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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Man-child and Woman in Wilderness Soon

Brian Rougeau - 05/16/2008
(David's notes in red)

In a dream, I was driving to this woman's house (the Church) whose husband had died (Jesus). When I pulled up at the house, there were two trailers in the yard that her daughters lived in. I got out of the car and walked to the door of the house. I was bringing her a bag of freshly picked beans. (Seed of the Word that gives life for food.) When I got to the door and knocked a little boy came to the door and took the beans. (The spiritual man receives the seeds.) I then walked back to the car and got in. The youngest daughter of the woman was in the back seat. (The corporate bodies who are born of the woman will bear fruit and are like a child.) I was listening to my new CD. I asked her where she went to church. She said, "At home". I said, "Me too".(They are coming out from among them.) I then asked her if she liked the music on the CD. She replied, "Yes, you can hear the creation being made in the lyrics". (The Word is creating the spiritual creation as it did the natural.)

"Brian, God first created the world and then spoke it into existence", she replied. (What God planned through Jesus' sacrifice is now being created manifestly in His spiritual body.) She then took out a large leather Bible and opened it. This Bible was like none I had ever seen and I was amazed at how the inside was made. In between every two verses of scripture was a leather strip so that when looking at the text it was as though you were looking at it or reading it through a picture frame and it was like that for every two verses. (We must picture it as done and then it will be.) She then began to read from the Bible as the music was playing. As she started reading I could hear running water, as though water was now flowing as the music was playing. (The living waters of the Word going forth through the man-child to cause a remnant of the woman to bear fruit, as it was with Jesus and Israel.) It brought much joy to my heart and it was a very tranquil scene.

We were still in the yard of the house. I then got out of the car and walked back to the house and walked in. (All that is about to happen in this dream is in the house of the Church.) I never did see the woman, only the little boy. (Her spiritual man in the image of Christ.) The boy and I laid down to rest (they represent the same entity -- the Man-child at rest in the house of the woman) and as we did I started dreaming inside this dream. I was now standing on a gravel road (Wilderness begins) and as I looked up into the sky I could see something behind the clouds. As the clouds started to move away, I saw that it was Jesus. He was sitting in the sky and was very large. He had his hands and arms stretched out as if to receive me and I had a sensation of being lifted up but stayed on the ground. (Man-child caught up to the throne to be seated in heavenly places to minister on earth.) I started waving at Him. I was saying, "I Love You Jesus, I Love You". I was shouting it and was so excited to see Him. As the clouds moved even more I could see his whole body and there was a little boy standing next to him. (The Man-child is the corporate spiritual man born of the Church and caught up to the throne.) I then shouted, "Who is that little boy? Is that the baby Jesus?" I then realized the little boy standing next to Him was me. I was looking at myself but I was only about 7 or 8 years old and I was dressed like a pilgrim. (Man-child ministry is Jesus born in the first-fruits whose pilgrimage is to lead the Woman through the wilderness.) As the clouds moved even more there was a woman to the right of the boy and Jesus. She too was dressed like a pilgrim and looked as though she were on her hands and knees, working in a garden. (Woman Church breaking up her fallow ground through repentance to receive the seeds of the Word in her pilgrimage in the wilderness.) This whole scene was very real and colorful, as though it were actually happening. I then started to wake up inside the dream. As I woke up from the second dream, but still inside the first dream, I noticed there was a TV on the wall inside the house I was in with the little boy. I started trying to figure out if I had just dreamed this or saw it on TV. (The vision [dream] comes first and the manifestation of the sons of God to the world [TV] second.) And as this was happening I awoke for real. The End. (You have had the dream, so now comes the manifestation on Earth.)

All day today I was in a very happy and joyful mood. I sang to the Lord every chance I got. As the day went by I remembered a while back reading a study on Zechariah and coming across some Hebrew words that mean "going up" (aliyah) - a Holy pilgrimage of a permanent nature. Also "oliym" - One who has made or is making the "aliyah" (the holy pilgrimage). (A pilgrimage from Babylon through the wilderness to the Promised Land.) Ezra calls those returning from Babylon "the oliym". Also, "chalutsiym" means a pioneer; a very heroic pioneer. It refers to the vanguard of youthful "oliym" who were visionary and believed in the virtue of sacrifice in order to restore the nation. Praise God! It won't be long.

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