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My Testimony to God & UBM

Pamela Orr - 02/25/2008

I've read several testimonies on our site (I'm claiming it as my site, too, because now I feel like I'm a part of Unleavened Bread Ministries). I'll try to keep this short.

I began to believe Jesus Christ for my Lord and Savior in my bedroom one night 18 years ago while reading His Word. At the time of my asking forgiveness and confessing Him, a presence came into the room (and it was winter) and for some time I felt like I was sunbathing, even though it was dark and winter.

The next morning I was in the Word for hours and stayed in the Word for a long time (months or years). I meant to go to one church but couldn't find my car keys in time, so I ended up at a closer one. The first miracle that God did for me was helping me to believe that I could be cured from wanting to smoke cigarettes. In the Sunday School class, when they asked if anyone wanted prayer, I said I did. The pastor's wife touched my shoulder and said a simple little prayer and I totally lost the desire to smoke-that day and forever on.

Shortly thereafter, my husband's job required that we move to another state. I began to have problems with churches. My big beef was that things just didn't seem to line up. This disconnect had actually bothered me for many years. I remember sitting in church as a teen and reading the Acts. I looked around and thought, "Boy, THIS sure doesn't look like what I'm reading!"

One time in the early '90s I was researching somewhere in the Bible for a story or something and I received a great shock. I found our country described in Rev 18. I didn't realize then that in addition to a Babylonish end-time civilization there is also a Babylonish end-time religious system. At the time, my light was something like, "Some churches preach the truth and others don't. I just have to find one that does".

During this time, I felt like the Spirit was calling the people of that area to worship God outside of denomination. So a group of us put together something called Jesus-Fest that drew hundreds of people to the outdoors worship. Lots of the pastors around didn't like this at all and I ended up getting called a witch. I also felt led to start a Christian newsletter for the Body of Christ. I was going to call it 'One' (like 'one' in Spirit), but God woke me up in the middle of the night and said, "That's not the name of My newsletter; I want you to call it 'Gloria'". I obeyed Him. One result of my obedience is that everyone and their brother thought that the newsletter name was my name! People even called me 'Gloria'. I would explain patiently, "No, my name is Pamela. God wanted me to call the newsletter 'Gloria' because it's Latin for 'glory' and that's what He's about in these days".

As I explained earlier, the church situation was not good at all. One church that I went to, I'd actually come home and want to beat up my husband (who doesn't believe yet, but I know he will someday soon)! This absolutely floored me at the time. It felt so wrong that I did quit that church. (But NOW I know what was happening there. They were following another Jesus and receiving another spirit!)

It got pretty depressing. One day, however, I was given a great deal of hope because I was in my kitchen and I had an open vision. I saw something like a restaurant coffee cup, turned over on its saucer and nestled there. (This is how the restaurants do it before it's going to be used by a customer.) Then a Hand reached out and picked up the cup and turned it upside down. Except, upside down was now right side up! Then, the cup was filled to the brim with good black coffee (which I like to drink). Then the Spirit impressed on my heart, "I'm going to turn your world upside down and then fill you up". It wasn't long before I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Soon thereafter, in 1999, my husband's job took us back to Indiana. I realized that I had entered a wilderness experience. I found myself in a sparsely populated part of Indiana. There were 5 people that lived on our mile in '99. Now there are 2 (not including my husband and me). The phone wouldn't work half the time; I was sharing a car with my son; I had no friends, etc. The church experiences went from bad to worse. Throughout this time, God graciously revealed many, many things in my life that weren't pleasing to Him. But, through it all, He was kind and caring. During these past 8 years, I might be convicted every week or month of some new thing, but I never felt condemned. So, I knew God had me on the right track and so I just kept going. Church-wise, I finally found a little fellowship where the pastor seemed pretty humble and there were a few people that seemed to genuinely want God in their lives.

So, this brings us to UBM. I can't remember how I arrived at the website. It may have been through the Duduman connection, but I couldn't say for sure. All I can say is that I'd always had A LOT of questions that seemed to have no answers. I would try to get in the Word myself, but the answers would still elude me. I just had a holy (I hope) dissatisfaction with the whole state of affairs. The more I read from UBM, the more light I got! It seemed to be almost miraculous in that every time I would sit down to read, I would encounter one of those verses that had always 'bugged me'; verses that I knew I hadn't grasped, and why not? So, I began to get understanding-which felt like a huge answer to my heart cries for years. Then God began to give me some dreams, etc. God even inspired me to make a 'calling card' that says:

"It's Titanic Time! We've hit the iceberg and we're sinking like a rock; but the band plays on...Need a lifeboat? Americaslastdays.com". Then underneath, it gives my personal contact information along with "Come out of her, my people"... on the bottom and "Fear God and give Him glory! His hour of judgment has come! Worship the Maker of Heaven and Earth" on the backside.

I made these cards for a week or two and gave out maybe 10 or 20 of them. One day last week I prayed, "Lord, this is Your time and money. If I'm confessing You like You say to do with these cards, then have someone call me or come to me to ask me something like they did Jesus". It happened. I had picked up a lady hitchhiker and gave her the card. She looked at the card and then asked me, "Are you a Christian?" I said, "Well, I'm a believer in Christ Jesus. But there are so many 'Christians' that have given Christ a bad name, I hesitate to call myself a Christian". She called me this week (eight days after our conversation) and asked me if I would "pray with her/for her because her sister from the Virgin Islands had put a voodoo curse on her and her legs would hardly work". I'm praying/witnessing to this little Hispanic lady come Monday and I know God will be mighty in her situation. But, her call to me was one confirmation that UBM is right and it's where I'm supposed to be. The one instruction I left with her was that she was supposed to seek God as best she could. So, when we met with her we asked her how the seeking was going. She reported that this morning while she was thinking on God and Jesus that 'a little people came out my ear' and then 'my neck straight now'. She was eager and ready to accept Christ Jesus as Lord and Saviour!

The biggest thing that got me 'over the hump' was a dream that I had (below) that I've dubbed "The Sea of Mud". Anyway, since the "Sea of Mud" dream, I began to have the strong desire to conclusively leave the religious system forever.

So, the last hurdle was my husband. He's not a believer yet, but I know he's going to be saved. The last time I mentioned leaving the local fellowship with which I'd been involved, he wasn't in favor of it. But, since encountering the teachings on UBM, I felt like I was to approach him anew. When I explained to him, like I did to the lady hitchhiker, that 'going to church' doesn't even mean anything anymore, and that I thought that God was calling His people out of that system, it was as if my husband understood! So, that was a kind of miracle, too. He even cracked a joke about the fact that I could worship him on Sunday morning, instead! And I replied that the old-fashioned wedding vows did say, "with my body I thee worship"...

This morning, Sunday, I woke up feeling as free as a bird! I've taken the morning to read more UBM material (The Real Good News series of Bible studies transcripts). God has been talking to me about the number 18. I've believed Jesus Christ for my Lord for 18 years. By power of the Holy Spirit, the soul salvation has been coming these last 8 years. But, for 18 years, I haven't been totally free. The Spirit led me to research 18 and use the law of first mention. "So the children of Israel served Eglon the King of Moab 18 years". (Eglon means 'circle'.) This was a time of oppressive taxation for God's children. The Lord has shown me that He allowed me to be oppressively taxed for 18 years, but now I've come 'full circle'. The rest of my life here on earth and for eternity I am set free to serve only Him! God's Word says in John 8:36, "If the Son therefore shall make you free, you shall be free indeed". This is the verse He just now put on my heart. But, look at the context-The context of this 'freedom' verse is that Jesus was telling the Pharisees this truth, and they thought they WERE free. This is an absolutely appropriate verse in my case, too! Praise God! He is SO wonderful! I do thank Him, also, for the UBM website, David Eells, Bill Rowe, Rory Moore and Kaile Hamilton and everyone who makes possible the worldwide distribution of UBM.

The Sea of Mud
Pamela Orr - 02/25/2008
(David's note in red)

I had a new dream on 2/15/08. God uses 'wordplay' with me a lot since He knows I like words. Well, it's 'Mexico' again, which represents 'mixture' and, unfortunately, where so much of the church world is.

At some distance, I saw Mexico and Latin America. Costa Rica ('Rich Coast') separated and there was a new split, too. Then, I was closer in and I could see the landscape. It was a sea of mud: boulders, uprooted trees and people who were struggling to get free. (Mud is a mixture of water, which represents the Word, and dirt, which comes from the earth. This represents the teaching of religion, which ends in death.)

Then I 'zoomed in on' two men in particular. One of them noticed a long line of what seemed to be wounded people connected together with ropes, supposedly being helped out of the morass. {2 Pet.2:18} For, uttering great swelling [words] of vanity, they entice in the lusts of the flesh, by lasciviousness, those who are just escaping from them that live in error; {19} promising them liberty, while they themselves are bondservants of corruption; for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he also brought into bondage.

The man on the left (my left as I was looking at them) joined the line, but the other man (one on the right side) noticed something the first one didn't see. Something in or under the mud was killing the wounded people! (I couldn't see under the mud, but somehow I knew that they were being eviscerated or disemboweled.) "Don't get in that line", shouted the man to the other one. But, it was too late. He saw the other guy, now hooked up in the line, react violently and pitch forward and there was a death grimace on his face. He was dead in the line, like all the other ones, but there were now already two or three behind him that joined the line. The other man, who didn't get hooked into the line, turned away and tried to run in the other direction. But, the last thing I saw as the dream faded was that you couldn't run very fast or far in a sea of mud.

When I woke up, The Lord reminded me of the verse: "There is a way that seems right to a man but the end thereof are the ways of death".

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