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Migraines & Sunshine

Rebecca Vogel - 07/19/2007

Hi, all. I just needed to give glory to our Father for His faithfulness and patience. I have stepped out in faith before and yet doubt crept in; then, of course, I reached for medicine.

Yesterday, I awoke to an awful migraine and an overall sickly feeling. I thought of getting an aspirin, as I had a busy day with three kids to care for. I knew I could not keep doing this so I just prayed the prayer of faith. As the day went on the symptoms were there and every so often the thought would creep in again to just take an aspirin. This time I cast down the thought and remembered that the Word says He would never give us more than we are able to bear. Today I awoke to still feeling a bit ill with the headache lingering. I kept faith that I WAS healed and to stop focusing on symptoms and just go on. I did and as I write this I am so grateful to God as I am healed! This is the first time I have not reached for the usual aspirin at the first sign of a migraine as they can get pretty nasty if left untreated. I now know that the "treatment" is our Father and not the bottle in the cupboard.

Pray that the Lord continues His work in me as I so desire to please my Father and to trust only in Him.

Also, I need to share that when I took the girls swimming we prayed the Lord would give us a nice afternoon to swim as the clouds were looking gray. On the way it started to rain. The girls all said they wouldn't be able to swim now that it had started to rain. I reminded them that we walk by faith and not by sight. We arrived at the community pool 5 minutes later and of course the rain was gone, the clouds white and even sunshine peering through. It stayed like this for the almost 2 hours we were there. It started to rain again minutes after we arrived home. God is faithful and I am so grateful to Him for showing me this and for your ministry for letting me know the true meaning of salvation and how to rest in it.

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