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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Mark's Dreams

Dream #1

There was a large crowd of people, who all seemed to be Christians (my family included), working inside a big building which had large plate glass windows on two sides through which one could see the surrounding countryside. Everyone was scurrying around preoccupied with their own little projects, whatever they were. I looked up and saw a giant funnel cloud coming so I screamed, "There's a tornado coming! Everybody get out quickly!" We all ran out the side door of the building and toward the back where there were big holes pre-dug in the ground for a new foundation which was going to be poured -- a foundation (Christ [1Cor. 10,11 /Gal. 3:1]) for the rest of the building from which we had just come. As we jumped into the holes, the tornado passed over and completely disappeared. Everyone was relieved; and the next thing I knew, we were back in the building working on our various projects again. As I glanced out the window again, there was a great mass of tornadoes heading our way even faster than the single tornado which had come earlier. This time I was terrified as I knew there was no time for hesitation. I screamed for everyone to drop what they were doing and follow me and don't waste time looking back (Gen.19:26); because I knew if anyone hesitated the slightest bit, they would not make it. We all ran back toward the holes dug for the new foundation (1 Kings 6:46-49) (see * note) and started jumping into them. I noticed that down in the bottom were steel rods to which you could hold onto fairly easily and that the only way to see what was happening above was to let go of the rods. I screamed for everyone to stop trying to see (for we walk by faith and not by sight) what was happening and grab onto the rods. I could see many Christians letting go to see what was happening; consequently, they were instantly carried away in the storm. They were sucked out of the holes like rag dolls. [When the whirlwind passeth, the wicked is no more; but the righteous is an everlasting foundation (Pr.10:25). Righteousness delivereth from death (Pr.10:2).] There were a few of us left after the storm; and we went back into the main building, which was untouched by the storm. All the rest of the country-side was devastated; the hills and the roads were covered with debris, and there was complete silence. In the distance, I heard the sound of an engine; and I could barely make out a yellow Volkswagen. Although I could not see the people inside, I could tell by their laughter that it was a friend, named David, and his boys. They were out joy-riding and spinning donuts on what was left of the dusty road. So I knew their family made it through the storm, too.

*Note: The main foundation for almost 2000 years has been that we are justified through faith in Christ's blood. He bore our sins. Another aspect of our foundation, which has only been emphasized in the last few years, is that he bore the curse of that sin. This, I believe, is the "new foundation" behind (less emphasized and important) the main foundation. However, if we are to escape the Death Angel about to Passover the U.S., we must believe the curse was put upon the Lamb. To understand this, compare Gal.3:13,14 to Deuteronomy 28:15-68; also read Isaiah 53, Ps.91, and Ps.34. Is the blood on your doorpost? If so, you do not have to bear the curse if you believe; for as Jesus often said, "Be it unto you according to your faith" ( Heb.4:2, Lk.1:45). Beware of willful disobedience, for it is not covered by this foundation (Heb.10:26-31 / Num.15:27-31 / 2 Sam.12:10-14 / Mt.18:35,35 /Mt.5:25,26)

Dream #2

In this dream a huge mass of destruction was creeping over Florida going north. You could not actually see it, but all the population knew it was coming and were being evacuated on large shuttles which would hold a few hundred people each. (None of the other people in the dream seemed to be Christians.) I was telling an Asian woman with children and a black man that they could take our family's place because we were not going where everyone else was going. I noticed that at any moment the great masses of people were going to realize that they were not going to make the shuttles in time to escape what was going to happen. Then there would be total chaos because they would soon all die. I do not know exactly where we (our family) were going, but it was a different place (see *note) than the shuttle transports, and it was not very far. I told my wife that the hardest part would be finding water for the 70 something days [God's people were in bondage in Babylon for 70 years before it was destroyed and they were set free]. Somehow I knew we would be all right; nevertheless, I dreaded going through it. The country-side we would be surviving in looked lifeless and dry like a desert or the remnants of a nuclear blast (not necessarily resulting from a nuclear bomb but from a giant wave of destruction).

*Note: It is always a different place for God's people. Noah and his family fled to the Ark, but the rest fled to the high places of the earth, which eventually flooded. (Compare this to Curt's Dream #2 in which the highest peaks are to be flooded, or to Scott's vision in which the eagles who survived flew into the storm instead of away.)

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