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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Quake Divides U.S. / Refuge

Quake Splits U.S./Destitution/Captivity
Brenda Schaunaman - 10/12/2008
(David's notes in red)

Pressure to divide Israel coming from the U.S. and division in the country will probably be the cause of this division.

I have been holding off on telling this dream for about a year, but I know that it is time for me to send it to you NOW.

It all started after I woke one morning. I went into the library and pulled out a plain piece of paper and began to "draw" out what I had seen. It was as if I was looking down from space at the United States of America.

Right up the middle of the continent I saw a great split. It looked as if a huge bolt of lightning had broken the earth open from the east coast of Texas (where Louisiana is) all the way up through the Midwest. Then I looked over toward New York and surrounding states and saw a great area of darkness. Everything there seemed as if there was no light and no communication. I looked over toward California and saw a large area of land fall into the ocean there between California and New Mexico. It was like a great landslide and a great wave took off toward the islands and Hawaii and they were covered with water and completely destroyed. The water was traveling in a direction that was totally against the usual current. Up around the areas of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming things were silent and still; it seemed to be a "safe" zone!

Then I looked back up the middle of the continent where that great split was in the earth. It had smoke and fire rising up out of it and it was as if an earthquake had torn the continent right up the middle. There were volcanoes erupting in the north and great clouds of suffocating smoke were covering everything in their path. America was devastated!

Then I saw a helicopter with the President on board and they were taking him to another "safe" area that had not been destroyed. This is where the President set up headquarters to run the country. Communications coming from Washington or the Pentagon were bleak and not working properly. Business was NOT as usual because of the darkness in that area.

The President set up meetings with Canada, Alaska and Mexico for immediate communication of what to do with the millions of people who had been affected by the earthquake, shaking-type catastrophe. The problem was that there were very few places found that could handle the influx of homeless and wounded. The destruction was too wide! People were helping their neighbors and trying to deal with what was happening as best as possible. I knew that this was the end! For a moment I thought, what am I still doing here?

I saw great tent cities being erected to house those who had been displaced. Curfews were set all across America. Families from city to city and state to state were unable to communicate with each other because there were no communication devices working. No one knew if their family members in other states were dead or alive. If people tried to go to downtown or to the next community they were sent back to their homes. Barriers were at all main intersections with checkpoints in place. Military and police were at the checkpoints and going through neighborhoods. There were complete restrictions on any travel to work, school or church.

Military were going from block to block and house to house to look for weapons, food and water. They were going to put it in one place and give it out as they saw fit! People were locking themselves in their homes and trying to hide from the military in fear of having everything that they had stored taken away. It did no good to try and keep anything from them. They would break the doors down on homes. And then they beat up the people for trying to hide. There were large trucks that were taking families and splitting them up and taking the people to the tent cities. People wanted to stay in their homes but the military would not let them. If you would not leave then they forced you to! There was no compassion!

The public began to rebel and then the local police were called to get involved with the military. They were still short of force. Then I witnessed as gang-type militia began to develop among groups of young people -- young men and women who were armed with guns; and I witnessed as these young people took control over areas and even shot and killed people who wouldn't do what they ordered. Many old people were simply shot. It was like watching exterminators kill roaches or rats. There was such a shortage of everything and such fear that these people were completely out of control. Everything was looted and people were hurting other people in ways that was indescribable.

There were Christians here! The rapture had NOT happened yet. I knew that this was during the tribulation. Perhaps the beginning.

I have always believed that the church would be taken out at the beginning of the seven-year tribulation period, but after that dream I was convinced that there was the possibility of a mid-tribulation rapture for the church. (Nope, post-trib only. See When Do We Go?)

I saw Christians sneaking over to houses and comforting old people and those who were in great fear and lacking understanding of what to do. They PRAYED with those people and many began to repent and turned their hearts to Jesus Christ. The only part that perplexed me was that I don't remember seeing any children! None, with the exception of one little girl who led me through the whole dream! She was at every position of the dream and watched everything with me. She never spoke. She was simply present and her face was covered with ash and she was in sackcloth. Her countenance was sorrowful.

I did see torture. The Christians were being mocked, as if it were God's fault that this had happened and the masses wanted them tortured and made a spectacle. I was dragged out of my house and stripped naked and marched down my street in front of all my neighbors while they shouted and spit on me and threw things at me. I was embarrassed, but only for a moment. I remembered that GOD was still on the throne and that this would soon be over. My children were not with me. I think the boys had been taken away! I was beaten and hit repeatedly and then I woke up.

So ... why am I sharing this now? Because I feel that we should take serious the pending possibility of a massive time of darkness here in America. I have not told people about this dream because maybe it was just for me. I don't know, but I do feel that it was a WARNING to me and whoever I tell. I AM NOT an ALARMIST! I have faith in GOD and still hold to the fact that I had always believed in the church being out of here BEFORE the Tribulation period. I "do" question this now.

I feel that we should prepare our homes for the possibility of needing water and non-perishable food and have some cash in small bills on hand. Plenty of flashlights and batteries and even a plan to decide where to meet your family members and gather together the moment the darkness strikes. If you have made plans to go to another place like Colorado or Utah, then you would have to go before the roads were closed. (Those who wait too late will be in captivity. Gulf States Going Into Captivity.)

I pray that this would NEVER happen. However, I also know that GOD will not do anything until He has revealed it to His prophets. I have never called myself a prophet, nor will I begin now. However, I can't tell you how many things I have dreamed about and have now seen them come to pass repeatedly. The track record on what He shows me has been on target so far.

I don't know if you will listen to what I have written here, but I believe that there will come a day if the Lord tarries and we are here at the beginning of the tribulation that many people will not be able to get to their Pastor or church family, and they will become fearful if they haven't at least prepared their hearts. Those who know the truth and know the "signs of the time" that we are in must reach those who are still unaware of how near we are to the end of this age.

I pray to always give you the TRUTH and to never hold back on the necessity of our knowing where we stand with Jesus! I also pray for GOD to protect all of you and to give you all the strength that you will need to stay diligent in His service.


Earthquake Divides U.S./Refuge
Rex Veron - 07/21/2008

I was studying this morning and reading Jeremiah 38 and 39. Meditating on the Word and praying in my spirit, I heard the following word flow out of me. I was not praying about UBM or Dave. I was praying in my spirit and knew not what I was praying for. I know as the Word began to flow I felt grief in my spirit and sadness, for what I heard troubled me greatly. The church is asleep and it has grieved Him so.

"Dave will move north after the month of Songs...(?) and he will camp and it will be a river and a refuge. For I will cause a divide running north and south and the east will part from the west and a great abyss will be open. From this abyss will escape many evils and hardships. It will be as a dark cloud upon the earth and pestilence shall engulf many; diseases that have no cure and hurtful will come forth. Yet this camp and many others shall be a place of refreshing, refuge and healing, and many will look and see the light of My presence and know that I am there. They will seek me early and I will allow them to find me. Now is the time to come forth from Egypt and think not of returning, for Egypt will be overrun and shall not stand".

David: Rex believes the division was at the New Madrid Fault but it could also involve the Tennessee Valley fault. We believe that the Lord has shown us that some from local UBM will "move north" to a refuge in Tennessee as a spiritual wilderness. Martial Law and captivity will ultimately take parts of the country due to this quake, hurricanes that ravage the Gulf Coast, and economic collapse. No one who is not called will want to go to this place, due to the apparent danger. We are called to minister to the cities in bondage.

Flee to Zion
Dayna - 05/23/2010

I received these words and the vision on Wednesday the 5th. They are for the body.

Word 1
Start seeking Me. Do not stall and do not think to do so later. My time is fast approaching and all must be ready and in place. Take care that you know My voice, for when I call My sheep, only a few will hear and come. Do not be deceived by the wolves that dress in wool. Know My Word, know My voice. Time is short.

Word 2
Look! Do you see the people? Look at them flee, while none give chase. They run to the hills. But you ... you must run to the mountain, for mighty is a mountain. Mount up on your wings and reach the peak. To Zion! To Zion! (Isaiah 2:2)

After these words came this vision: I saw the four horses tied to a hitching post. Their saddles are strapped on and all their "gear" is ready.

As I had this vision, I was reminded of the vision/dream given to Michael Boldea Jr.: Four Horsemen to Ride Soon. (10/31/07)

Then the Lord gave two single words: Urgency! Haste! Then: My horses are ready; they now await their riders!

Blessings and love to my brothers and sisters. May the Lord shine bright in you.

Also read UBM and the Wilderness Refuge.

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