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Man-child and Tribulation Approach

He Shall Come to Be Glorified in His Saints
Word given to Debra Klein - 02/08/2004

You cry out to me, My love, in heavy labor, groping for the touch of My hand ... the comfort of My Words in thy ears! You are drunk and delirious with the birth pangs to deliver my Son from thy womb! The tears of your pain has clouded thy sight and discernment as to where you are! You are here ... in the labor room ... in the holding pattern, laboring to bring forth My Son!

I am with you, though you cannot see Me through your suffering and labor. Do you not hear the tender words of comfort I whisper in thy ears? Am I not so close that you do not feel my heart beating with yours as the labor increases? For in just a little while He shall come forth from thy womb and we will rejoice in Him!

My Child in you is stirring and restless and also labors to come forth from you. The two of you labor together through the writhing pain and I labor with you also. The Child is still now as He comes through the birth canal ... still and waiting for the last powerful thrust and push to come forth from thy womb to be delivered onto the earth and manifest My Glory!

Fear not My Beloved. I am with you! Lean on me heavily as the labor grows hard! For I hold you completely in My Arms and wipe the sweat of your brow through these last excruciating pains before the final thrust!

Listen my love ... do you hear His heart beat within you? His heartbeat is increasing as He rises up within you! Any moment now My Beloved, He will come forth! Let Me wipe the tears from your eyes so that you can focus on Me as the labor grows. Focus on My Face and do not turn your eye from Me during these last pains. Hold tight to Mine Arm and the work of Mine Hand will deliver thee!

Just a little while, My Beloved! Hold tight to Me!

And the world will know that I, the Father, have brought forth My Son through you! Fear not My Love, the dragon lies cunning in anticipation of His birth, but I am here and will protect Him and you from the evil one who desires in his heart to devour Him. He has no victory over My Hand that delivers My Son onto the earth!

Rest My Love between the pangs of labor, for you will need to be strengthened to endure the final moments of the labor. Lay back in My Arms and rest heavy upon Me, for soon, very soon My Son will come forth and I will deliver you into my Glory!

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