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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Martyrdom or Mark?
Jonathan Bradford - 2004

In a dream, I was floating above Earth in darkness and all I could see were my arms and legs from the perspective I was given, but I knew somehow it was me. Then, all of a sudden, with absolutely no warning I began to fall fast. And as I was falling I noticed a globe-like structure and I quickly deduced as I came closer to it that it was planet Earth. As I continued to fall, the thing that stood out most about the planet was that little dark lines were all over it and then I realized that these were lines of people. Then the shapes of oceans, continents and land masses began to quickly come into view, and then countries, borders, border states and cities. That was the last thing I saw from the sky because I hit the ground and was startled when I gained my feet and found myself to be in one of those lines.

These lines of people far extended my viewing capabilities because it was at night but as far as the eye could see there was a myriad of people. Then I ask the people in front of me, "What is this and why are we here?" Just a sad look was given to me. A man behind me said it would all be explained. My exact words were, "I am getting out of here; this doesn't make any sense!" As soon as I headed out of the line, I noticed military officers and I do not know their ranking but I assume they were foot soldiers for crowd control. One of the officers looked at me with a smirk and said, "I would not advise leaving this line", as he hit his hand underneath the butt of his machine gun and yelled, "GET BACK IN LINE!!!"

These soldiers we dressed in light blue fatigues and a blue hat with a world logo on the cap. I could not make out what the writing was on the cap. So his intimidation tactics worked and I found myself back in this line. It seemed like the line took forever to move and in the far distance, as we were clearing a pass, I noticed a shadowy complex barely visible by the lights around it. From what I could tell, it was massive and metallic in nature. I saw for the very first time a set of doors almost like a hangar but again I was too far off into the distance. The closer I came I saw they were indeed hangar bay doors, a huge set of double doors, and people were going through them almost like a herd of cattle going to its demise. (More on that part of the dream later).

Finally, after what seemed like hours, I was approaching these hangar bay doors and, just as I expected, the line still continued on. I looked into the distance and noticed an exchange going on and another set of hangar bay doors just like the first ones. I remember clearly the impression I had was something like, 'This is not a good sign', but as I maintained my place in line, the closer I got to this other set of hanger bay doors. I noticed a huge wooden desk and people on the other side of it. I started counting them behind the desk and it totaled 12 people. As soon as I saw this, like clockwork, my name was called."Jonathan Bradford! Come forward now". These men were not pleasant at all and all of the men were decorated military officials from many different countries and I could tell they were grieved by something. One of the military officials was handed a file out of the cabinets behind them and was going through it rather quickly. He put a piece of paper in front of me, handed me a pin and said, "Sign here". My response was, "What?" Again he said, "Sign here!" My reply was, "What am I signing? I do not sign anything without reading it first". At this, a look of hatred filled his eyes and he raised his voice at me and said, "It is because you refuse to renounce Jesus Christ as your Savior". I could not believe what I was hearing and was rather stunned and shocked as I spoke up again, "What did you just say?" This time he lost it and screamed, "YOU REFUSE TO RENOUNCE JESUS CHRIST AS YOUR SAVIOR!" And to that I replied, "Yes, you are correct". So I quickly signed my name and he spoke up again saying, "Get back in line!"

Mind you, in this dream I was already a Christian, had a relationship with God and my relationship with Jesus was grounded way back when I was seven years old. So at that I got back in line. It hadn't been too long until I noticed a man frantically running.He was as pale as a ghost as he ran past me and was screaming at the top of his lungs, "I'll renounce the Lord Jesus Christ! I'll renounce the Lord Jesus Christ!" The officials directed him another way and one of the military officials went to pick up his file and paperwork and tore it up on the spot. I do not know what happened to that man. I can only speculate that he took the mark of the beast. Then it dawned on me, 'I am going to my death', and sudden terror began to fill me, but I quickly gained my composure and began to pray in earnest.

I was finally at the second set of hangar bay doors but this time they were closed. I noticed in the right hand corner one military official with an electronic device; it was a tracker of some sort and the doors opened and he counted about 20 people or so and we were ushered in and the door sealed behind the others and me. This was a holding area of some sort and right in front of me, you guessed it, was the final set of hangar bay doors. Faintly in the background I could hear something mechanical that seemed familiar, but then again it wasn't. As the final set of doors opened, and just as before, another man came screaming out in terror, saying the same things as the other man: "I'll renounce Jesus Christ". The doors immediately opened for him and he was out of view. Then what stood before me was a carnival turnstile-type rung system, the same type of setup as with roller coaster rides. I could not see what was ahead; they had it blocked by a partition. All I could hear was crying and laughter at the same time.Once again I heard that metallic sound, but what was it? I must have gone around 14 different rungs before the floor was opened up to me. Men dressed in black robes off to the right on a platform, well out of reach, were yelling and screaming with laughter, things like, "Where is your God now? Maybe if you cry out loud enough He will hear you... You are going to die!" All this was in the midst of evil laughter. And then other voices saying things like, "Just renounce Jesus as your Lord and Savior. You don't have to die!"

Once again, my flesh stated to well up, but this time, instead of terror, it was boldness.I started singing praises to God and then they started hurtling insults at me personally. I reminded them of their future if they would not repent and they yelled back at me, "Shut up, shut up, or we will shut you up!" The crowd became restless and then from nowhere I was being punched; it did not last long, however, because I was close to the end.

And once I got past a certain clearing I could see the instruments of my demise. My fear had become reality; it was indeed an executioner and a guillotine. The thing that was startling was there was only one guillotine -- I guess to really invoke fear into people. It was time. The moment of truth had begun and then out of nowhere the "fight or flight" sensory kicked in and I was not ready to die but was ready to fight for what I believed. Then the unexpected happened when Jesus appeared and was smiling and said these calming words to me: "Fear not, My child. I am with you and I will be with you always, even to the end of this age".

God's peace overtook me I was relaxed. My anger ceased and then I was loaded in to this machine.Face up, I could see the blade coming down, but I felt no pain. As I was looking up the ceiling became a firmament and bright lights began to shine everywhere and then a funnel cloud began to swirl over top of me and I was caught up in an instant, quicker than a blink of an eye. I felt overwhelmed with joy and peace, almost forgetting what just happened on Earth. I was with the Lord and that is all that mattered. Then I woke up and said, "I will be martyred for Jesus. How cool is that?" Or will that actually happen? I am not sure; only time will tell.

There was no rapture of the Church. I knew in this dream or vision I had been saved for a long time since childhood.

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