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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Largest Crash in U.S. History

Rick Sergent - 07/12/2012
(David's notes in red)

This was a vision I had the night before I was to go to Louisiana to minister. I saw a large grass hut with a big party deck on it. People laughing, drinking, eating and dancing. Many of them had drinks in their hand while doing various activities at the same time. This large party hut was on the beach. It seemed to be twilight or getting dark. (Just before the beginning of Tribulation.) There was a volleyball game going on too, on the beach. People in their swimsuits and holding drinks in one hand, trying to play but stumbling around. (The drunkenness here is spiritual -- not being able to discern good and bad or walk and talk straight. {Mat.24:48} But if that evil servant shall say in his heart, My lord tarrieth; {49} and shall begin to beat his fellow-servants, and shall eat and drink with the drunken; {50} the lord of that servant shall come in a day when he expecteth not, and in an hour when he knoweth not, {51} and shall cut him asunder (Numeric Greek: "Severely scourge him"), and appoint his portion with the hypocrites: there shall be the weeping and the gnashing of teeth.)

Then, I started to walk on the beach, near the edge of the water. I saw dead fish floating on the water. (Water of the Word is the normal habitat for Christians, who are likened to fish, but they can also be judged by it and die there, as God told Moses. {Deu.11:26} Behold, I set before you this day a blessing and a curse.) Some being wash up on the sand. (Abraham's seed by faith is "as the sands on the seashore".) I saw this, but no one else seemed to see it or even care. (It is very important.) I then saw these words above the large, grass party hut. It said this in red letters: LARGEST CRASH IN U.S. HISTORY. The vision then ended.

I believe a grass hut is not very stable, especially built on sand, that can eventually be washed away when the storms come. The people represent the world (and worldly church). They are partying it up by either denying the economic conditions, thinking things will get better, or believing in the safety within the borders of the United States and not realizing that sudden destruction is near. This economy is a house of cards, along with the world, because this nation is tied into the world economy. I am not sure what the dead fish represent. Possibly the food segment of the economy going bust. (Probably a falling away of many prosperity, pre-trib, Christians.)

This crash will make way for martial law and The Coming Coup d'�tat and New World Order.

Economic Crash of the U.S.

A Dream And Observations From a Canadian / Email From Listener - Steve Quayle's site
Given to "K" - 07/19/2012
(David's notes in red) | (Rob Miller's notes in green)

I've just read the "Theater Intelligence Assessment" from Greg Everson and the dream given to TD Hale last December. My heart is sad for all the people who refuse to pay attention, especially in the church. The church is asleep; they are oblivious.

About six months ago, I had a dream. In the dream, I was walking down the street with another guy whom I believe was a co-worker. It seemed we were on a lunch break. As we walked, I looked up in the sky and saw a plane (the U.S.) doing loops. (A loop is an up, going backwards, and then down -- like the economy.) It did three consecutive loops which each seemed to get faster and tighter. (The last loop will take less time to come and to fail.) Following the third loop, the plane crashed straight into the ground. (We have other economic dreams on the site about a plane representing the U.S. crashing.) I started yelling at my co-worker, drawing his attention to what had happened and that we needed to go help the people who had crashed in the plane. He responded, "Well, I need to get back to work now". (When the economy fails, many will be obsessed with saving themselves and not help the needy but they too will be caught in this trap.) It was a matter of fact statement without any emotion and then he turned back. I started running on my own to where the plane crashed. I came to the street and ran down to the end of the street where it had crashed in the front yard of the last house on the left (a democratic president). It was a dead end street (see the last president).

All that was left was a smoldering wreckage (the economy and constitution will be completely destroyed in this president's term). There were no survivors. As I stood there staring at the crash site, I didn't see anyone else around and heard no sirens or anything. It occurred to me that no one was coming to help. (There is no man to help, just God.) Then I woke up. (The people have become so convinced that the beast system is their savior that they do not even notice the destruction.)

When I woke up, I knew immediately that the plane represented the U.S. but I didn't know what the three loops represented, although I was certain they were significant. I just asked God to show me what the loops were and then went back to sleep. Some weeks later, I was doing something in my office when it seemed God suddenly revealed it to me. I believe the three loops represent QE1, QE2 and QE3. (QEs are great for a quick up and then a great disappointment, which will come faster this time with the crash. They are preparing QE3 and for bank runs.) We've had the first two with one to go and it looks like it is on the near horizon. (Update 9/04/12: QE3 in progress? QE3 Unending and soon the seven years of Famine. Money will be worthless and the people will be slaves of Pharaoh. Joseph will be handing out bread.) Initially, I wondered why the co-worker was in the dream. I now believe he just represents all the friends, family and others who don't know or care; they just want to get back to what they were doing (saving themselves).

I read the dream given to TD Hale. The one line spoke of people gathering for Bible studies and prayer meetings after the disaster. It talked about spiritual food the people had stored up for this time, like DVDs CDs and books. It reminded me that I have been doing this for a couple of years now. For several years at least I've had this sense that the good times are coming to an end and so I should start to stock up on good books, etc. People aren't interested in good teaching now but I believe the time will soon be here when the religious corporate church will collapse without answers and then people will want good teaching. (Load these audio/videos on your MP3 player or hard drive freely. Copy these books freely.)

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