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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Losing Our Head for His Spirit
Lisette Renaud - June 2006

Scene 1

In this dream, I was outdoors and was preparing to leave to go for supper. A friend of mine who was not a believer at the time (she has since given her life to Jesus and is born again and following Christ, but called herself a Christian (being born in the Roman Catholic faith) and the man she was living with at the time (they were not married) were at some distance from me. She is a good person, generous and loving. He is a very worldly person. Money, titles and status are the only important things in his life. I thought they would invite me to go for supper with them, but they didn't. I felt rejected and hurt. I knew he really did not like me, though he pretended to. Then my friend whispered something in his ear and then he invited me to go with them. I knew the only reason he did was because she had told him to invite me, probably saying she would pay for me. I agreed to go but told myself I would definitely not let them pay for me, even though I knew I had no money.

Scene 2

I was in this place, yet I was not really there. I was only observing what was happening. I knew that my friend and her concubine were around, but I could not see them. I looked outside through the window from the place they were staying. I knew it was their apartment, although I had never been in that place before. Then I saw on the lawn of what looked like their own back yard, a woman lying on the ground. Her head was severed and was lying right beside her. It was only attached by one small line, like a white tube of some kind. There were two men with her. One man was kneeling down and blowing in that white tube that was going to her heart. The other man was kneeling by her side, comforting her. I could see a smile on the woman's face. There was no blood, no panic and no fear. It was a very peaceful scene. I knew they (my friend and her concubine) were completely oblivious to what was going on right in their own back yard.

Scene 3

In the next scene, I saw the two men who had been with the woman, carry the woman on a stretcher. The woman's head was right beside her, still severed. The woman was smiling. There was a sense of complete peace and assurance; the complete assurance that everything was under control. They were taking her to a place where she would be taken care of.

This is what God has showed me through this, over a period of a few days following the dream.

Scene 1 (First phase of tribulation)
The separation (rejection) of the true remnant from the world

-I (myself)
Represent the remnant of Christ's true Church.

-Preparing to leave
End times, close to the end - getting ready to leave for the wilderness (tribulation) to find refuge in Mount Zion where we will be fed by God. Feeling of rejection from the world. Knowledge that the true remnant is not welcomed, not liked at all, even despised by the world.

Not close, have different interests. Separation/ gap is becoming more and more evident

Represents the world. Selfish, greedy, feels self sufficient.

-My friend
Represents apostate Christianity. Good works, kind hearted, concubine of the world, has made agreements and compromises with the world. Double-minded. Has no true relationship with Christ, but thinks she does, because of her works and love for people.

-Feeling of rejection
I believe the first phase of the tribulation will be REJECTION, when the true remnant will be rejected and will truly feel the separation from the world and the apostate church. It will become more and more evident when they get together socially or even in religious circles that the true remnant has nothing in common with them.

-Will not let them pay for me
The true remnant will not accept the beliefs of the world and apostate Christianity. They will not be able to buy the true remnant nor cause them to accept their beliefs etc. This is what will cause the rejection, the fact that the true remnant cannot go along with the ways of the world, probably over a very big issue that will arise.

Scene 2 (Second phase of tribulation)
The persecution of the saints.

-The woman with the severed head
I believe it represents the true Church (the true remnant).

-The person blowing in the tube that goes to the heart of the woman
I believe represents Jesus breathing into the woman (the true remnant), the breath of life, His life.

-The other person
I believe it is the Holy Spirit, the comforter.

I believe the Church will receive a severe blow as a result of some big event and the beginning of persecution will ensue. Jesus will blow the breath of life into the heart of the woman (true Church) who was lying down, after receiving a severe blow. The smile on her face I believe is because of the knowledge that Jesus is still in control.

The world and the apostate church will be completely oblivious to what will be happening in their own back yard.

Scene 3 (Third phase of tribulation)
The departure into the wilderness

-The two men
Which I believe represent Jesus and the Holy Spirit will carry the woman to a place where she will be protected and cared for: the wilderness, away from the world and the apostate church, where she will need to rely on God for her every breath. She is smiling because she knows God is still in control.

Note from David: As God's people we must lose our head to the renewed mind of Christ through submitting to the Word. In this way we "grow up in all things into Him who is the head". Jesus will breathe the life of His Spirit into our body once we decide to do this. Breath and Spirit are the same word in Greek and Hebrew. {Joh.6:63} It is the spirit that giveth life; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I have spoken unto you are spirit, are life.

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