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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Kept Close to Home

Lori Sapp - 06/22/2010

My husband and I have been listening to David Eells for about the last month or so, thanks to my mother, who has been listening for some time now. My husband and I love the Lord and we have seen wonderful things coming from Him. It seems for the last two to three weeks that we have been even more fervently reading the Bible and praying. I wanted to share something that has been going on since February of this year.

Back in February we started planning for a summer vacation for my 14-year-old son and his 14-year-old cousin (my sister and I were pregnant within six weeks of each other). Since our dad lives in California (we live in West Virginia), we had thought that sending the two boys to go and stay with their grandpa for a month during the summer was a good idea. They could visit with their other cousins, go to some theme parks, water parks, etc. The plan was to have the two boys fly out in mid-late June and return in mid-July. As the weeks passed and we started trying to make the plans more concrete, the plans seemed to fall apart. Having been raised in California, I know all too well about earthquakes. I started having an uneasy feeling. Then my mother started having "feelings" about the month of July. I just tried to dismiss all these "feelings" but then just decided to have God settle it for me. I started praying every night about the coming trip and that if God didn't want the boys going to California, then he had better make it IMPOSSIBLE for them to go, as I was headstrong about them going.

Well, little by little plans started changing. Every time I tried to buy the plane tickets, something held me back. I was also going to buy season passes for the boys to go to a theme park and a water park. I got to the point where I had all the information typed and was about to hit the "Purchase" button when something just kept telling me to wait.

More time passed and the plans kept right on falling apart. Then I had a work injury that would have me home for two to three months. That happened at the end of April (I am still off from work at present). Since I have been off from work, I have not been able to save the money for the boys to go. (God really did make it impossible for me!) Then my dad said that he was also not able to save the money for us to be there (things just kept coming up for him to use the money elsewhere). My dad and I both agreed that God was not going to make this vacation happen and we left it at that.

More time passed and then the Gulf oil disaster happened. I didn't think much of it at first, just that it was a localized disaster, but as time draws near, I too am getting that "feeling". I am being impressed upon to stay close to home -- within my own state. My husband's family is planning a vacation to Williamsburg, Virginia in July. Multiple families will be going. We have been invited to stay free of charge in a vacation rental, but I just feel the need to stay close to home.

Today, as I was doing laundry, all of a sudden I broke out crying, BAWLING. The Holy Spirit impressed upon me that I had almost let my only child go to California. With the coming tragedy, travel to and fro would come to a halt with highways and airports becoming majorly congested. I just stood there and cried and thanked the Lord.

All this time, God had been keeping us close to home. I pray that people do heed the warnings.

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