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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Lost? Father Knows Where It Is

Michael Palija - 1/8/24 (David’s notes)

Strong conviction to share a very significant testimony that occurred a couple of weeks ago at work.

I believe sons and daughters of Father will be thankful and be able to relate to this experience.

I take care of land on the intracoastal water way in Florida of an inland Bay area from greater tampa Bay Gulf of Mexico. The lowest part is at water level and is a grassy turf that at times can flood. When this happens the water washes over that area and leaves a line of debris that I clean up. Sometimes it is at the waters edge and other times it can reach midway up the bank that goes up to higher part of the land. I just felt to share the setting.

The thing that happened is that the tractor/lawn mower I use that has a small dump trailor hitched to it has a key that  goes in the ignition and is on a flat surface. So it goes in facing straight down and at times it vibrates out because it's kind of loose in there.

Because of this I just set it in the small square cubby so it can’t be lost when I'm operating it. This is when I came down the hill to where I was working and realized that the key was not in the ignition because I didn't put the key in the cubby after the last time I started it.

The tractor runs without the key in the ignition once it is started. It fell out so I panicked a bit and was thinking of how much debris I shoveled up. What if the key was lost in the debris and I had no idea where it fell out at. I decided to look in the path I took and where the places that I had shoveled up much debris.

I even looked in the dump trailer full of debris thinking maybe I shoveled it up with that debris. (Note that before as I began to search for it I just thanked God that He would help me find it.)

I started to get pretty worked up in the flesh and in thinking of how much I was toiling in the moment. Suddenly It hit me in my Spirit that I was frantically toiling trying to find this ring and key. I boldly just said that I am not searching any more and I refuse to look for them anymore. I said Lord I cease from my own efforts and I'm going to rest and believe that you will show me where these keys are.

I even thought that if they were gone for good that God could supernaturaly make and bring me a brand new key. So I made a bold confession thanking God that it was already accomplished and commanded that the Angel of God would reveal its whereabouts. I also quickly thought in my mind and boldly spoke for Him to lay it right on the top of the grass where I could plainly see it and drove off with my load in supernatural confidence. I just knew that it was a done deal. I had fully ceased I tell you God showed and taught me a glorious and divine principal and revelation that if you truly believe and fully rely on God's Faith You shall receive.

I came down that hill and had glanced around my path that I came back on and always turned to face the way I was going each time and before I turned around looked over on the side of the mower and those keys were setting propped up on that green grass away from the area that I was working. Exactly where I first fixed mine eyes is exactly where they were lying.

I leaped for joy and praised God realizing how amazing Our Lord truly is. There is nothing that He won’t do for his Own.

I know I went long and kinda dragged this out a little but I asked God to give true words for this testimony. He has sure helped me to do so.

UBM is A Treasure that The Lord has given Me.  It is a ministry that is fully built by God Himself and that I have learned to not take one Word for granted. Amen!

David’s note: Being from the Gulf Coast I have seen piles of driftwood and trash washed up in bays and know what a naturally impossible situation this would be worse than finding a needle in a haystack. At least you could move and separate the hay but here everything is tied and matted together like a brillo pad.

I thought of a bay testimony in my own life that was an impossible mission to find something. I went fishing with Bob Aicardi in Pensacola Bay, which is not a Lagoon but a huge blue water bay.

It is also bigger that this picture from over the bridge because it goes way past the bridge.

We were in the middle of the Bay and Bob leaned over the edge of the boat to deal with a fish he had caught and his expensive sunglasses slid out of his shirt pocket and fell in the bay. We said a few words to the Lord but I have forgotten what it was we said.

I think it was the next week that a relative of his in his own boat went fishing in the Bay and as he reeled in his hook he noticed something in it. It was a pair of sun glasses. He was telling Bob of this experience some time later and Bob said to him, “Let me see those glasses” so his relative went and got them and to Bob’s excitement they were his own glasses. He explained to his relative what had happened to him in the same bay but we are not sure if his relative was in the same place in the bay. But we are sure one of God’s angels was down there putting his glasses on the man’s hook. Father knows where everything is and has no problem bringing it back to us, praise His name! I would say He has no problem finding it but as a matter of fact He never loses anything and knows exactly where everything is, even the hairs of your head, as Jesus said.  We are the ones who lose things.  :0)

We were in the bay on another occasion and a huge black storm was coming at us from the inlet. It was wide covering the bay area. The sun was shining where we were but this torm was coming fast.  I felt to rebuke it and command it to split and go around us. Bob and I watched as it did just that, it split and went down both banks and the sun was shining on us the whole time. Oh, God is so good and so sovereign.  :0)

Back to Father bringing back things we lose and in my early days teaching right and wrong things to say when this happens:

If you don’t want to lose things we have to be careful what we say. I had told my children not to leave their shoes on the front porch because dogs love them and could pack them off and there were quite a few of them around.

So we were looking out the front picture window and we saw one shoe on the porch. I said to them, didn’t I tell you a dog could pack your shoe off? (Later it came to me that I had given the dog permission by my words.)

We went out and did a search around the neighbors house and our own and saw nothing. So I said to the children. I’ll tell you what we can do. Lets command that dog to bring that shoe back and drop it right where it was on the front porch. The next day we were looking out the same picture window and here comes the dog with the shoe in his mouth from behind the neighbors house across our yard and dropped the shoe right where he stole it from. Father handles creatures just like He handles us; He “works in us to will and to do for His good pleasure.”  :0)

My wife placed her wallet on top of our car and then absent mindedly got in it and drove to town. When she told me what happened I got in the car and slowly drove down the road for a mile or so looking on either side to see if it fell off.  Then I decided to pray and go home.

I said, “Lord, I am not worried about the money (which was only a few dollars) but the rest of what was in that wallet is hard to replace”. Later we got a phone call from a stranger. He said, “I found your wallet. I am keeping the money but the wallet is in the post office. They are holding it for you.” Sure enough, we went and got the wallet and nothing was missing but the money which I told Father He could keep. I pictured a hobo walking down the road needing money and finding the wallet on the side of the road in the grass. LOL, aint Father good?

Now in this testimony I didn’t lose this but I did find it where Father hid it.  I told Father one day we needed money to handle a need of some kind. He knew just how much we needed.  After a little bit the Lord said, “go shove your hand under your mattress”.  I said, Lord, there is no money under there.  He said, “go do it” so I did. I only shoved my hand under the mattress one time and only in one place but my hand immediate grabbed a bundle of money. I counted it and it was $8,500.00. Afterwards I was amazed that Father had put it in my mind without even knowing it exactly where to shove my hand.

Later Leon asked me for something I knew I had in my dresser drawer. We went to get it and I saw it in the top of some clothes. I grabbed it and handed it to him and he walked away and left. But I had seen something under whatever it was I handed him so I looked closer and it was a roll of bills.  I counted it and it was again $8,500.00. So I found my answer and I hadn’t even lost it.  :0)

I lost an engine in my Chevy station wagon just when I was on a preaching trip to Texas. It was burning oil like a diesel. I was fogging the mosquitos. I put oil in it every few miles to keep the engine from freezing up and knew I had lost some rings in the engine. Then I refused to put any more oil in it claiming it healed according to Mar 11:23-24 ASV  Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou taken up and cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that what he saith cometh to pass; he shall have it.  24  Therefore I say unto you, All things whatsoever ye pray and ask for, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.

So as we continued on our trip the oil usage out the back became less and less.  In the natural that could have meant I was out of oil in the engine and it was about to freeze up. But according to faith I kept on and the engine was completely healed and worked perfectly from then on as long as I had the car and it used no oil. So I lost my engine and Father gave it back, PTL! And by God’s grace, I have had alternators, transmissions, carburetors, sugar in the gas tank, tractors pumps, electric motors, bodies, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc. etc., healed the same way.

Many times we have lost something and asked the angels to put it somewhere we would be sure to find it and it happened. Many times it was found in a place we had already looked and knew it wasn’t there.

What can’t God do?  Is anything too hard for God.

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