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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

I Saw the Coming American Revolution

By Evangelist Bobby Martz of New Covenant Church in Hampton, Virginia, a missionary to the Philippines for 14 years.

I was with Pastor Ray Brooks of The Open Way Church and Michael Sullivan. We were laying hands on each other, praying for each other. My mind was concerned with imparting strength to my brothers. All of a sudden I had a vision. It was so real, it was as if I was there. I saw a vision of a city in America. Many of the buildings were on fire. There was looting and rioting. There was a breakdown of law and order--no respect for law and order, thousands of people on the streets--burning, killing, looting. Sirens were blaring, ambulances carrying away the dead and wounded.

I saw bystanders. They were pulling their hair. The Lord let me hear their thoughts. They were thinking, I cannot believe this is America! I cannot believe it has happened to us. The people were petrified with fear and confusion, not knowing what to do. There was so much fear, thinking, Where can we go to be safe? I saw these bat-looking creatures flying all around, coming out of these dark clouds. I believe these are demons attacking people. Isaiah 1 came to mind. I saw an eagle coming out of heaven, attacking these bat-looking creatures. I saw the whole earth. The sun was rising on the whole earth. I thought about the scripture about the Son rising with healing in his wings.

When I came out of this vision, I was interceding and weeping for this country. I believe these things will come on America.

Vision of Leaders

I saw another vision of leaders, those leading the church. I saw a person on the floor in deep agony. They were howling. They sounded like a fire siren. They were wailing and howling of their own condition and the condition of the church.

The Lord let me see what this person was thinking. I saw one word over this person. The word was "COMPROMISE". This leader was thinking, as he was howling, How have I allowed these things to come into the church? How have I allowed these things to come into my own personal life? Wherein have I been so deceived as to have allowed all this to happen that breaks the heart of God?

I feel trapped, this person thought. This person had this big question. How can we (the church) be delivered? How can I be delivered from the compromise? It was as if the person was feeling the dilemma of the church. How can the church come out of this dilemma of compromise? The person was in terrible agony and howling, lying on the floor.

I feel that from the pulpit to the pew in the church there has been much compromise within the church. I personally believe the day is coming when there will be a real wave of the Holy Spirit and an outpouring of the Holy Spirit of conviction, especially in leaders. They will end up on the floor howling before God.

Victory in Jesus!

In early 1984 I saw a church building. I saw the altar. People were at the front kneeling and praying. It looked like there was around 100 people praying. There was a group of them that stood out of anger and rebellion and said, "We don't have to pray like this! This is too demanding. This is too legalistic. We don't have to get into this type of praying".

These people that were speaking against praying were found in the church kitchen, in the social area where they have social functions like potluck dinners. The Christians that were against praying were saying, "It's all right to pray a little, but we don't need to pray like that".

(I want to make this clear. I am not against fellowship of God's people. It should not get in the way of serving God. When there is so much pleasure that it gets in the way of prayer, it is wrong.)

These people in the social hall said among themselves. "This is what we want". What they were saying is, "We just want to have a good time". Where the church becomes a social club, doing social activities, things that would appeal to "self" and bring pleasure to one's own self, it is very selfish. They were doing this in rebellion against God's call to prayer. They were speaking out and saying, "This is what we really want".

The next thing I saw was what looked like black arrows being released by black demonic spirits. These black demons come upon these people in their social function--within the church. These black demons started attacking these people. These people started grabbing their heads as these demons attacked. They started going crazy. They could not handle the demonic pressures and forces of these demonic powers in the last days! I had the sense that there would be those that would say they were Christians, born again, yet would be committed to mental institutions. They would go in for psychiatric care because they could not cope with what was coming upon the earth.

Then the dream changed. The Lord took me back to those that continued in prayer. They were weeping. They were weeping for the whole earth, for all the nations. They were broken and weeping. I saw tremendous unity, tremendous love one for another. They understood one another. They understood one another's call. They understood one another's burden. There was real unity. There was no jealousy. They were not being competitive with one another. They were so focused with their burden for the world. Their focus was not on who am I or what is my position; their focus was a burden for the world.

The dream changed. I could see the continents, the coastlines, the borders. I saw a giant tidal wave slowly moving over the earth. Every nation was being touched by this wave. I asked God, "What is this wave?"

God spoke to my heart and said, "This is my Holy Spirit moving in these last days".

The tidal wave was moving slowly but surely, a gradual buildup going over the earth.

The dream changed. The Lord brought me back to the people that had been weeping before the Lord for the nations. I saw these people stand on their feet. They turned around. They were facing the world in terrible, terrible conditions. The darkness that was upon the earth was horrible, indescribable. It was terrifying; but these people that had been interceding and weeping, the amazing thing was, they were not afraid. They were not afraid of what they were looking at. They were not afraid of the terrible gross darkness. They were full of the Holy Spirit. They began to go forward as one, united. They began to speak the Word of God. The gospel was coming out of their mouths. They were speaking to the multitudes in darkness before them. I saw the Holy Spirit bringing multitudes and multitudes of people into the Kingdom of God in the last days. There were so many people coming to Jesus that I could not see the end. It was a huge, huge multitude of people coming into the Kingdom of God.

The dream ended.

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