sinkholes in this area so big you had to find a way to drive around them.

Update - 12/10/12: More proof that the North American Craton is moving: Loud booms or explosions from the ground around the periphery of the Craton and at the Great Lakes around Detroit where the division of the continent will come.

Some Booms and Quakes Man-made?

The article and video below do a good job tying together earthquakes and sound "booms" into a geological pattern that is developing in the US.

The author also debunks a lot of disinformation coming forth to hide just what these booms are and that they occur just prior to earthquakes along a "straight line". The booms and alternate earthquakes for the month of January 2013 go from Fort Worth/Dallas to the Northeast "in a straight line" up through the New Madrid Fault Zone and up to just south of the Saint Lawrence Seaway in New York and into Vermont. Much of the northern part of this line is not far from the Great Lakes and is likely connected by faults. It appears this line crosses two of the major slip faults that lead to the TN Valley where we have dreams of great quakes.

This line also seems to connect to the booms, gas releases and quakes around the southern and eastern edge of the North American Craton. This perfectly straight line is not something that can happen in nature without man's meddling. Both the Americans with HAARP and the Russians with scalar weapons have the ability to cause underground explosions.

At Fort Worth/Dallas there was a semi-circle of booms and quakes at the end of this straight line that are in a rare location for these kind seismic problems. As a machinist, this semicircle reminded me of the way we would stop a crack from running any further in a piece of cast iron or other metal under stress by rounding off and thus stress-relieving the end of the crack. I am not into conspiracy theories but this all gives the clear appearance that someone is trying to divert a New Madrid quake to reach farther west than it normally would and take out the fourth largest populated area in the U.S., along with a lot of conservatives and secessionists.

The normal path of the New Madrid Zone would send destruction more southward toward the Gulf Coast. It is possible that both would happen. All of the booms being heard are in highly seismic areas, like New Madrid and eastern TN zones. These areas are definitely under stress in a diagonal direction. The booms phenomena also happened before the great New Madrid quakes in 1812 but are highly unlikely to have been in a perfect straight line. Dreams and visions say this is coming again but worse. In east TN it will create the refuge we have seen in dreams, visions and prophecies.



Earthquake Creates Ship of Light Revival
Don Cassity - 12/01/2012
(David's notes in red)

I had this dream the Saturday before Thanksgiving. This is the first dream I had in along time, so it really stood out. It wasn't very long but it was very vivid.

I was standing outside, somewhat above the ground, looking out over the TN Valley. I could see the mountains to one side. Cities and towns spread out past the horizon. I could see people going about their daily lives. Now what was odd about this scene was that there wasn't any color to anything, just shades of gray and black. Everything was like that: the sky, ground, trees, grass and most of all the people. The people were black!

Then I saw the whole valley start to move like waves of water. People started to panic. There was fear and confusion in the screams that I heard. Then the earth opened up. Not just a crack, but a huge expanse of space separated one side from the other. It looked to be miles wide. Huge pieces of earth were falling into the chasm. Whole city blocks would just break away and fall into the darkness below. I could also see many people falling away as well. At one point I could feel the hopelessness of them as they tumbled into the abyss. (This is the sad part. Without death and destruction people won't repent; there will be no revival. Pray for the elect to be moved out of the way or spared.)

Then something wonderful happened. I saw a ship. It's hard to describe what kind of ship it was. Definitely one that was made to sail on water. However, this one looked like it was sailing on air! There wasn't any water in the chasm yet but the ship looked like it was on water. It looked to be riding on gentle waves while all hell was breaking loose around it.

I could still see people falling, though the ship gave the impression that it was on water. Now as fantastic as that sounds, what the ship looked like was even more amazing! It looked to be made out of light! The purest, brightest light I have ever seen. And not just white light. At times throughout the ship, waves of color would flow from it. For those of you who have seen the Northern Lights or a very intense rainbow after a summer storm, those colors would come closest to the ship's appearance.

The ship came to a stop. At this point, I realized how big the ship was. It took up almost the same space as the hole that the earthquake had created. What I saw next broke my heart. I could still see people falling into the earth, as if they couldn't see this huge, bright, shining ship waiting to take them aboard. Though what I saw next brought tears of joy to my eyes. Among all the people who were rejecting the safety of the ship, a few were receiving the outstretched hands of those who were onboard. At this point, I should mention that those on the ship were also shining with a bright light the same as the ship. As the "black" people were brought safely onboard, one of the people of "light" would place their hand over the heart of the dark person. And starting from where their hand was, light would start to spread across the "black" person's body until they too were of the same light. I could see this same scene repeating throughout the ship. (I would love to paint this scene.) (In other dreams, revival came when earthquakes judged the country and economy.)

A few days later, Annie, Don's wife, awoke to the music of "Anchors Away" playing over and over in her head. She didn't know what the tune was and when asking the Lord, got the word "Anchor" and realized it was "Anchors Away". Of course, this means the the ship is about to set sail. Annie asked what this was related to and got Ezekiel 20:1-17. This text speaks of the people whom Father brought out of Egypt as a type of salvation but died in the wilderness because of their disobedience to His commands and never made it to the "Promised Land", which to us is abiding in Jesus and, in a more natural way, this ship.

Regions of Light and Revival
Excerpts from audio of Ken Peters
(David's notes in red)

I was able again to see above the globe and what I saw was very, very unusual. I got to see certain regions of the earth where light rays were just coming out high into the atmosphere. It almost looked like those big search lights, you know, with the flame on the inside of them; you've seen them before how they shine up into the sky; except that these were very, very brilliant, almost supernatural in appearance. I don't know if they were or not; they seemed to be. And after I saw these shooting off the globe in many, many directions, I was given the ability to go down into these regions and actually see firsthand what was happening. And let me tell you, it was the most exciting thing I've ever seen. And it's the very thing in this part of the vision that gives me the determination to continue what I'm doing right now. I've been ministering to the dead body of Christ in America for about 17 years and, to be very honest with you, I'm tired of doing it. That's why I'm working in Guatemala in a mission in an orphanage that I'm a part of, because they're willing to listen. They're hungry, they're thirsty. Americans think they know everything and, you know, if it wasn't for this part of the vision I would never minister here anymore, I'd move completely.

But here's what happened. Beams of light -- I began to see 12 regions in the United States of America and all over the globe where these beams would just come out and begin to shine into the atmosphere. (The Man-child ministries of Revelation 12 will begin these revivals. One of these regions of light is ours.) When I got down close what I saw was mass revival hitting the earth... I didn't see any big name evangelists or prophets or apostles or famous television personalities. Not one. All I saw was normal everyday children of God ministering in the power like the Bible described about Jesus and the disciples. And this was happening on a wholesale basis. Everywhere this was happening. Everywhere. People were praying for sick people and they'd be healed instantly. They would pray for blind eyes and they would open. They would pray for dead people and they would resurrect. They were praying for the lost to come in and so it was. Folks, I tell you right now, I could do a little Holy Ghost jig up here almost and start shaking and dancing and shouting in tongues. Let me tell you why. Because what I saw was the greatest thing I've ever ever witnessed since I've been alive. Nothing I've ever witnessed on earth could compare to what I got to see. And this period of time lasted about three to four months, maybe six months max. (Since Ken doesn't know, it could be for the 3 1/2 years before the persecution begins.) It was so incredible. Regions were totally won for Jesus Christ. Now, I know for a fact this is possible, because 15 minutes from our orphanage in a city called Almalonga, Guatemala, there is now a city on the earth that is almost completely Christian; 76,000 people.

And they've come into unity and there's no more fighting among themselves and amazing things are beginning to happen, like vegetables growing in Biblical proportions. I'm going down there with a friend of mine that's actually here in the meeting tonight to do some more missionary work at the end of June, and I will send back... videotapes of me holding these vegetables myself. Phenomenal. Carrots as big around as a man's arm, huge, that taste wonderful. Corn stalks that grow the biggest ears of corn you could ever imagine. Cauliflowers that take two men to hold. Heads of lettuce that are gigantic. (They were said to be larger than basketballs.) They're sending to Almalonga right now scientists from all over the earth because the whole scientific community knows about this and they want to know what these Guatemalans have done to the dirt. By the way, if you're interested, before I get back a man by the name of George Otis Jr., has produced a video called, Transformations, and you can see it for yourself. ... In the Gospel of John, Jesus said, And these works that I do, you shall do also...

It was almost as though everybody was like Jesus walking around just doing these works. And let me tell you, you did not have to have a pulpit to stand behind to do this in this part of the dream. As a matter of fact, I never saw any of them, to be honest with you. I think they were finally understanding the purposes of the ministry and they're behind the scenes equipping and releasing you and putting upon you the release of God for you to be God's superstars. What's more important? An average everyday believer that faithfully follows Jesus, accomplishing all those great things... I just want you to know something: ... I'm nobody, I'm just a follower of Jesus Christ, that's all; and so please don't put your eyes on people, ever, except the one person that's worthy of all of our praise. Right?

Now, for a short period of time this outpouring lasted and literally in regions there was complete light and then right next door almost would be like a city next to it, complete darkness. There began to be an agitation in the spirit realm that was incredible. At this point where all these miracles and things began to happen this World Order began to be very, very angry, because what was happening was beyond their control of the ability to manipulate it and stop it from happening. And this makes the devil very, very mad. You know, he gets very mad when we start functioning in the real power of the living God. That's when he really starts pulling all stop out to try to do anything he can to stop the work of God. I began to see persecution on unprecedented scales. Isn't it amazing now that you've heard statistics in the church that in the last ten years there's been more persecution worldwide to the body of Christ than in the history of the whole church? ... I know some things about Africa that you don't know. I know why your gas prices jumped up 20 or 30 cents. Arabs are pumping billions of dollars into Africa right now, because they don't want Africa to become a Christian continent, and they're paying people to become Islamic $300 to $1000 American dollars a month. You know, when you've never had five dollars your whole life and all of a sudden you're given $300 a month, you'll kill your neighbor if you're asked to. Especially if you don't have faith in Christ. You'll do unusual things.

You say, How could that be? How did the people who Jesus blessed ever day end up crucifying him? Those were the very people that one week earlier were saying hosanna, hosanna, and now they're the ones who crucified him... At this point another unusual thing happened. This outpouring of blessing and this outpouring, so to speak, of persecution began to really be stepped up and people were taken. And I saw something very unusual. I saw many penitentiaries all over the states of the United States, especially concentrated in California. In the dream I saw many, many state prisons. In 1983, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said that he was allowing the devil to build prisons in the state of California that would eventually become detention centers for Christians and that these prisons were being built in rural areas that were normally 15 to 25 miles off of any main highway. And I said, Why would that be the case? And he said, So that those people could be taken in the night hours. I have a friend, a good friend named Alex. He escaped the Hungarian revolution. Two of his brothers were snatched in the middle of the night. He's never seen them since 1956. Why do we think that America can't have this happen to it? America is a godless nation. If the ancient foundations are removed, what shall the righteous do?

Snapshots of Glory (Almolonga, Guatemala)
George Otis Jr.

In the mid-1970s, the town of Almolonga was typical of many Mayan highland communities: idolatrous, inebriated and economically depressed. Burdened by fear and poverty, the people sought support in alcohol and a local idol named Maximon. Determined to fight back, a group of local intercessors got busy, crying out to God during evening prayer vigils. As a consequence of their partnership with the Holy Spirit, Almolonga, like Mizoram, has become one of the most thoroughly transformed communities in the world. Fully 90 percent of the town's citizens now consider themselves to be evangelical Christians. As they have repudiated ancient pacts with Mayan and syncretistic gods, their economy has begun to blossom. Churches are now the dominant feature of Almolonga's landscape and many public establishments boast of the town's new allegiance.

Almolonga is located in a volcanic valley about 15 minutes is west of the provincial capital of Quetzaltenango (Xela). The town meanders for several kilometres along the main road to the Pacific coast. Tidy agricultural fields extend up the hillsides behind plaster and cement block buildings painted in vivid turquoise, mustard and burnt red. Most have corrugated tin roofs, although a few, waiting for a second story, sprout bare rebar. The town's brightly garbed citizens share the narrow streets with burros, piglets and more than a few stray dogs.

Although many Christian visitors comment on Almolonga's "clean" spiritual atmosphere, this is a relatively recent development. "Just twenty years ago", reports Guatemala City pastor Harold Caballeros, "the town suffered from poverty, violence and ignorance. In the mornings you would encounter many men just lying on the streets, totally drunk from the night before. And of course this drinking brought along other serious problems like domestic violence and poverty. It was a vicious cycle".

Donato Santiago, the town's aging chief of police, told me during an October 1998 interview that he and a dozen deputies patrolled the streets regularly because of escalating violence. "People were always fighting", he said. "We never had any rest". The town, despite its small population, had to build four jails to contain the worst offenders. "They were always full", Santiago remembers. "We often had to bus overflow prisoners to Quetzaltenango". There was disrespect toward women and neglect of the family. Dr. Mell Winger, who has also visited Almolonga on several occasions, talked to children who said their fathers would go out drinking for weeks at a time. "I talked to one woman", Winger recalls, "whose husband would explode if he didn't like the meal. She would often be beaten and kicked out of the home".

Pastor Mariano Riscajché one of the key leaders of Almolonga's spiritual turnaround, has similar memories. "I was raised in misery. My father sometimes drank for forty to fifty consecutive days. We never had a big meal, only a little tortilla with a small glass of coffee. My parents spent what little money they had on alcohol".

In an effort to ease their misery, many townspeople made pacts with local deities like Maximon (a wooden idol rechristened San Simon by Catholic syncretists), and the patron of death, Pascual Bailón. The latter, according to Riscajché, "is a spirit of death whose skeletal image was once housed in a chapel behind the Catholic church. Many people went to him when they wanted to kill someone through witchcraft". The equally potent Maximon controlled people through money and alcohol. "He's not just a wooden mask", Riscajché insists, "but a powerful spiritual strongman". The deities were supported by well-financed priesthoods known as confradías (2).

During these dark days the gospel did not fare well. Outside evangelists were commonly chased away with sticks or rocks, while small local house churches were similarly stoned. On one occasion six men shoved a gun barrel down the throat of Mariano Riscajché. As they proceeded to pull the trigger, he silently petitioned the Lord for protection. When the hammer fell, there was no action. A second click. Still no discharge.

In August 1974 Riscajché led a small group of believers into a series of prayer vigils that lasted from 7 P.M. to midnight. Although prayer dominated the meetings, these vanguard intercessors also took time to speak declarations of freedom over the town. Riscajché remembers that God filled them with faith. "We started praying, 'Lord, it's not possible that we could be so insignificant when your Word says we are heads and not tails'".

In the months that followed, the power of God delivered many men possessed by demons associated with Maximon and Pascual Bailón. Among the more notable of these was a Maximon cult leader named José Albino Tazej. Stripped of their power and customers, the confradías of Maximon made a decision to remove the sanctuary of Maximon to the city of Zunil.

At this same time, God was healing many desperately diseased people. Some of these hearings led many to commit their lives to Christ (including that of Madano's sister-in-law Teresa, who was actually raised from the dead after succumbing to complications associated with a botched caesarean section).

This wave of conversions has continued to this day. By late 1998 there were nearly two dozen evangelical churches in this Mayan town of 19,000, and at least three or four of them had more than 1,000 members. Mariano Riscajché's El Calvario Church seats 1,200 and is nearly always packed. Church leaders include several men who, in earlier years, were notorious for stoning believers.

Nor has the move of God in Almolonga been limited to church growth. Take a walk through the town's commercial district and you will encounter ubiquitous evidence of transformed lives and social institutions. On one street you can visit a drug-store called 'The Blessing of the Lord'. On another you can shop at 'The Angels' store. Feeling hungry? Just zip into 'Paradise Chicken', 'Jireh' bakery or the 'Vineyard of the Lord' beverage kiosk. Need building advice? Check out 'Little Israel Hardware' or 'El Shaddai' metal fabrication. Feet hurt from shopping? Just take them to the 'Jordan' mineral baths for a good soak.

If foreigners find this public display of f@iith extraordinary, Mariano sees it as perfectly natural. "How can you demonstrate you love God if you don't show it? Didn't Paul say, 'I am not ashamed of the gospel'?"

The contents of the stores have also changed. Mell Winger recalls visiting a small tienda where the Christian proprietor pointed to a well-stocked food shelf and said, "This was once full of alcohol". Town bars have not fared any better. Harold Caballeros explains: "Once people stopped spending their money on alcohol they actually bought out several distressed taverns and turned them into churches. This happened over and over again". One new bar did open during the revival, but it only lasted a couple of months. The owner was converted and now plays in a Christian band.

As the drinking stopped, so did the violence. For 20 years the town's crime rate has declined steadily. In 1994, the last of Almolonga's four jails was closed. The remodeled building is now called the 'Hall of Honour' and is used for municipal ceremonies and weddings. Leaning against the door, police chief Donato Santiago offered a knowing grin. "It's pretty uneventful around here", he said.

Even the town's agricultural base has come to life. For years, crop yields around Almolonga were diminished through a combination of poor land and poor work habits. But as the people have turned to God they have seen a remarkable transformation of their land. "It is a glorious thing", exclaims a beaming Caballeros. "Almolonga's fields have become so fertile they yield three harvests per year". In fact, some farmers I talked to reported their normal 60-day growing cycle on certain vegetables has been cut to 25. Whereas before they would export four truckloads of produce per month, they are now watching as many as 40 loads a day roll out of the valley.

Nicknamed "America's Vegetable Garden', Almolonga's produce is of biblical proportions. Walking through the local exhibition hall 1 saw (and filmed) five-pound beets, carrots larger than my arm and cabbages the size of oversized basketballs (3). Noting the dimensions of these vegetables and the town's astounding 1,000 percent increase in agricultural productivity, university researchers from the United States and other foreign countries have beat a steady path to Almolonga.

"Now", says Caballeros, "these brothers have the joy of buying big Mercedes trucks -with cash". And they waste no time in pasting their secret all over the shiny vehicles. Huge metallic stickers and mud flaps read 'The Gift of God', 'God Is My Stronghold' and 'Go Forward in Faith'.

Some farmers are now providing employment to others by renting out land and developing fields in other towns. Along with other Christian leaders they also help new converts get out of debt. It is a gesture that deeply impresses Mell Winger. "I think of Paul's words to the Thessalonians when he said, "We not only gave you the gospel of God but we gave you our own souls as well'". (4).

Caballeros agrees: "And that's what these people do. It is a beautiful spectacle to go and see the effect of the gospel, because you can actually see it - and that is what we want for our communities, for our cities and for our nations".

Despite their success, believers in Almolonga have no intention of letting up. Many fast three times a week and continue to assault the forces of darkness in prayer and evangelism. On Halloween day in 1998, an estimated 12,000 to 15,000 believers gathered in the market square to pray down barriers against the gospel in neighboring towns and around the world (5). Many, unable to find seats, hung off balconies and crowded concrete staircases. Led by the mayor and various Christian dignitaries, they prayed hand in hand for God to take authority over their lives, their town and any hindering spirits.

How significant are these developments? In a 1994 headline article describing the dramatic events in Almolonga, Guatemala's premier newsmagazine Cronica Semanal concluded "the Evangelical Church ... constitutes the most significant force for religious change in the highlands of Guatemala since the Spanish conquest (6).


Revival Beginning at Local UBM
Charlie Smith - 12/12/2012
(David's notes in red)

A few days ago, I'd been seeking the Lord for answers on different things in my own life and at this time I was leveling out and I didn't want to level out; I wanted to stay flying high. So anyway, I was seeking the Lord for some answers and I didn't get an answer right off. So it was the next night that the Lord gave me the answer and he also gave me a dream. The dream was probably two minutes long, if that, and it really impacted me greatly. It really shook me up. I thought, wow, this is so awesome. It was about the power and authority of the Almighty God. It lifted me out of my slump that I was in and I dwelled on that all day and all night. I went to bed thanking the Lord for the dream because it was a great encouragement to me.

The next day, I got attacked by the enemy and I thought, what is this all about? I had all these thoughts that were slamming against me, so I took authority over them. I cast down thoughts, imaginations and reasonings. I forbade those spirits to put those thoughts into my head and they would leave. This cycle came again several times that whole day. So I went to bed that night and I was praying to the Lord as my normal routine. I then I got bombarded again with thoughts going back in my past, pulling stuff up that I didn't want to remember, because it's in my past, it's done and taken care of. And so I was up all night fighting all of these thoughts and all these different kinds of spirits coming against me, and I just fought all night. I got up the next morning; I must have slept maybe an hour and I was worn out. So I prayed again and I got back into the Word and I couldn't get anything because of the war still going on. I didn't know what the problem was. I was in a hot battle for three days and three nights. This was wearing me down because all I was doing was rebuking and casting down night and day and they would leave and come back and on the fourth day, they ganged up on me. Then I had an outburst of anger and I thought, whoa, this is not good. My past was returning, because I used to be a real angry guy, and so I had to cast that down and I commanded the spirit of anger to leave me but they hung around me half of the day and I thought, what is all of this? I had not had any good sleep in three nights and I'd been battling this for four days. And all that day and for the next three or four days I had battles with anger, resentment, criticism and rebellion. I got to the point where I rebelled against anything or anybody who tried to reach out to me; I just withdrew.

Finally, I said, "Lord, I've about rebuked out". I said, "I've opened a door. I don't know what it is or what I've done, but I'm seeking You to help me. Tell me what the door is that I've opened and help me to shut it, because I want rest and peace from You". Well, I didn't get an answer right off, so the day lingered on. Brother Philip was down at Lowe's one day when we were there and I got him to pray for me. So I went back home and the battle was still just raging. When I went to bed that night, the Lord whispered into my ear; He said, "Do you remember Brandon?" (My neighbor.) I said, "Yeah". He said, "You remember when you were in the living room, criticizing him and putting him down?" I said, "I'd forgotten all about that". He said, "That's your open door". At that time Brandon was pretty slack. He used to come up to the house hungry for the Word of God and he just slacked off and he wasn't interested anymore. So it got to me and I criticized him for it. I said, "You need to straighten up. You need to get back into the Word". You need to do this and that. So the Lord let me know real quick I had an open door and that was it. So I went to the Lord and repented and I asked God to forgive me. Then I rebuked the spirit of criticism, I rebuked the spirit of anger, I rebuked a spirit of rebellion and all of it. And the next day when I got up, it was all peace and quiet.

Then I got to asking the Lord, if the dream He gave me had anything to do with the battle? I knew I opened a door, but were they also trying to work on me to break me down to cause me to forget the dream the Lord gave me that so much encouraged my heart? He didn't answer but I had a release in my spirit like, yep, that's exactly what it was. They were after the Word that was sowed in my heart and pulled all this mess up. Of course, the criticism was my problem and so they used that as a weapon. I was in tribulation because of a treasure I felt that God had put in my heart and they were doing everything they could to steal that Word from me. Then David called my sister, Linda, to see how we were and told her that they had received a dream that two people were turning to the left. I said, "Well, David, I don't want anybody to think I'm jumping ship but I have been in a hot battle". So I got David to pray for me because I wanted to make sure there was nothing hidden in my life. I just want to thank the Lord for delivering me from that and setting me free. I'm now doing the best that I can with the knowledge that I have to watch the words that come out of my mouth and not to criticize and not to put anybody down, so as not to open doors to the enemy. The only door I want is Jesus Christ and I want to walk through that Door.

Well, like I said, this dream came to me about two days before the battle and I just got a small piece of the pie. This dream is concerning revival with us here where we live. I was asking the Lord if I would or if I could be used in some way in these last days and I finished the prayer and went to bed. The next night, in the early hours of the morning, the Lord gave me this dream. In it, suddenly, I appeared in a large room where I saw brother David and about 10 or 12 brethren standing around. I knew David but his features had changed some. I mean, he really looked great. I could really see God in the man like I never had before. (David here is a type of the Man-child ministry which will start this revival, just as Jesus, the Son of David, did in His time. The things that have been are the things that will be.) And I knew him but the other brethren I did not recognize, although I really knew who they were. As I stood looking, a man came over to me and He was the Lord! The brethren were being taught how to minister to the needs of the people. I believe brother David walked across the room to pray for a man who came for healing. And he stood before the man and said, "Be healed", and the man was healed instantly. David turned and walked back to the other side of the room. (God's power is made perfect in man's weakness, so that no flesh can glory.) The brethren, as well as myself, were amazed that the man was healed and we started praising God and giving thanks.

As we rejoiced, another man came forward for healing. I believe the man was blind. One of the brethren came forth and laid hands on the man's head, saying, "Receive your sight". And the man cried out, "I'm healed and I can see!" Other people in the room who were in need came forth immediately, some with missing or deformed limbs, twisted bodies, crippled, all such of humanity that was so pitiful; they came up and every one of them were healed instantly. I said, "Oh, God, how is it that everyone was healed instantly, so fast, so easily? Some had hands laid on them and others did not, but they were all healed". The Lord smiled and said, "You could not see". The Lord opened my spiritual eyes and said, "Now look". And He showed me again the part where David said to the man, "Be healed". This time I could see the words "Be healed" coming out of David's mouth, like a mist, and entering into the man. And as the word went into the man, he was instantly healed. I received a few scriptures that go with this dream: (Isa.55:11) So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth. It shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please; and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it. (Jer.1:12) I watch over my word to perform it. (Eze.12:25) For I am Jehovah and I will speak, and the word that I shall speak shall be performed. (Rom.10:8) The word is nigh thee, in thy mouth and in thy heart. And I was still wondering about the mist that I saw and I got (Joh.6:63) The words that I have spoken to you are spirit and they are life. So I understood, like Jesus spoke the Word and it came to pass, so did these brethren operate on that level.

Then there was a scene change. This time in a different, larger room, David and about 100 or more other brethren were gathered together. The brethren were being taught how to minister and were then sent forth. They went forth preaching the Word and healing the sick everywhere. The brethren covered much of this area. You couldn't go anywhere without seeing these brethren. And then the scene quickly changed again and we were at another place outside. It was a large, grassy area with parking nearby, but I don't know where it was. Brother David and maybe as many as 500 brethren were gathered together and crowds of people were coming from everywhere. It looked like thousands or even hundreds of thousands were coming. The meetings ran day and night. One night, all the people saw a pillar of fire burning in our midst. They were being drawn by the Lord and it definitely was a holy move of God. So many saints were now coming together.

Again, the scene quickly changed and I was lifted up, looking down on the earth, and I saw the saints running through all the earth, spreading the gospel and the light shining all over the earth. I think what I saw was a revival to prepare the saints to manifest sons of God in the earth to do the will of the Father. I also believe that this is a revival for the Man-child because every one of those scenes David and the brethren were gathered but they were being taught how to minister the Word and heal the sick. And I noticed that everything was on a higher level than what we're used to now. They didn't spend a lot of time, a lot of words when they prayed; they just commanded it and it was immediately done. And when they gave the Gospel, they didn't have to stand there for hours trying to nail a point down. It was just like the glory of the Lord fell. When these brethren got around people out here on the streets to witness, the glory of the Lord was so strong that they just automatically fell down and cried, "Save me!"

This was definitely a sign to us all that God's getting ready to do something wonderful here. I'm just like my brothers and sisters here. I want to be a part of it because I know God's going to do a fantastic work here and it's going to spread worldwide because I saw the lights cover the whole earth. I don't know when this is going to happen but I know it will. Amen.

We are informed by the Lord in many more dreams and scriptures that there is coming a great revival here and across the country and world. It will be in the midst of darkness and turmoil and many will come out of darkness. {Isa.60:1} Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of Jehovah is risen upon thee. {2} For, behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the peoples; but Jehovah will arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee. {3} And nations shall come to thy light, and kings to the brightness of thy rising. {4} Lift up thine eyes round about, and see: they all gather themselves together, they come to thee; thy sons shall come from far, and thy daughters shall be carried in the arms. {5} Then thou shalt see and be radiant, and thy heart shall thrill and be enlarged; because the abundance of the sea shall be turned unto thee, the wealth of the nations shall come unto thee.

We have a part in this. The principalities and powers of darkness have been put under our feet but we must fight the good fight of the faith and cast them down from over UBM and this area and the U.S. {Luk.10:18} And he said unto them, I beheld Satan fallen as lightning from heaven. {19} Behold, I have given you authority to tread upon serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall in any wise hurt you. {20} Nevertheless in this rejoice not, that the spirits are subject unto you; but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.

Let us have fasting and prayer and praise meetings and confess our sins and cast down these powers. Let us decree freedom from bondage and darkness. I received this a few days ago: {Job22:28} Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee; And light shall shine upon thy ways. {29} When they cast [thee] down, thou shalt say, [There is] lifting up; And the humble person he will save. {30} He will deliver [even] him that is not innocent: Yea, he shall be delivered through the cleanness of thy hands.

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