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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Man-child's Coming Clash with Apostate Christianity

David Eells - 12/02/2006

I had a dream I was in a great palace and saw a king and queen sitting in front of a great audience. They were very old and the queen was sickly. The king was Billy Graham. The queen departed and ascended up a curved row of grand stairs like in some ballrooms. I felt an urge to go and tell Billy what our ministry was about but I knew I needed to sit on the queen's throne at his right hand to do this. I didn't like the idea but went over and sat uncomfortably on the outer edge of the seat. What I spoke to him I do not know but as soon as I finished I got up relieved and went over to his left a short distance away. At that time the old queen descended the stairs and as she came all of my attention was riveted on her mouth. Instead of upper teeth she had a round wrought iron prison with no bottom hanging by a chain from the roof of her mouth. The prison had pointed arrows on the bottom of each bar that went around the circumference of it like teeth. She was opening and closing her jaws so that the prison went up and came down on a large plate in the place of her lower teeth. Then I saw a large company of court jesters descending the steps. I noticed that these people were well known old comedians in our time.

As I woke up the Lord began to interpret this dream. This palace is apostate Christianity. The favored of this kingdom, the corporate queen, are spiritually old being under the curse and very sickly. The top leadership represented by Billy Graham, are also very old and past their time. The queen ascending the stairs represents that favored sects will be exalted a bit by the presence of the man-child ministry represented by myself. This will give a brief moment for God's anointed to sit in the uncomfortable place of favor and authority on the right hand of the top leadership. This is to reveal the true ministry, which they must hear before most can be condemned for disobedience. (Jesus' time to share in the temple and synagogues was very temporary. At first they respectfully called Him Rabbi and teacher. When the leadership realized that His ministry was to deliver the people from their bondage, He incurred their wrath.) After the leadership realizes the purpose of God's true ministry, they will be quickly moved to their left side of displeasure and lack of authority in their eyes. With the opportunity to share with the apostate leadership gone the man-child will quickly distance themselves in word and deed from the apostates. Then the queen descended spiritually; her mouth being a great prison of teeth like the dragon of Babylon to devour the saints. The court jesters are the apostate ministers whose foolish job it is to bring pleasure to the top leadership as their "yes men". The top leadership here also represents the corporate false prophet that will lead the world harlot. Be ready saints. The door will open for only a short time so that those who proclaim themselves Christians may be proven. Then the persecution will begin.

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