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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Man-child's Word in Bride & Witnesses

Eve Brast - 09/22/2008
(David's notes in red)

In a dream, I was taken in the spirit to a temple that seemed to be in a heavenly realm but at the same time in our earthly realm. It was on a small elevated green hill. There was a river that ran down from it. (The temple and mount are spiritual heavenly Mt. Zion on earth, which the Church left almost 2000 years ago but is returning to by the river of the Word of God and the Latter Rain.) It had many large steps and 12 smooth pillars on the front of it. There was a very large old olive tree planted very near the edge of the river outside, a distance from the steps of the temple. (The pillars are the teachings of the 12 apostolic forefathers of the 12 spiritual tribes. The OLD olive tree on the edge of the river is the Former Rain anointing which many will belatedly receive in the first 3 1/2 years of the tribulation.)

The next thing I knew I was in a room in the center of the temple. I was seated at one of four desks that were placed around one large single smooth pillar in the center of this room. (The pillar is Jesus, the Word.) I was taking dictation from David on very large parchments that were bound together in a rich brown leather cover. (Eve, the Bride, was writing upon her heart the Word through the David/Man-child ministry. The leather outer cover represents the beastly [leather] outer man.) David was my (spiritual) father in this dream and a giant transparency of his smiling face was up and over to my right floating in the air while I was writing down everything he told me. I was writing in Hebrew characters on these parchment papers in this large book in black ink from an ink well. (Hebrew represents the original Word being written upon the Bride's heart.)

When I had finished taking David's dictation and had filled up two entire pages, I stood up to read them to other UBM brethren who were standing, gathered around the center pillar (Jesus). I stood on some steps at the front of the room and read what David had taught me and told me to write. As I read, some of the people in the room who were listening began to doubt the things that I read aloud and started grumbling to each other. Then they hurriedly left the room. (The sons of perdition in the midst will go to the Pharisees, as Judas did when he was offended.)

When I had finished, I sat back down at the center pillar (Jesus) and my son Elijah (who is five years old) appeared seated next to me on my left at the same desk. (Elijah here represents the two witness ministry which is born of the Bride.) He had a new parchment book. He began to write David's dictation in Hebrew as the people who had earlier left the room filed back in with a bunch of old Jewish Pharisees. (The Two Witnesses write the Man-child's Word upon their hearts.) They were all offended by what I had read aloud. I could tell they were very angry and when they saw a five-year-old writing your dictation they became irate. (End-time Pharisees will again be angry at the disciples being taught the original Word.)

Elijah had only written three or four Hebrew letters on the new book when all the Pharisees started to rush violently at us. (Early persecution of the true body of Christ.) Suddenly, the black letters that he had written turned red; then the entire page turned red. (As in Jesus' first sign of turning the water of the Word into the blood of the wine and nature of Jesus, so the disciples hearts will be cleanse by the blood.) When the red disappeared, the rest of the letters on the page supernaturally emblazoned themselves in black and filled the entire page without human hands. (The anointing of the Latter Rain comes upon the disciples during the last 3 1/2 years of the tribulation, bringing to remembrance all of the Word.) They all jumped back in astonishment and fear when this happened. (Jesus will replicate Himself through the Word and the Blood. This will be a rebuke and conviction to the end-time Pharisees and those who agree with them.) Then I woke up.

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