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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

The Lone Ranger Rides Again

David Eells - 04/14/2009

Shared on 4/12/09 UBBS Broadcast: Howard Pittman wrote the book Demons: An Eyewitness Account, which is a really good God-given revelation. Howard has the traditional view of the Antichrist. On the cover of one of his DVDs that was sent to me by Eric DeJesus was a picture of the Antichrist riding on a white horse, and I thought, Nah, I've already heard that one. But the Lord said, "Yes, I have something there for you". I thought, okay. So I picked it up and shoved it in my computer. I was tired and I just figured I'd relax for a few minutes, so I watched Howard. And sure enough, he's talking about the Antichrist that's coming and he begins to tell what happened one time when he preaching and he showed the video of it in this video.

As he is preaching he hears this sound through the sound system: da-da-da, da-da-da, da-da-da. And he looks over at the sounds guy and says, "Was that you?" And the guy said, "Nope, that's not us".

"Well, okay. That devil's just trying to distract us here". So he goes back to preaching and it goes again: da-da-da, da-da-da, da-da-da. And he looks over at the guy and he says, "Well, okay, we bind you, devil, in the name of Jesus".

Remember on the video he was showing this video. He finished his preaching and thought to himself, what in the world was that? One day I think he picked the phone up and he heard the same thing: da-da-da, da-da-da, da-da-da. This happened to him five times in 10 months. Finally he thought, you know, that sounds a lot like The Lone Ranger theme song. It was true and it originally came from a section of the William Tell Overture. If I remember correctly, Howard said, "Lord, what in the world are you trying to tell me?" He thought about the Lone Ranger and he thought about the white horse, and then he said something like, "Oh! You're saying the Antichrist is coming. The antichrist is coming, the man on the white horse". And so he continued believing this for a while but then God asked him, "Who is the Lone Ranger? Who is the man on the white horse?" From here Howard went on talking about the Antichrist, whom he thought was coming on the white horse.

But I got a revelation. Do you remember who the Lone Ranger was? Now, just think about this guy. He was a clean and honest and merciful man. He was a hero, but he was disguised. One of the common sayings on that show was, "Who was that masked man?" He was the good guy, not the bad guy. He was about as clean as any cowboy out there. I tell you, he did the good deed and he didn't take any credit for it and stepped out the back door. In a way he gave God the credit. He was there to bring vengeance on evildoers and everywhere he went he saved the people. I think the Lord was trying to give Howard a revelation that it isn't the bad guy on the white horse; it's the good guy on the white horse that's coming for vengeance of the Lord on evildoers. And he saved all the people that were under bondage to the wicked, didn't he? And he wore that little mask. Really doesn't disguise you too much, does it? I'm sure that if somebody had seen him without that mask, they'd say, "Hey, you're the Lone Ranger, aren't you?"

But think about it. God asked him, "Who is the Lone Ranger? Who is the man on the white horse?" Folks, let me tell you something: the Lone Ranger's coming and nobody really knows who he is. He's got that little mask on. What does the Bible say in Hebrews 10:20? It says, the veil is Jesus' flesh. You know why? You can look at that flesh and you don't know who's in there. Jesus rent the veil of the temple when he was resurrected, from top to bottom. It took 300 priests to carry that veil. It was six inches thick. It took some kind of power to rip it, too. But He ripped it from top to bottom. No man could have done that either. It was from heaven to earth that He ripped it so we could go into the Holy of Holies, as He did. And guess what? God wasn't in their box anymore. So Jesus came in flesh and that flesh was just a veil. Remember Moses coming down off the mountain with the veil on? They couldn't see who he was, but he was coming with the Word of the 10 Commandments. And, of course, Paul said that He's not coming with tables of stone this time; He's writing His Word on hearts of flesh, written on the hearts of His people. So you look at that flesh and it looks just like the next guy, but Jesus is living in there. It's kind of like the Lone Ranger with the mask on: You can see the man, but that's just a veil. We know in 2 John 7 it says, "For many deceivers are gone forth into the world, even they that confess not that Jesus Christ cometh in the flesh. This is the deceiver and the Antichrist".

You know something, to the extent that Christ doesn't live in you, who does? Antichrist. You're either one or the other. Now, we know that Christ is coming to take over our life and to boot the old man out, right? But who is it that does not believe that it's Jesus coming in the flesh behind the veil? It's the Antichrists who don't believe that. Some of the church's doctrine is Antichrist, because the one who's coming on that white horse and who's behind that mask is Jesus. He still isn't going to look like Jesus. He's going to look like Joe down the street. And for those who only judge after the flesh, they will think like the Pharisees: Can anything good come out of Nazareth? We know his mom and dad. Who is this man? He went to school down the road here. We know him, he raked our yard; he was a carpenter or mechanic or whatever. We know this guy; he can't be from heaven. But that flesh is just a mask, a veil. It's Jesus coming on that white horse, symbolizing the harnessed fleshly beast of the natural life of man. The Lord is the one who's going to run things, not the Antichrist.

Do you know who it was that totally wrecked the Roman Empire? It was the Lord, it wasn't the Antichrist. And who was it that wrecked Egypt? It was the Lord in Moses. A lot of the prophets in the Old Testament represent the prophet who is coming, the prophet that Moses spoke about. That was Jesus and now it will be Jesus in the flesh of the man-child. In 1 Peter 1:9 it says, "Receiving the end of your faith, even the salvation of your souls". That's what we want, the full manifestation of salvation in our soul. Our spirit's already saved but when our soul: the mind, the will, the emotions, is fully saved that is the finished product as far as what we can attain on earth. Of course, then we get a new body, the fully finished product. Now notice what the Lord says: "Concerning which salvation the prophets sought and searched diligently, who prophesied of the grace that should come unto you". You remember what Moses prophesied about "the prophet" who would be like him who was coming? How was he coming? Read on. "Searching what time or what manner of time the spirit of Christ which was in them did point unto when it testified beforehand of the sufferings of Christ and of the glories that should follow them". So who was that in Moses, and who was that in Isaiah, Ezekiel, Samuel, Jeremiah, etc. who enabled them to do their works? And who is it going to be in the man-child that's going to enable him to do his works? It wasn't ever the Antichrist that ruled the world, folks; it was those prophets. Whatever came out of their mouths happened. Who was it in them behind the mask? It was the Lord. The Lord is going to do it and He's coming on a white horse, and it isn't the Antichrist who is just a corporate vessel of dishonor. It's the Lord who runs the earth and He's coming once again in the likeness of sinful flesh. And He's going to be like the Lone Ranger, that guy who was like an overgrown Boy Scout. Anybody know the Scout's Motto? I've forgotten it. On my honor, I'll do my best to do my duty to God and my country; to obey the Scout laws, and to -- trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, etc. Basically all the attributes of Christ, right?

On the first episode of The Lone Ranger, he was a Texas Ranger who was tricked into having other Texas Rangers ambushed and he didn't do anything but was falsely accused, kind of like Jesus. He was a reformed criminal like us. Praise the Lord. Notice that he was from the Lone Star state. The lone star. Who claims the lone star today? Israel, right?

God was asking Howard, "Who is the Lone Ranger? Who is the man on the white horse?" Da-da-da, da-da-da, da-da-da, da-da. The Lord was saying back there in 2004 that it's about to happen. What he heard was just the beginning of the theme song when the curtain opens and he starts his intro ride on Silver. Praise be to God! Hallelujah! When He comes, He is going to save the damsels in distress and all the poor farmers who have been run off their property and the sheep herders who are being run off by the cattle farmers, and all the other good stuff. We need the Lone Ranger like we need the Lord to come and save us. Praise God! Some might even think we're a little corny, huh? Hi ho Silverrrr! Awayyy!.. Silver bullets and all.

The next day, Monday, 4/13/09, Garrett Crawford shared a dream he had of me (David).
(David's notes in red)

In this dream I was standing off yonder with my eyes fixated on a small mountain. I saw David being carried up this mountain on the back of a white donkey. (When he got to this point I joked to Garrett, "Where is my white horse?" But later I realized that the humility of harnessing the donkey flesh comes first.) The path in which they were traveling seemed to wind around the mountain, like a corkscrew toward the top. (The way to the top of Zion and the King's throne is humbling to our flesh.) The dream changed scenes many times until I found myself with David riding around in an old pickup truck. (More of that humble way.) He was driving and I was in the passenger seat. We drove down an old country road. I saw a farm off to the right of us and David pulled in the drive and got out. He had a rifle in his hand, but there was a tranquilizer dart at the end of the barrel. I thought this was very out of the ordinary but I continued to watch as David walked up to the horse pen and shot a large brown horse with the gun. The horse was not dead but I think it was sleeping. (Unlike a white donkey, which is pure and weak and less glorious in the flesh, a brown horse is strong in the flesh and glorious to man and unclean. Putting this to sleep or rest is to cause it to cease from its works. This is the way of humility and ultimately God's strength. Death is before resurrection. The brown horse must give way to the white donkey before the white horse from the top of Mount Zion and the throne can come. The Man-child will come with strength and purity in the flesh. This was seen only in Jesus 2000 years ago.)

The farmer's two sons came running over to see what had happened; they began to question David about something. It seemed that there were two escaped prisoners on the loose or something; then I realized that we were the escaped prisoners! (We escaped from the bondage of the old man in Egypt.) They did not know though, and they were trying to get David to mount up with them in a posse and search for them. End of the dream. (These guys might all die in the Red Sea like the Lone Ranger's friends before he started his white horse journey like the Man-child from the top of Mount Zion.)

The next morning at 6:00, 4/14/09, I, David Eells, had been thinking on the Lord and what he wanted me to do that day when I went into a trance vision. I saw myself ministering to a girl who resembled a combination of my youngest sister and my youngest daughter. She was very worldly-looking, along with her friends. (The next day I thought about the Shulamite, or perfected one, who when she was matured turned and ministered to her immature sister.) I was surprised to be able to minister to this girl and her friends. Evidently God had opened a door. (I believe the Lord was showing me that I would be able to minister to those who are spiritually my corporate sister in the Lord and at the same time my daughter or my spiritual offspring.)

The scene changed and I was in this building talking on a cell phone. (I am 60 and have never owned a cell phone. I actually like to get away from the phone sometimes. But the phone in this case represented a continual ability to communicate to others.) As I was looking out of a glass door I was speaking on this cell phone but I was having trouble communicating because I could hear what sounded like an approaching rushing mighty wind. (Which we recognize as the Latter Rain outpouring, the first-fruits anointing of the Man-child.) I saw through the glass door another building and I thought that if I could get there I would be able to communicate well. (I believe this represents being able to communicate with God's people like Jesus did; being able to hear them and speak to them beyond the fleshly restrictions but in the Spirit.) When I stepped through the door I was suddenly made aware of people who had been on the left side of the building and were awestruck and gasping and looking and pointing up into the sky. I looked and was also awestruck. I saw in the midst of a black and cloudy sky, a clear window into a blue sky heaven. In the midst of this was a castle fit for a King. It was similar to what I have seen twice before but with a clarity and clearness that I have never seen in a vision before. Before I could think I was being snatched up toward it so fast it took my breath away. I actually felt the G-force of the situation; it was all so real. Somewhere in mid-flight before I reached that city I found myself back in my bed. It had been so real that I immediately tried to sense my being to see if there was anything different about me and if that anointing had really come. Sadly, I didn't notice anything different and concluded this was a dry run, a premonition of what will come soon for the David/Man-child ministry. I have to tell you I am grateful to the Lord for all these premonitions but I feel the need for the real thing to be able to minister with competence to my brethren.

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