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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

The Mark and Image of the Beast

Jesus said there are only "two men in the field" (the world -- Matthew 13:38; 24:40). One is the body of Christ (Galatians 3:28) and one is the body of Antichrist. Every person whose spirit does not confess that Jesus is come in their flesh is in the body of the Antichrist -- 1 Jn 4:1-6. Rev 13:17,18 teaches that 666 is the "number of a man" (the corporate Antichrist or beast) and it is the number of his name (Greek: nature or character). If you look in the sixth book, the sixth chapter, and the sixth verse of the New Testament (Rom 6:6) you will see the number identify the nature. It is the "old man", the flesh and the enemy of God (James 4:4). In Rev 13:18 the words "Six hundred and sixty six" were originally written in Greek. The Greeks used their letters to write numbers so every letter in the Greek New Testament stands for a number also. If you add up the letters, that are numbers in the word "world", they equal 600, and in the word "earth" they equal 60, and 6 is the number of man (man and the beasts were made on the sixth day). 666 identifies men who are "in the world" and "earthly". The words "in the world" in Jn 1:9 equal 666. The words "where the harlot sits" in Rev 17:15 equals 666. Notice! The harlot sits on 3 things that are synonymous, 666, "peoples and multitudes and nations and tongues", and the beast (17:3). In other words mankind outside of Christ is the beast. In Eccl 3:18 Solomon said men are beasts. In Verse 19, contrary to popular doctrine, he said "men hath no preeminence above the beasts" and is one spirit with them. Notice! Just as the beast has a name (Greek: Onoma = nature, character, authority) in the forehead so have God's true people (Rev 13:16,17 / 14:1). Character is the difference in the forehead (mind) of these two. Rom 8:6 says "For the mind of the flesh is death, but the mind of the Spirit is life and peace". Those that have the mind of flesh are enemies of God and they cannot obey him or please him (Verses 7,8). Watch! In Rev 13:16 is the mark of the beast in the right hand or forehead and in Ex 13:16 (same verse) is the mark of God in the hand and forehead. What is this mark? Ex 13:16 is more completely described in Dt 11:18 where we are shown that it is binding the word of God on your hand and forehead (between the eyes - seeing according to the word). The Jews put scripture in little boxes and tied them on the backs of their hands and on their foreheads. This can only mean thinking and works that are according to the word. That is the mark of the Lord. The mark of the beast is just the opposite, thinking and works that are according to the world, the flesh, and the devil. In Eze 8:1 in the sixth year and sixth month Ezekiel had a vision in which he saw God's apostate people in the temple of the Lord worshipping the false father and son (14-18). In chapter 9:2 we see the third six (666) and it is the men who have come to desolate those who commit this abomination ("the abomination that maketh desolate" Dan 12:11). They destroy all those who don't have the mark of God (Eze 9:4-6) which identifies all who have the mark of the beast. The mark of God on their mind identifies those that sigh and cry over the abomination of worshipping a false Jesus and his father (Tammuz and Baal). Because of these teachings I am being persecuted by men who see nothing wrong with worshipping a convenient Jesus of their own making. They can't "sigh and cry" because they don't have the mark of God, the word in their mind and works. Some say "David, you are judging". My Father is judging those that turn the grace of God into a license to do and believe what they want (Jude 3-5).

Remember that Revelation is a parable and we must look for the hidden meaning. The interpretation must come from the Bible itself, not man's wisdom. The Greek word for mark in Rev 13:16,17 is charagma. This means the act of being stamped or impressed or engraved by a character (Greek). Like the English word character this is a tool for recreating its own Image. A typewriter key is a good example of this. Jesus, who is the Word (Jn 1:1), is the Image (Greek -character) of God in Hebrews 1:3. In other words the Word, Jesus was a tool sent by God to recreate us as sons in his own image. In scripture the Image created by the character is called the Eikon in Greek. 2 Cor 3:18 says "But we all with an unveiled face beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are transformed into the same Image (Eikon) from glory to glory, even as from the Lord, the Spirit. To see Jesus in the mirror is faith in the gospel. Paul said in Gal 2:20 "I have been crucified with Christ, and it is no longer I that live, but Christ liveth in me".... Anyone who sees only his natural face in the mirror will be a hearer but not a doer of the Word (James 1:23). Since they are not walking by faith they receive no power to obey. When we read the promises of the Word by faith it recreates its Image (Eikon) in us. Col 3:9,10 says "... seeing (by faith) that you have put off the old man (beast) with his doings, and have put on the new man (Christ), that is being renewed (recreated) unto knowledge (of the Word) after the Image (Eikon) of him that created him. Clearly the scripture is showing us that when true ministers share the Word (mark) with believers they are given a perception of Christ to aspire after, and their faith brings them into that Image (Eikon). The true Word (mark) brings the true Image (Eikon) of Christ. (see also Christ Manifest in Us) If a false prophet preaching a false word (mark) exchanges the image of God for the Image of corruptible man (beast) you will end up with a people who are the Image of the beast or Antichrist (Anti means against or in the place of). This is exactly what Rom 1:22,23 says. Verse 25 says they exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshipped and served the creature (Image of the beast) rather that the creator (Image of God). As a typewriter key (character or mark) creates its Image (Eikon) on the paper so the false prophet with the Mark or word creates the Image in the people (Rev 13:14). Christ is the word which came down out of heaven (Jn 6:32,33,51) and the beast is the word from the bottomless pit (Rev 11:7). Christ is in the Image of God and the beast is in the Image of the Devil (Jn 8:23,44).

The false prophets have told us that the false prophet will give breath to some statue and cause it to speak. The truth is hidden from them and its much more plausible. Rev 13:15 in the Greek says "And it was given to her (the body of the false prophet) to give spirit to the Image of the beast, that the Image of the beast should both speak"... Jesus gives spirit, life and speach to his Image by his words. Jn 6:63 says "...the words I have spoken unto you are spirit and life". A disciple speaks his teachers words or he doesn't have his life (Isa 8:20 / 1 Pet 4:11). Jesus said "Every one therefore who shall confess (Greek: Homo-logeo = to speak the same as) me before men, him will I also confess before my Father who is in heaven" (Mt 10:32). Another way we receive the Spirit from the Word (Jesus) is because it is "he that baptizeth in the Holy Spirit" (Jn 1:33). "Did ye receive the Holy Spirit when ye believed" (Acts 19:2,6)? The false prophets in the same ways pass on their spirit, life and speech to their Image. Since those who receive the mark are the Image we can see how the Image can cause that as many as should not worship the Image of the beast should be killed (Rev 13:15). Those born of the flesh have always persecuted those born of the Spirit (Gal 4:29). The Church is in the Image of Christ as the harlot is in the Image of Antichrist and is guilty of the blood of the saints (Rev 18:24).

Mark W. Dream

I went to church and the altar to get delivered from smoking. There were many people up front. I knew that the pastor was walking toward me to get away from someone who smelled like smoke and I thought, "I hope he doesn't come down here because I smell like smoke too". Just then my sister came to me very happy and said "Oh it's OK now look over there". I looked over and saw this man light up a cigarette. There were some booths and a sign that read "smoking section". People said "you don't have to quit because now we can smoke in church". I said "no, I want to quit smoking" (spiritually smoking is to partake of an unclean spirit because "breath" and "spirit" come from the same word in the Old Testament and in the New. Smoke is an unclean breath. "Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great, and is become a habitation of demons, and a prison [booths] of every unclean spirit...). Then the scene changed and I saw on T.V. that everyone was rejoicing because a great agreement had been made to have "one church". I saw the agreement was two stacks (two horns of the false prophet) of paper but nothing was written on them (a sign that everyone will drop their doctrinal demands, which in the case of Christians is truth, in order to have unity [Jude 3,4]). Then I went to this extremely big church. I couldn't even see the other end of it (obviously the corporate church). I happened to look in the wrong door and noticed a giant ministers conference. They were being shown a film on how to scan bar codes on the foreheads of their congregation with a beam of light (the world) without them knowing it. This is the corporate two horned false prophet who makes merchandise of the people of God (2 Pet 2:1-3) and the Word of God (2 Cor 2:17 in Greek) and marks those belonging to the beast in their foreheads (minds Rom 8:5-6)(Rev 13:16). Remember in Jesus' day, the "respectable" religious folks who walked after the mind of the flesh cast their vote against him. They were followers of a "respectable" group of ministers who gave them that mind using the word (light). Remember 10 out of the 12 tribes and their ministers worshiped the beast (golden calf) and had his mark in their foreheads (mind) and hand (works). The false prophets are the ones who war against this word the most. It's an honor to have these against me as they were against my lord Jesus. They protect their prestige, authority, position and bank account. Draw close to God and his word so you may be able to recognize them. Dan 3:4,5 says, "Then the herald cried...peoples, nations, languages... fall down and worship the golden image (of the beast). This word "herald" is the only Greek word in the text at a time before Greek became a world language. It is the same word used in the New Testament for preacher. The command to worship the image (Rev 13:14,15) will come from the pulpits in the form of a deception so strong that if possible even the elect (Mt 24:24) will be deceived. If the truth weren't hidden in the parable of Revelation, there would be no strong delusion. In Dan 3:7 all worshiped the image, even the Israelites except Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. These three wouldn't bow because they wouldn't eat of the beast's food (word) and wine (nature) and be defiled (Dan 1:5-16). If you receive the word and nature of a Babylonish false prophet you too will be defiled and bow down (Gal 5:9).

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