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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

New Age Generic God Sweeps World

Garrett Crawford - 04/07/2009

The dream I had was very profound, but I was very cautious to say it was "prophetic". I just put it away, until a got a confirmation from the Lord it was from Him. (This was something that had happened later in the dream that is personal to me that confirmed this was of a prophetic gifting.) So now I am telling you.

In this dream I was driving down a highway in the right lane. I looked over to the shoulder of the road and I saw a young man walking in the opposite direction. I stopped to pick him up. I secretly wanted to share the good news with him. After I drove him up the road we both got out and went under a shelter. I began to share with him the good news and the truth that is Christ Jesus. He, although being very solemn and polite, did not receive anything I had said. He was quite dismissive of everything I had to say and began to explain to me that he in fact was awake to the 'real' truth, and it had nothing to do with Jesus Christ. He would have me to believe he had been "enlightened" by this revelation that sounded very much new age and Buddhist-like in nature, where we are all one with the universe and there is really no specific God but just a spiritual force at work with which we can all be one.

As I was listening to him I went into a trance and it almost felt like I could peer into his mind. I saw a wild array of cosmic manifestations. I saw what was almost like a Buddha-like character in the heavens with floating ribbon-like trains encircling him. He was in control of the things around him; many objects were levitating and circling around him like in a orchestrated ballet. After glimpsing into his mind, I came out of the trance. I was back in front of this man and he was still explaining that Christianity was merely a relic and now the truth has been revealed to all. I was very much confounded by this man and in this new age type of belief. I knew in my heart that he was totally convinced, and there was no sign I could give him to sway him to my position. So I did the first thing that came to me, and that was look him in the face and speak in tongues to him in a bold manner. Then I got in my car and left. As I was driving off I realized that this was not an isolated incident, or just one man's understanding. I understood this belief was sweeping the world, and even though he was the first encounter I had with a person who held fast to this new belief, there were many more out in the world like him and the numbers were growing every day.

I am not saying this man was a Buddhist or that the religion he was speaking of was Buddhism, but it did have the new age stench to it. The things this man was saying were new to me; it was nothing I have heard before. It was like a super new age religion, a new age religion on steroids. I wish I could remember all the things he said about it but I forgot. The thing that sticks out the most is that he was so convinced, and not convinced like the way a person is convinced by faith; rather, he was convinced like the way you look at the sky and know that it is blue. I don't know what led him to believe this, but I feel that there was some kind of 'awakening' of great 'enlightenment' that affected multitudes. I feel that something will happen to many that will completely turn them over to these new age spirits, a sign or some kind of event. Who knows...

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