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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Midwest Earthquake of Epic Proportions

Rick Sergent - 07/14/2008

The Lord first spoke to me about a major Midwest earthquake in December of 2003. Then on 7/14/08, He gave some details about this up-and-coming quake. It will happen soon, I believe. It will register on the Richter Scale a 9-something. I believe it will be on the New Madrid fault line, maybe around St. Louis, MO.? I heard these words in my spirit: "it will be of epic proportions".

This earthquake will permanently change the mind set of the people of this nation. It will alter the terrain in a large scope. It will never be the same. People from different nations will come to the aid of the U.S. (some may for ill intentions).

Personal Notes: When I heard a "9", I wondered if there was ever a verified 9 quake in the world. I may be wrong, but I only found three earthquakes. One was a1960 9.5 quake in Chile. The other one was on December 26, 2004, the tsunami that killed about 230,000 people. The U.S. Geological Survey says it was a 9.1. Others outside of this country said it was a 9.3. The 1964 quake in Alaska around a 9, maybe(?).

I do not want to sound like a doomsayer, but this quake may cause more deaths than any quake in the history of the world. I did research afterwards and the tsunami quake of 2004 was the second in terms of deaths. The first one happened in about 1560 in China. That one claimed over 800,000 deaths, they say.

In 2003 I had a friend who saw sea creatures in the spirit in Terri Haute, Indiana. She did not know why. I do not know if this is the quake that has been mentioned in relation with Lake Michigan or not but it would not surprise me if it was. I believe it will be felt in almost all the states. The mid section will be the worst.

The big harvest or revival will come alongside great sorrows.

Great Earthquake Impedes Travel, Drought
Rick Sergent - 04/19/2012
(David's notes in red)

On 4/19/12, I was not thinking about anything particular when I saw a vision of this woman on a horse. Her name is Mary. I know her. She is a mature Christian. Then I saw the word EARTHQUAKE in red letters. I have never seen letters in red. I don't recall it; they have always been in black or an occasional other color. This word was right above her. I then saw these words: "Great Destruction Will Impede Traveling". That made sense why I saw Mary on a horse. (Also, Mary could be the woman Church who brings forth the Man-child, as it was with Jesus. Sandy and Audrey said she could be the Church trusting in the strength of beastly flesh.) Then I saw the number 85. I did not know what this number meant. (Deborah Horton just sent us a dream that I was restoring I-85 overpass or Passover. She didn't know about this dream.)

After asking the Lord to explain to me about this 85, I received this revelation from Deborah Horton within two days and 85 is emphasized again. Here is a portion of it:

There was a highway work crew repairing the overpass where I-85 goes over Highway 29. (The spiritual road crew represents those reformers who restore the paths to dwell in. {Isa.58:12} And they that shall be of thee shall build the old waste places; thou shalt raise up the foundations of many generations; and thou shalt be called The repairer of the breach, The restorer of paths to dwell in.) (Deborah: "Overpass" is a word play on "Passover"; if we want the Lord to pass over our sins, we must forgive everyone, but I was giving place to doubt and bitterness about a particular person when I had this dream. In real life, the place where I-85 passes over Highway 29 was chewed-up by heavy trucks going to and from the smelly, multi-state landfill. The landfill there is as large as a small mountain. Part of it was finally patched. So, we could say that the I-85 overpass/Passover has been kept in disrepair by trucks creating a mountain of garbage representing the magnitude of stinking thinking and ways of those who give in to factions and their false Jesus and apostate leadership. That would explain why below David was repairing the road. (Isa.58:12) ... The restorer of paths to dwell in.) (Deb later told me 85 is meaning 8 = New Beginning and 5 = grace. Highway 29 mostly parallels I-85, zigzagging back and forth across the path of I-85)

From Rick's emails: In Deb Horton's dream, David was over a highway work crew, repairing the I-85. (Passover of Highway 29, which represents the earthquake, meaning God's people must be prepared through faith and good works to escape these quakes.) In the natural, Highway 29 goes to the heart of Washington DC, which speaks of the future quake. USGS says the epiccenter of the 8/23/11, 5.8 quake was five miles S-SW of Mineral, VA which is 84 miles to DC., not quite 85. Number 29 may mean second quake or judgment. (2 = second [and division] and 9 = judgment.) A portion of 29 between Greensboro, NC and Danville, VA will be upgraded to an interstate. They are naming the new interstate I-785. The point is it is being made into a faster highway, meaning a quick time for the quake to hit D.C. without delay. Interstates do no have stop lights or stop signs and cross over multiple states. The earthquakes will be felt in multiple states. I did find it interesting that US Highway 29 dead ends right where I-70 starts on the East Coast and moves west across the heart of the Midwest, all the way to the west to Utah, where it branches off with other interstates to Los Angeles on the West Coast. According to Wikipedia, the U.S. military wanted it that way to be able to travel from southern California to the northeastern United States (NYC ). I-70 could represent the quakes moving from east to west (as Sandy, Rick and others have seen) initially and branching off as it goes.

I am convinced of the spiritual revelation of the number 85 as a Passover and that these quakes are coming. But it is interesting that a Passover is being repaired on the I-85 interstate going over Highway 29 and goes 84 or 85 miles from the epicenter of the last quake in VA to D.C. where the same 5.8 quake judged the Washington Monument and the Statue of Liberty. Not a chance that is not a sign. Government and Liberty will be changed by this. I am convinced that we must be entitled to the Passover of this judgment, which was paid for by Jesus, when it does come. Make sure your heart is right with God and your brethren by abiding in Jesus Christ.)

In 2008 I gathered all the dreams on the New Madrid splitting the country and compared what the timing looked like on each and I came up with the theory that there were at least two big quakes in the New Madrid -- one at the beginning of the trib and one at the end when the nations come together to divide Israel for the last time. I shared this on the program at that time. In Brenda Schaunaman's dream on 10/12/08, I wrote "This Midwest quake that divides the U.S. may happen twice, the last being the worst and dividing the country even more". I do not doubt Rick may be right about a quake coming but there was no year on the date part, which leaves open a very large quake at the end of the trib. I believe we will see a lesser but very damaging quake leading up to the tribulation but the exact timing I don't know. (1Co.4:5) Wherefore judge nothing before the time, until the Lord come, who will both bring to light the hidden things of darkness, and make manifest the counsels of the hearts; and then shall each man have his praise from God.

A major quake of over 9 on the Richter Scale, as indicated in the prophecy Midwest Earthquake of Epic Proportions (see above), would probably cause an economic crash, if especially coupled with the Eastern seaboard major quake, back to back knocking out the electric grid for months. (It would cause much death and push over the edge all they have already done to destroy the economy. It would also help to bring revival.)

This could also bring martial law ... assuring President Obama to remain as a modern-day Nebuchadnezzar as God's servant to chastise the United States and bring judgment to it, as the old Babylon Empire did to Israel. Even though he did not know God when he brought captivity to Israel.

About less than a week before I had received this vision of the number 85, I talked on the phone to a lady who was a customer. She brought up the subject of dreams and visions, not knowing I was her confirmer. She said that there were going to be two major quakes -- one on the east coast the other one off the New Madrid. She said the Lord showed her they would be one after another. I told her I agreed with her but thought the quakes would be days apart. I told her the last three quakes that the Lord has revealed to me are where quakes are not known to happen. He first showed me of the Washington quake months before it happened. Then He showed me the largest quake in Oklahoma's history, months before it happened. He also has showed me one in Nebraska, but that, of course, has not occurred yet.

The lady then proceeded to tell me about a drought throughout the United States. She said states will be fighting over water rights with inland waterways and lakes. I told her in 2011, I saw a vision of a donkey walking with its head down from west to east on a map of the U.S. There was the word "famine" on the donkey, with sagebrush blowing around it. Then just last week (April of 2012), I had received a call and the person said one of the headlines in the Indianapolis Star read, Drought in all states except for Alaska and Ohio. I then proceeded to tell her I saw in a vision in 2011 of a radial armsaw making a cut just on the south edge of the Great Lakes. When it carved out the lakes, it went over to the Mississippi River and made a cut all the way down to the Gulf. Then I saw these words: "War over Water". She seemed to be my confirmer, too.

Note: Additional confirmations and revelation:

1) In March of 2011, I was given this vision from the Lord: I saw the word Earthquake suspended over a map of the United States. Three golden rods came from the word Earthquake. One pointed what I thought was just north of Washington, D.C. but was difficult to determine because it was more like a geography map and not showing cites. The second pointed to the Midwest and the third pointed to California. This seems to indicate the possibility of a series of quakes indicated in Sandy Shaw's dream, Series of Quakes Hits U.S. in a simpler form in my vision. (She mentioned these same places plus a lesser known seismic zone in the TN Valley.) Sandy had hers in May of 2011.

2) In Sandy's dream in the notes in red letters, David noted: "Their urgency may be to leave and get into new homes before the quakes because the New Madrid could affect her area in central Arkansas (Rick: my son lives in Shreveport, in northeastern Louisiana) and at least IMPEDE HER TRAVEL". These are basically the same words in my vision I saw: "Great Destruction Will Impede Traveling". And Mary on the horse/Man-child (4/19/12). David went on to say, "The Man-child will lead many into the wilderness prepared by this in the beginning of the tribulation".

Update - 5/01/12

I have a major confirmation from my son, Jeremy. Jeremy texted me on at 8:48 am on 5/01/12. I did not get ahold of him on the phone until 7:16 pm the next day.

First of all, Jeremy does not know anything about the vision of Great Earthquake Impedes Travel, Drought. Jeremy lives in Shreveport, Louisiana. I have only told my friend Mary (lives in Indiana) and one friend at work (lives in Ohio). Jeremy prayed before he went to bed, "Lord, give me dreams or visions". He awoke that morning wide awake and he opened the Bible and it was at Isaiah 24. He said, "Dad, I started crying and could not stop; it was like prophetic weeping". (Jeremiah, the weeping prophet. I call him Jeremiah sometimes.)He said he read the whole chapter and wept all the way through it. He said what was impressed in his spirit was economic collapse and a very big earthquake. He said, "Dad, I feel it is right around the corner, right at the door!"

He later turned the TV on and said words were spoken, like a play on words from the TV. He said on the news they talked about the euro in trouble and the dollar also. He had not turned on the news for months. He said God seem to be confirming to him the judgment on the United States and the world. He said it's like people know it, but they are ignoring it, or pretending it will go away. When Jeremy said that, a scripture came to my mind. I knew it was in Ezekiel 7 and I looked it up and it was verses 25-26: DESTRUCTION COMES; they will seek peace, but there shall be none. DISASTER upon DISASTER, and RUMOR will be upon RUMOR.

In my Bible, the subtitle above Isaiah 24 is Impending Judgment on the Earth. This thought then came to me: Sandy Shaw's dream of seven earthquakes around the world. I then noticed the Bible notes for Isaiah 24:1-6: "Its not clear what form the devastation will take. The imagery suggests drought and possible earthquakes. Such judgments have happened throughout human history and will be climaxed during the time before Christ's return, often referred to as the great tribulation".

I went on read Isaiah 24:13: "When it shall be thus IN THE MIDST OF THE LAND among the people, it shall be like the SHAKING OF THE OLIVE TREE".


Verse 20: "The EARTH SHALL REEL TO AND FRO LIKE A DRUNKARD, and shall totter like a hut. Its transgression shall be heavy upon it".

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