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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Left, Then Right, Fall

Rick Sergent - November 2009
(David's notes in red)

I saw a vision of President Obama's face in the foreground. In the background was the White House. There were red numbers floating and circling around his head. The numbers were 666. (The apostle Paul said the spirit of antichrist is already in the world.) I then saw what appeared to be three puffs of white smoke coming from the LEFT SIDE of the outside of the White House. The smoke came straight up, one after the other, three times.

I then saw another vision of Nancy Pelosi. She was standing on a platform inside of a building. There were many people in what appeared to be a large room. In the vision, I was standing in front of her, toward her left side. I did not see how many people were behind me. Then, all of a sudden, I saw Nancy Pelosi's head get rocked to the right side from an unseen force from the LEFT SIDE. Her head then bounced off of her right shoulder and came up, then she crumpled down on the floor. The vision then ended.

That night I had a dream. Nancy Pelosi was in the newspaper. I just knew it was an obituary. Even though I did not see the words, I felt in the dream that she was dead. Then I woke up. Later on, my youngest son, Jeremy, came over the next day and said, "Dad, I had a dream and we were in it. We tried to tell people we were in the tribulation but nobody would believe us, Dad".

This vision and dream were pretty heavy on me and finally I felt released to share this. I'm not going to try to interpret this. It may be literal or symbolic, as in political suicide(s) -- three puffs of smoke (three leaders ???) I have my own idea, but I'd rather not say.

Note from David: 11/15/10 update: Rick's vision appears to have been right on. Possibly this means three key leaders committed political suicide by going against what the overwhelming majority of Americans wanted with their socialistic agenda. There certainly was a purge. Even the left realizes that they overstepped and are asking Nancy Pelosi to step aside now. I'll leave it to you to decide who the most important three were. I believe from past revelations that the left's fall is temporary and what will follow could be something like this: The NWO crowd who started all these wars for their own power grab, will sacrifice their right wing who, with the Christians who supported them, will be blamed for getting us in these wars. It appears the 9/11 false flag from the right is being revealed more publicly so that the next false flag from the left will be blamed on the right and the Christian "terrorists" who supported it. The NWO has been spreading literature and hatred against the right for some time using this word "terrorists" even in memos to civil authorities and police. Obama has made steps to clear the way for them to go after Bush and the right wing for war crimes. Christians will be persecuted for their support. The next strike on the U.S. will hasten this. Tribulation is coming soon after a terrible war. Most won't believe it is the tribulation.

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