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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Katie’s Wonderful Testimony with the Lord 
12 DEC 2023 
Something I wanted to share as I thought it was pretty beautiful πŸ™‚ 

On Sunday I was with Tim and there were some women who got up and were preaching on hope (they do Advent during the holidays so people take turn preaching on different topics each week for about 15 minutes each) during the Church service. I randomly thought about how I’d feel if were to go up there and preach and I thought to myself, “I’d feel naked.” Before I could even think on that further, I heard the Lord say, “That’s right, because your husband is your covering.” 😊 The rest of my communication with the Lord wasn’t in words, but to sum it up, He showed me that I am to be hidden in my husband, and going up and preaching would be stepping outside of that covering. He then showed me further about the beauty of submitting to and honoring my husband, and about a meek and quiet spirit, and being in all subjection and submitting. It was beautiful! 

The other day I was thinking more on this. I’ve really been praying about this topic because it’s so prevelant in so many churches and I was deeply confused as to why that is and how it can almost appear fruitful sometimes, ex: God is using those women to help people/they speak good words sometimes – here is a word I got when I was talking to the Lord about women preachers/teachers: 

“They are doing it to honor themselves. If they were doing it to honor Me, they would be obedient to My Word. Women being quiet and in all subjection, honors Me more than any words they can preach. 

Remember My word goes against the flesh, women’s flesh feels in bondage when they obey and submit to this area of My Word and they are being greatly deceived by their flesh. They are wrongfully trying to “break free.” This is rebellion. This is self-will and self-seeking. Take heed that you do not fall into the world’s trap of feminist liberation that has crept into My church through the enemy. That is liberation of the flesh and spiritual bondage. I desire you to be free, and that freedom is found only in obedience to My Word. 

Even the most beautiful sermon preached by a woman is still rebellion to My word and they will be held accountable. Women who take authority are at risk of My judgement, no matter how spiritual they appear. Many curses are the result of this rebellion. 

In the World, women desire so greatly to be seen. I desire them to be hidden in Christ and in the bosom of their Husband. Oh, if only they knew how beautiful it is. 

I do not command these things so that women are in bondage. No, rather because there must be order. Look at the destruction that has come from women taking charge in the family, at work, and in the church. When My order is flipped, chaos ensues. There is no room for compromise on this area, this is My command. You cannot bend, stretch, or twist my commandments, they are written in stone. 

Do not be deceived, being used of Me, is not the same as being in My will. Being used of Me, is not a good judgement of your standing with Me. I can use anyone whom I will to use. I have often used even vessels of dishonor who do not know Me. Do you believe I am God OF and OVER all? 

Your obedience to My Word is what will be accounted for and how you are to judge your standing with Me- You can do many mighty works whilst in rebellion. 

Are you prepared to remain obedient in the midst of disobedience? Many will hate you and come against you for these things. Are you prepared to follow the lonely road of obedience? You will be hated, ridiculed, mocked, and isolated. Yes, even by people who claim to know Me. But know that this is expected, for I faced these things too. If it is accepted by the multitudes, there is something wrong. I have called you to be Holy, set apart. This comes at a great cost, a cost of many rejecting you. But take heart, for I will lead you to exactly where you need to be and bless you with like-minded people. I have heard your cries and your longing for fellowship and in due time I say, it is coming. I will place you exactly where you need to be. Take heart and be patient. Know that I am training and equipping you. 

Are you covered? Are you hidden? 

If you are not, you are not only sinning, but you are causing men to sin. Any man who is under a woman is in sin. 

Any woman who is preaching, teaching, and exercising authority and rule over men, is ruling by the spirit of Jezebel. 

Jezebel doesn’t always have to appear headstrong and overbearing, she can just be rebellious. A woman preaching is rebellion unto My word. Truth coming out of her mouth, does not change this fact. 

This is not a small thing, this is not something to overlook. Rebellion to My Word is dangerous, do not follow after any harlots, but come out from among them. 

Will you choose to be set apart, or will you compromise for the sake of pleasing men and desire to fit in? I want to remind you the narrow path can often be lonely, for it is the road less traveled. Few find it. Compromise is broad and wide; obedience is narrow. Do not feel like there is something wrong with you if many disagree with you. Being in agreement with My word should be more important than being in agreement with man. I remind you again that man will come against you for these things. Obedience to My Word brings separation and division from the wheat and the tares. 
Count the cost, and choose obedience. For it reaps well springs of life, where disobedience leads only to death. 

I am gracious and merciful, but everyone who goes against My Word and does not repent, will be brought into judgment. 

There is no valid excuse to bring before Me. Follow Me and My ways, do not let anyone confuse you. If it is contrary to My Word, it is not of Me. 

Choose to be hidden in your husband and submit to and honor his authority. It is not your job to teach or preach, your job is to serve. Rejoice in this, for the greatest were called servants. Yes, even I. 

Rejoice and rest in this. You are perfectly equipped and built for your role as a woman. Just as is true in the physical, the spiritual garments of a man will never fit you properly. And behold I have sewn you perfect garments that fit just right. 

Women preach for regard and praise. Their labor is in vain. For I say unto you the women who are the most hidden, shall be the ones who receive the most glory. 

Do things for the Glory of your husband. Just as you do things for My glory; You should seek to honor and please your husband in all areas. Not other people, not yourself, but seek to honor and bring glory to your husband. Make this your focus, and take your eyes off of self. Put your husband first, regard him as lord, and do what is fitting. 

You may feel like you need to speak, but remember that I showed you the power of being quiet. Blessings follow when you are in obedience to My Will. 

I will lead you to where you should be. I will lead you to women who will be able to encourage you and grow you in this area. Be patient and wait as I am currently doing a work in you in this area Myself. 

Tim had told me he would prefer it if I no longer wore makeup. This immediately caused a response in my flesh. I didn’t act on it, but I sure could feel it! I don’t wear makeup that often, but it’s something I do enjoy and does make me feel better about myself. So I could feel a discomfort in the flesh for sure! However I listened to my husband as I knew that was of course the right thing to do. Then later on I was thinking on it and looking around at all these women who are wearing makeup and how their husbands don’t mind… Then the Lord immediately started to speak, “I gave you a husband who does not compromise on my Word or on convictions. It might be hard and displeasing to your flesh at times, but know this is a great gift and blessing. Cherish him and honor him.” How beautiful! 

Then, while in Worship, Tim took my hand and prompted me to get down on my knees with him. The second I hit the ground, the presence of the Lord came over me so strongly and I just started weeping. I was holding my husband and he was holding me, and I just felt so safe and protected. I was resting my head upon his chest, and I just wanted to stay there forever. The Lord reminded me that spiritually speaking, that’s where I belong and should remain. I felt so safe there, I can’t even put it into words. I then also felt SUCH a reverence and honor for Tim. Love as well, but there was certainly an emphasis on reverence and honor. With it also came a deeper understanding of my husband’s authority over me, in the most beautiful way possible. I was just weeping before the Lord and thanking Him for this gift and these revelations on marriage lately. It was so beautiful! πŸ©·πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜Š 

Tim’s Testimony (Katy’s Husband) 

People have said to me recently, and many times before, that I need to forgive myself and I most certainly have struggled with self-hate and condemnation. This is true, and will always be true… for the old Tim. I had to bury the old me and die to self. Jesus is walking me through a process of transformation and sanctification. Solely by His grace, in which I am being restored, rejuvenated, and healed. He has shown me that the moment I surrender my will to His, along with my heart, in complete truth and spirit, that I am made brand new, in true repentance and turning to Him for EVERYTHING!! (Romans 12:1-3) 

I have realized by His grace that my old self, my old personality, my habits, my will, my thoughts, my choices, and my emotions, are not who I am and not who I was ever destined to be. I do hate the old me, the old man. No matter how many “good things” I did, starting off with “good” intentions, I eventually grew corrupt in some way, every time. A vicious cycle. Lying, subtlety, mostly to myself, then cheating in various forms eventually leading to stealing. I then stole from myself and everyone around me, including God. Satan has come to steal, kill, and destroy and that sounds a lot like the old me. I emulated Satan. I was killing and destroying myself and those around me. I had the seed of iniquity and sin in me. I could read the word of God, but never understand it, grasp it, or put it into action. (John 8:43-44) 

I was of the devil, so were my eyes and ears, that was my identity… THEN CAME SALVATION!!! By God's grace, mercy, and favor I have a new identity today in Him. His grace drove me to seek Him; a quiet stirring, now a roar! I turned to Him, started to ask, seek, and knock diligently. This led me to true repentance. Renouncing the world, self, and the image of Satan inside my soul through my transgressions. The Lord Christ honors and holds His covenant. I did my part in being obedient, and coupled with His overwhelming love, grace, mercy, and righteousness… He washed me clean by His blood. GLORY BE TO THE LAMB! PRAISE BE TO THE KING OF KINGS! Blessed be my rock, may the God of my salvation be exalted! 

After I continued in obedience for a while, being consistent in prayer and worship, continually asking, seeking, and knocking, patiently waiting for Jesus to reveal more of Himself to me (Oh, the marvelous mystery this life in Him is…). As I became more devoted and made seeking Him in all things routine, everything began to change. God's Holy Spirit began to pour out upon me, it started with a trickle at times, but as I continued in praise and worship, it began to flow greatly. Somewhere, sometimes in that obedience I was anointed with His presence. A Communion with the Holy Spirit and my spirit began. He then made the “circumcision without hands,” turning my secular, carnal, worldly heart from stone to flesh so that I could receive Him and inherit the kingdom of heaven. 

Receiving the Holy Spirit for me started with a trickle; a stream where I would feel utterings, glimpses of divine visions and thoughts, my prayers got deeper and stronger, joy got truer, along with my praise and worship. The unbelief and doubt melted away. Then that stream would go from a trickle to a gushing torrent of water. Overwhelming joy and peace, revelation, supernatural confirmations, visions, dreams, others in Christ confirming what the Holy Spirit was speaking to me. A wonderful marvelous mystery! It took some time and healing, me staying diligent and obedient, for the Holy Spirit to pour upon me, like a downfall of rain… I've heard testimonies where some would have hands laid on them, be delivered, and receive a “gush” of the Holy Spirit all at once. They were overwhelmed for days to the point that they could almost not function in the world, at least carnally. They were so full of joy, peace, and love that they would just want to share it with everyone and anyone and just being so caught up in the Spirit. When I received the “gushes” I would have similar experiences, but the “gush,” or “flood,” receded quickly. The flood would come, overrun the river bank, carve out new paths, leaving behind puddles and collecting pools. Then would recede and dry up. The Holy Spirits presence would back off in a way. I now recognize this as a learning process. The river would run dry, however, there were remnants of “pools” left behind; new memories, experiences, visions, dreams, revelations, gifts such as tongues and interpretation of those tongues. I was able to drink from those pools until the next gush or “rainfall” would come. Just as scripture says be prepared in and out of season, wet or dry, hold on to the gifts the Holy Spirit gives us. The Joy of the Lord is our strength! 

It has been revealed to me this is how He is growing me. With unique administering, analogies and parables, tailor fitted to my walk in Him. Christ is the seed of God that was planted in the soil, that He made fertile, in my soul. When the river dried up, when the Holy Spirit “backed off”, and my collecting pools started to run dry, the roots of the seed that was planted shot down, growing and searching for His living water, for Christ. Which was found through faith in His Word. I dove in it and began to renew my mind. Purging old memories and emotions and establishing new ones. His Word established my thoughts and a transformation took place. (Ephesians 4:22-24) and just when the word became “dry” to me in a way, like a caring faithful Gardner, Christ watered His seed, overflowing my water banks, replenishing me with His spirit. “Too much spirit we blow up, too much word (without the Spirit) we dry up, just the right amount, we grow up” Leaving the pride and lust of the old ways behind, maturing spiritually. God gave me what I needed, when I needed it. John 15 - The true vine parable is a beautiful representation of how He nourishes and grows us. He is the vine and we are the fruit bearing branches. He supplies the nutrients, water, and stability to us. As we grow in Him, the Father who is the vine dresser, begins to prune us, snipping and shaping certain shoots off of our branch. Painful at times; rebuke, correction, chastising, and just dying to flesh doesn't always feel good. The removal and of dead, fruitless branches and pruning of new shoots is needed for us to grow in Christ and bear Good ripe fruit of Christ (and may we be forevermore His first fruits!)... without the removal of dead branches (strongholds and self) we would be hindered and our growth would cease. This is done so that we receive Christ more efficiently. More of Christ and less of the world and our selfish branches. This pruning takes us from good, to acceptable, to being perfected in Christ. There is a beauty, a serenity like no other in His parables and His words. A safety and security comes over me, washing away anxiety and fear, knowing as long as I am obedient and abide in Him, He will deliver me. He is my shepherd and I will not lack, I will bear Good fruit, worthy and acceptable to the Lord. Praise God! 

Surely, certainly, with impunity, the Lord is my shepherd and I am His sheep. I have known His voice and I will NOT LACK! He Has given me understanding that I never had before through this pruning. When I read the word before, there was no lasting impact. I lacked revelation and understanding, because I did not put His word into practice/action. I went astray like a lost sheep, walking my own way. By His grace and overwhelming love, He left the 99 to find this beat up, wounded, dirty, weary, broken, sheep and picked me up and carried me to His green pastures!!! (Luke 15) He carried me back home to Him and I don't just read the Word now, I live it. By living it, my soil is made fertile, ready to receive seeds of righteousness, the seed of Christ. Only by His spirit is the seed nourished and grown into maturity. Foundation - labor - harvest. Bear good fruit. By wisdom from the Lord, He prepares our soil. (Proverbs 24:3) Not to labor with our own hands, but His, the vinedresser. By His understanding are we grown. Finally by His knowledge we are harvested correctly to present good fruit and plant the seeds for the future generations. 

Another beautiful parable is found in Luke 8:11-15. The four types of how the seed of Christ may fall. By the wayside (carnal folks), on the rocks (feel-good folks), in the weeds (disobedient and deceived folks), or in the true fertile ground (obedient, anointed, and Holy Spirit filled folks). Only through the Word, guided by the Holy Spirit can we obtain the willingness to be obedient and disciplined to build and maintain a relationship in Christ. Fertile soil; a true willingness to receive Him and His Spirit. His Word, the parables, the revelation, never had impacted me, I tried to understand, but I could not fully digest and implement the Word in my life. This is spoken about in the Gospel, there were times where the disciples did not understand until the Holy Spirit gave them revelation of knowledge (John 16:7-15). The baptism of the Holy Spirit is one of the greatest gifts God has given to us. With conviction, repentance, and water baptism, came many gifts as well. Self-edification by praying in the Spirit, along with corporate edification in assembly in speaking a message in tongues, coupled with interpretation of tongues. Other gifts such as visions, dreams, discerning of spirits, healing, testimonies, words of knowledge, wisdom, and faith. The very same that Paul writes about in 1 Corinthians 12:7-11. 

Jesus truly is the way and the life, sowing into His truth and reaping life abundantly will allow the manifestation of His Holy Spirit. All of what was written in the Word is for today, for right here, right now, including the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the spirit. For those who truly seek it, keep asking, keep knocking, and wait patiently with reserved oil. Waiting for Christ and not the world. Just as the ten virgins await their bridegroom (Matt 25:1-13). 

He reveals to us the things we need and gifts us with the Holy Spirit, giving us attributes of Him, allowing us to bear fruit. His way is perfect, His words and ways are so much higher than our ways. When I receive prophecy or utterings, be it for whatever purpose, I am being led by God, and not pushed by flesh or Satan any longer. What a difference! 

The Holy Spirit distributes the Lord's workings. Paul gives an amazing clarification of this in 1 Corinthians 14:1-10 and 1 Corinthians 12:1-11. 

I pray in tongues alone in the secret place to receive edification and revelation, to fellowship with God through the Holy Spirit. Whenever I do this I feel heaviness lift from my soul. Along with confusion, anger, condemnation, numbness, and any other hindrance I am dealing with. It is renewing, refreshing, and delivers me out of the mouth of the enemy. I hear the voice of the Lord directing me to specific verses in His Word that relate to my current circumstances and correspond to each other. Most of the time I don't even know what the verse is off hand, then as I read it I'm just blown away in awe that the verse I heard confirms everything I was dealing with or asking the Lord about. Pure joy! Pure fellowship with God through His Holy Spirit. Our mentor and comforter, brings praise and words of remembrance to our spirit. 

His word truly is the bread of life, our mentor being the Holy Spirit, guides us through it. I shall never thirst for worldly desires, or indulgence of flesh again. I have drank from the cup of Christ and shall never thirst again! The veil has been lifted from me, the scales removed from my eyes, like Paul when he was given back his sight. The Holy Spirit has torn the veil and brought me revelation (2 Corinthians 3:14-17). I can now connect to His glorious tabernacle. Early every morning and throughout the day I connect. Then I reflect and repent at night. A continuous renewing process. Glory! For the days that I don’t repent, that I don't ask, seek, and knock, then I'm taking steps backwards and grieving the Holy Spirit of God. 

Christ is my number one love, He has a reserved spot in my heart. First place. No idolatry and no spiritual adultery. No person, no place, no thing comes before Him. I choose Him. I choose to love Him, it's a choice. Loving Him is also loving others, laying my life down and serving. 

I would be so confused, lukewarm at best, if I attempted this based on my own understanding and earthly wisdom. Leaning on my own understanding or might would only ever end terribly. It is folly, foolishness. I need the Holy Spirit to even understand what love actually is in practice. Leaning on my own understanding and might is building my house on the sand rather than on the rock which is Christ (Matthew 7:24-28). I shall not labor in vain, but I shall depend on Him for everything. The Lord builds the house, not I. 

There is so much more for me to tell you and unravel. The Lord goes before us and prepares the way, I just have to be diligent and not miss what He has for me. Staying obedient and walking in His spirit always. Repenting quickly when I fall, learn from it and turn back to the Lord. Forever growing in Him. Staying sober, staying vigilant because the enemy walks around like a roaring lion seeking to devour us. Without the Holy Spirit and the renewal of my mind through the Word, I would certainly still be the enemy's prey. I would continually fall into deception. But His Spirit lifts the veil and opens our eyes to see spiritually and not carnally (2 Corinthians 3:12-17).  

Again, I implore you to ready yourself to receive the Holy Spirit and all of the gifts and fruit that comes with it. Anything shy of that is robbing yourself. For It is stupendous, glorious, what comes when we are baptized in Water and Spirit and walk in the spirit of God, living out His word. The relief, the clarity, the understanding of God's will and word is sanctifying, gratifying, and satisfying beyond comprehension. The fruit of the Spirit- love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control, are only found in Christ (Galatians 5:22-23). The true meaning, purpose, and fulfillment that I have found through Christ is indescribable. Beyond anything I could have ever imagined when I was of the world. Praise God! All of these things are for EVERYBODY at any time... Total Freedom. It is critical to receive it. Only by the baptism of water and Spirit are we truly born again. Only by being born again will we inherit and enter into the kingdom of heaven… here on earth, right here, right now. Don't wait! Give Him your heart! (John 3:5-7) 

The Lord loves you, hears your prayers, knows your struggles, and knows your heart. Every hair on your head is numbered by Him. Make ready to receive Him. Let go of fear, fear of what could happen. Let go of control, the "what then" and "what if's." Fear God instead and give Him control of your Life. Surrender your will to His and leave the pride of life and the lusts with it behind and bury them. 

For me, self got in the way for a long time and led me only to destruction. It is hard to die to self, but it leads to life (Matt 7:13-14). Narrow is the gate that leads to eternal life. Be one of the few who find it. Choose life. He called you, now respond to His call and choose to be chosen! His elect, His remnant, filled with the Holy Spirit. Dive into His word. Be baptized in Water and Spirit. Refined as silver, tested as pure Gold. Receive Christ, deny yourself, pick up your cross, follow Him and truly live. ❀️ 

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