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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Major Earthquake

Gene Schmidt

God showed me His power during a recent trip to Romania, in not just one, but many significant ways. A few days had passed since our arrival, when suddenly I came down with a very bad lung infection. I found myself coughing constantly and unable to get any rest. I had gone to the Messiah Church on Sunday, and was invited for prayer at a brother's home that evening.

While our knees were bowed, and our hearts were joined in prayer, the Holy Spirit gave me a word of prophecy through a vessel, that God would heal my body and I was to keep preaching. During that same revelation, it was said there would be a major earthquake in the country in which I reside (U.S.), and the Lord in His goodness would protect my family.

(Later during the trip, Gene joined another family in prayer, and the following happened.)

As we got on our knees, the Holy Spirit spoke through a vessel's mouth, who knew nothing of our plans for that afternoon and said, "You will be going to three homes today, where you will visit the ill. In one home, you will find a person who needs a touch from me, and in another one who needs to draw closer to me. You will visit a third home and pray for an ill child, and in that same home there will be a man who needs to accept me as his Lord. He has only taken small steps toward me, and today I want to show my power".

(All three prophecies were beautifully and touchingly fulfilled. Why should we not believe that the prophecy of the earthquake will also be fulfilled? Gene Schmidt lives in Wisconsin. I've corresponded with him a few times by email.)

(Hand of Help Newsletter, September/October 2005. The charity organization formed by Dumitru Duduman.)

Mississippi or Ohio Valley Quake

Amos Scaggs Vision 11/02/05

There will be a table shaking earthquake that will rock your kitchen table. It will be in a place where it doesn't normally happen. I saw my table falling over and I live in Ohio so I'm thinking -- The Mississippi Valley or Ohio Valley.

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