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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Martial Law on the Horizon

Belinda Anderson - 11/17/2012

This dream seemed so real, like I was actually living it.

I dreamed I was in a large city, but I didn't know which city it was. My husband and I were living in a three-story row house, on a street that appeared to be at least a mile long. There were row houses on both sides of the street. The houses were not flush with the street, but were up on a little hill with a stone wall holding the hill in place. It was a pretty neighborhood with a grass median seperating the two lane street and the median was full of beautiful, mature maple trees. It was so pretty as the maple trees were starting to bud.

Our bedroom was on the third floor. I quietly got out of bed and went down to the kitchen to fix breakfast. After a few moments, my husband entered the room and sat down at the table. I filled his plate with food and as I was walking across the room to give him his plate, I said to him, "Allen, listen". He asked, "Listen to what?" I said, "Exactly. Listen. There's absolutely no sound coming from outside. We usually hear dogs barking, delivery trucks, neighbors starting cars and such, but I haven't heard anything since I came into the kitchen". I handed Allen his plate and decided to go to the front of the house and take a peek out of the livingroom window. As I looked out the window, I saw foot soldiers in military uniforms going up and down both sides of the street; I did not see any type of military vehicles.

I stood at the window for a few more moments, then turned around and went back into the kitchen to inform my husband what I just witnessed. I walked into the kitchen and sat down and looked over at my husband and said, "Well, it's begun". My husband immediately knew what I was referring to. I said, "There are foot soliders going up and down both sides of the street and there is not so much as a dog, let alone a neighbor outside, just these soliders".

Just as I finished making that statement, there was a knock at the front door, so I got up to answer the door. When I opened the door, a soldier was standing there with papers in his hand. He thrust the papers at me and I took them, and he turned around and without a word, he left. I shut the door and went back into the kitchen. My husband asked, "Who was at the door?" I said, "It was a soldier and he thrust these three sheets of paper at me". My husband asked, "What do they say?" I said, "Well, they appear to be instructions". So I began to read them aloud: "Under no circumstance are you to speak to any of the soldiers; not even if your house is on fire or you are bleeding to death". I thought, what a creepy thing to say. It went on: "The only time you may speak is if you are instructed to speak by the soldier. If you do not comply with these instructions, you will be taken away. Also, no men will be allowed to walk the streets. If you need anything, you will have to send your wives for your needs on foot; vehicles are forbidden. Also, you are prohibited from any kind of contact with your neighbors".

Well, we knew weeks in advance that martial law was on the horizon, so many of us in the neighborhood got together and came up with ways to communicate with each other by making certain sounds, like a kind of code language. I went back upstairs to the third floor and made a noise that we had all agreed to that would indicate that martial law had come to our street. I looked out of the bedroom window facing my neighbors on the right and they were standing in front of their window; we just nodded at one another that we all knew what was taking place. I then went over to the left side of the third floor, but my neighbors were not there. I waited and waited but they never came. I took that to mean that they had been taken.

Several days went by, each day like the day before. Just a strange quiet. No sounds of neighbors, animals, cars, no normal sounds of everyday living. The only thing I saw every day was the soldiers walking up and down, patroling the streets. Finally, one day I needed to go to the market at the end of the street to get some supplies. My husband and I prayed and asked the Lord for my protection and safe return back home. As I was walking down the long street to the market, I would take short, quick peeks at the houses, but I never saw anyone.

I made it to the market and got the things we needed, and on the way back, I was a few houses from my house, when I saw a line of people standing on the sidewalk. I knew not to say anything, so I kept walking but I did hear someone on the front porch say, "Mark that $5.00 and mark that $15.00". I knew then what was going on: those neighbors were no longer there and they were selling off their belongings, as they would not be returning. When I got home, I told my husband what I had seen and heard. We just kept praying and trusting and believing in the Lord's promises of protection and provision.

The next morning when I got up, I sensed in my spirit that something was different, something had changed. I went downstairs into the livingroom and looked out the window and the soldiers were gone. I stood there for a good 10 minutes or so, just looking out the window. Finally, I decided to go out onto the front porch to take a look up and down the street. When I stepped out onto the porch, I saw my neighbors to the right and they immediately saw me. I was so happy to see they were still there. I looked up and down the street and when I felt confident that the soldiers were gone, I said to my neighbors, "They left the same way they came, without a sound". End of dream.

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