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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Mom Saw Jesus and Asked a Favor

Amy Methvin - 09/05/2013

My mom went home to be with The Lord after a several monthlong battle with heart disease. She was 73 years old and was a faithful and devout Christian. I wept and cried daily for the final month, as the doctors sent her home from the hospital with Hospice. Aside from a miracle from God, Mom was going to die. Her denomination had her in that all-too-familiar place of one foot in the medical establishment and one foot on the cross. I knew that was not going to work. It was so painful to watch.

One afternoon, when we both knew she was soon going home to be with The Lord, I decided to ask her for a favor. I said, "Mom, when you get to Heaven, if you get to have a face-to-face meeting with Jesus, will you please ask Him to pay special attention to the situation with our oldest son? We really need His help". I said, "I know Jesus hears our prayers, but there is something about a face-to-face meeting. And the other thing would be, and I don't want anything that would be unbiblical, but could you ask Jesus to somehow let me know that you are okay?" Mom said that she would ask Jesus those two things for me, if she got the opportunity.

She and I never spoke of that again and I never told a soul of that conversation.

Mom died Friday, August 23. Even though I was relieved that her suffering was over, I was very grieved and could not sleep for two nights. On Sunday morning, I got up and drove home to prepare for the funeral, which was planned for Monday. On my way home, my oldest son, the one of whom I asked for Jesus to pay special attention, called me to tell me he had a very important dream that had seemed so real. He told me that in his dream his cell phone rang. He answered it, saying, "Hello". The person on the other end said, "Hello, grandson. This is Grammie". He said, "Grammie, where are you?" She said, "I am in Heaven and it is the MOST glorious place you can imagine! There are not words in our language that can describe to you how beautiful this place is or how happy I am! I can't talk long but I want you to know that I love you and tell everybody that I can't wait for you all to get here!" And she hung up. So I asked my son, "What did she sound like?" He said, "She sounded extremely joyous and very young. I have never heard anyone sound so happy. Just like she told me that there are not words to describe how wonderful Heaven is, so there are not words to describe how joyous she sounded".

I knew this dream was from The Lord! Not only did The Lord answer my two requests directly, the fruit of this dream has been supernatural joy for me! I have not shed one single tear since I was told this dream, not when I saw the casket at the funeral home, nor at the funeral where family members were crying, and not to this day! No, I want to shout out, "MY MOM HAS SEEN JESUS FACE-TO-FACE!" In fact, at the funeral I could hardly contain my joy. I have not felt joy like that, except on my wedding day! Praise The Lord!

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