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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Meteorites & Tidal Waves

Belinda Anderson - 03/19/2013
(David's notes in red)

I had a short dream this morning and then an unusual event took place this morning, as well. I'm praying for interpretation.

I dreamed I was in bed asleep, when I was awakened at 2:30 AM (in the dream) by an angel of the Lord. He said to me, "Get up and go outside and look up in the sky". So I got up and went outside. I went down by the lake over to the left side of the property, away from the tall trees, and looked up into the eastern sky. As soon as I looked up, I saw a large fireball streaking across the sky, going east to west toward the Gulf (but possibly beyond the Gulf). I immediately ran back to the house and got the telephone and called Brother David. As I was dialing Brother David, I went back outside to watch the fireball. When David answered the phone, I said, "Brother David, this is Belinda Anderson and I need to tell you something very important. There is a fireball in the sky and I know it's going to getFlorida" (through a tsunami). (I didn't say it was going to "hit" Florida. I said it was going to "get" Florida.) "Wait, David. There's more. Wow! The sky is littered with them!" (Meaning fireballs. [We have revelations of three at one time.]) "Brother David, will you agree with me in prayer?" I began to pray Psalm 91. Then I asked, "David, can you see them in Tennessee? Can you see them in Tennessee?" Then I woke up.

The angel's voice did not sound threatening, nor did I feel threatened or alarmed in the dream. I just knew I had to report to Brother David what I was witnessing, like somehow David would understand and possibly he could see them as well.

Meteorites will "hit" the Gulf of Mexico or beyond, causing a tidal wave (tsunami) to sweep over Florida. I have known this since the mid 1990s and that it would kill many, many people but have never known when. We are obviously drawing closer.

Here's the unusual event:

I went to call Ellie McBride this morning, as I told her I'd give her a call. I was dialing her phone number and I was watching my fingers as I was dialing her phone number. Suddenly, Debbie Horton answered the phone. I was startled to hear Debbie's voice, as I had just dialed Ellie's phone number. I thought this was just way weird that my telephone connected with Debbie Horton and not Ellie. I had Ellie's phone number written on a piece of paper and I was reading the phone number and dialing that number. I don't know Debbie's phone number by memory, so there's no way I was calling Debbie; I would have had to go look up her phone number to call her. (I have had the same thing happen to me with the phone. I called a person in the paper, carefully following the number there and got a close friend in our Bible study. When she answered, I asked, "What are you doing there?" She said, "I live here". I said, "But I didn't call you". Come to find out she needed to talk.)

How funny! Debbie answered the phone and said, "You're not Ellie". (She meant her daughter, Ellie.) I said, "Well, you aren't Ellie either!" I was calling Ellie McBride and Debbie thought I was Ellie, her daughter. That's what I thought was neat! (God is confirming the supernatural involved in the revelation given to Belinda.)

I told Debbie the short dream. Debbie advised me to go get my Bible and put my finger down on a verse, so I did. My finger came down in Ezekiel 1:2. My finger came down on the words "in the fifth".

{Eze.1:2} In the fifth day of the month, which was the fifth year of king Jehoiachin's [Babylonian] captivity ... (Having been cursed by the Man-child, Jeremiah [22:28-30]).

Debbie then got her Bible and her finger came down on {Jer.46:15} Why are thy strong ones swept away? they stood not, because Jehovah did drive them.

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