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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Liberty and Leadership Lost, Take Refuge

Gordon Borneman - 02/25/2009
(David's notes in red)

I listened to the broadcast from Trunews for February 23rd and I encourage EVERYONE to listen to it. It is one hour long. Everyone must seek the Lord as they have not done so before to understand their part in the plan and hold up their families for protection and mercy from the Lord.

The conjunction of the three guests' visions form a composite picture of what I was seeing below. To recap:

Dr. Igor Shafhid - first speaker - His vision is of the Statue of Liberty lying on the ground. Jesus is holding the wrist of one arm, feeling the pulse while Satan is holding the other wrist, feeling the pulse. The entire statue is in a dark shadow except the shoulder and arm that Jesus is holding. Then Jesus lets go of the arm and the arm turns dark as well, signifying Jesus giving the country over to darkness.

Nathan Leal has a vision in February 2, 2009 of the Statue of Liberty Decapitated!

Last night as I was seeking God, for a moment in the spirit, He allowed me to taste of what is coming to our land. The only thing that I can describe is severe anguish and heartache.

As I continued in prayer and waiting on Him for answers, He revealed to me that sorrow and distress is about to arrive here in America. When I asked Him for details, all that He would tell me is that His remnant needs to prepare to minister to one another and to comfort one another. The distress that is coming is going to test all of us in ways that we never imagined.

As I went to sleep I had a night vision. I found myself standing in a large field and suddenly the Statue of Liberty appeared in front of me. She was on a small hill maybe 50 to 75 feet high. She was not on Ellis Island. (He later said he thought this was on Capitol Hill.) She was about 500 feet away from me. I was just starting to look at her, when suddenly her head fell off. It fell to the ground in front of her and started bouncing down the hill toward me. It stopped at my feet.

The dream was over. I woke up and pondered it. I asked myself what this could mean. I wondered, does this mean America will be decapitated? I fell back asleep and several hours later I had the same dream again. Everything was repeating itself but this time I saw a giant hand coming out of the clouds with a large sword. The sword was almost as tall as the statue. It was the hand of God and this time the hand with the sword chopped off the head of Lady Liberty! Again the head bounced down the hill and stopped at my feet. Then I heard the words, "Liberty will be decapitated!" The second dream was over.

Augusto Perez comes on and explains three things the Lord showed him this month.

Word: "They have planned a super-devaluation of the dollar".

Vision: One of multiple Muslim terrorist training camps. They are training for a highly coordinated operation. The leaders are handing the teams two tubes or vials. One has a blue liquid, the other a gray liquid. They explain that they mix the two tubes together for the desired result. The date for the event was given as March 7th, but no year was given. The attacks will occur simultaneously in several American cities.

He also saw tens of thousands of white swans taking flight from all over the U.S. to go to the Caribbean Islands. When they did rats flooded into the areas they left searching for them. (I believe the Caribbean Islands, which are popular paradise vacation spots, represent refuges in the midst of the sea of lost humanity.)

The Buzzards and the Wrecking Ball Dream
Deborah Rennier - 02/28/2009

I found myself standing on a sidewalk in front of the White House. Somehow, from this vantage I could also see that the White House was flanked on either side by the Capitol Building and the Washington Monument. I saw the Stars and Stripes flying high up on all the buildings.

As I watched I saw a vast flock of very large birds approaching. At first I thought they were eagles. However, I soon realized that they were buzzards. As I observed they began to attack and shred the flags. When they were done the flags atop all three buildings were in unrecognizable tatters.

Suddenly out of nowhere there appeared a huge wrecking ball. It began to strike and destroy the Washington Monument. Down came the Monument in a heap with bricks and dust flying everywhere.

The ball then went to the Capitol building. As it commenced its destruction, I watched people screaming and running around. Then a loud voice spoke, "I do not hear your cries. You do not listen to MY voice". Then the Capitol Building fell in ruins. Many were crushed as it fell.

Then the wrecking machine turned to the White House. I again heard people screaming, "Let us escape first!" It was like whoever was running the machine was not listening as it started its demolition of the Whiten House. Soon the Whitehouse was also a pile of rubble. Then it was over and I awoke.

Michael Boldea, Jr.: I was in a prayer meeting this past Wednesday here in Wisconsin, and as I was praying I saw the words "a nation in mourning" written in fire. Last night I saw the same words in the same manner in a dream. As yet I do not know what, or when, but I felt I needed to share it. We are living in truly perilous times, and as such must be more certain of our foundation now than ever before.

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