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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

New Leadership to Raise Up Saints

Franklin Walden, Sr.

"For the Lord would say unto His children ... Know now that which lies ahead. As I send My judgment upon the earth and into all the world, all they who seek My face and seek after My righteousness and seek to do My will and to be led by My Spirit shall not be overtaken. But they shall rise above and thou shalt be upon thee.

"When the storms, the earthquakes, the pestilence, the diseases; when all these things come in the beginning of the days of sorrow; none shall come to thy house.

I will preserve My children and My Spirit shall rest upon them. But they must seek My face. They must not be entertained by anything of this world nor give themselves to that which is unholy for I am the Lord their God. Thou canst watch and thou shalt see. When thou seest this come to pass, thou shalt understand that what I have said in the Spirit bears out in the natural. For soon there shall come a shaking in all the kingdoms of the earth; for they are not of Me. Just before I am to set up My kingdom, there shall be a shaking of all the earthly kingdoms.

Another great leader, as mankind looks at the greatness of man, shall be assassinated. Thou shalt know that thou hast heard and it has not been spoken by man, but God has spoken through man and thou have no fear, for your trust is placed in Me. Thou must not be fretful, but thou must be content and at rest, for I am your rest.

Other things shall happen in these last days, volcanoes shall continue to erupt. Earthquakes shall continue to come. Diseases that have not been known to man shall break out and many shall break out and many shall be afflicted. For the plague of death is in the world today because My people have turned to follow the ways of man and not My ways.

I would say to thee that thou must become sensitive to My Spirit. My angels that are encamped around about thee will guard over thee. They shall protect thee and thou will have no fear for thou knowest My voice.

The plague that shall come, medical science will not have an answer for many shall die but unto you who are under My umbrella; it shall not come nigh thy door. Be not afraid but trust in Me, saith the Lord.

I am going to place a heavy anointing upon all of My servants. This anointing that comes upon My servants shall flow to those sheep that I have set them over. They shall know that it is a work that I am doing. The gifts shall be manifested in the lives of the believers. No longer shall thou be as thou was for that which was inside thee that thou longed to have an outlet for I am going to open up the doors. Thou art going to be filled with My joy. My joy is going to give thee strength in every battle that thou fightest in.

Prepare thyself to read My Word. Study it. Meditate on it. Hide it in thine heart. Pray and seek My face. Seek after My righteousness for I am going to fill all My servants, that I have set over My flock, with My wisdom and My knowledge and they will not walk in darkness but will understand every mover of Satan.

I will reveal all the strategies of Satan and give them the strategy of God so My people can pull down the strongholds and cause the kingdom of Satan to crumble. Behold! I am coming soon, saith the Lord.

There is a spirit of error in the land today that is saying 'Go there in the desert and you will find Jesus', or "Go there to the mountains for that is where He is. Do not be misled.

This same spirit of error is saying that Jesus does not exist today and that there is no second coming. it is even trying to convince my people that I do not exist. The spirit of error is pulling and teaching to go back under the law and denying the grace of God. Beware of the spirit of error because it is a great spirit of deception. Do not let this spirit of deception cause you to turn from My ways. For if thou turn away from that which I have given thee, thou shalt surely stand before me in want and when thou art weighted in the balances thou wilt come up wanting.

There is a spirit of error in the land that comes in My name, saith the Lord, that causes you to have respect of person. It causes you not to love all of My creation. This spirit will bring a barrier between the races. Know that this spirit is not of I, saith the Lord. It is a wrong spirit for I am the Creator of all things and all things that I have created, I have loved.

Any spirit that comes into thy midst and causes you to hate any of My creation is not of Me. Any spirit that causes you not to be able to fellowship with all My people; that spirit is not of Me. For there are many spirits in the land today but there is only one true Spirit - the Spirit of the Holy Ghost. Your eyes shall be opened to understanding and not be blinded in error when thou totally trust in Me, thus saith the Lord.

I would speak and say now... though the spirit is a religious spirit, it does not testify of Me. It exalts the flesh and the man and not Me. It draws attention to those who have made themselves apostles who are not apostles, those who have made themselves prophets who are not prophets, who have gone and said I sent them when I did not. But I have not sent them to cause My people to be in confusion. Confusion is Not of me but is from Satan.

Know that even this year thou shalt see great changes. One change shall be in My people who have cause to humble themselves and seek My face. I am the Lord thy God.

My eyes are upon the righteous but the wicked shall come to a bitter end. All the false prophets and those who have denied My name shall perish. A spirit of confusion shall come upon them and they shall go from one error to another until they will be destroyed through their own ungodly ways.

Now, My children, let he that hath an ear to hear, let him hear what the Spirit saith. For what the Spirit saith. For what lies ahead of us is victory. It is not a time to draw back but it is a time to press forward. It is not a time so say 'What's the use?' but it is a time to say 'We must do it'. It is a time we must put our minds together, all having the mind of Christ, that we might make up the hedge and stand in the gap in this evil generation.

Soon thou shalt see a manifestation of My Spirit such as thou hast not seen in this generation. It shall be a full impact of My power and everything that can be shaken, will be shaken. But My children shall stand sure on that Rock and the revelation which I have given them. They shall not be shaken.

Know that i am in the midst of thee - and all that happened... has been of Me, saith the Lord. Thou shalt see greater things in the Body of Christ. Walls shall crumble, differences shall be dissolved, peace shall reign from the bosom of my children. My love shall flow among them and they shall have compassion for one another. They shall stand together and never be defeated because their faith standeth not in man but in Me saith the Word of the Lord".

(At this point, the Lord showed me the following vision which I feel compelled to share.)

In the Spirit the Lord showed me a great crack coming into the earth. It opened up and many people were destroyed through this tragedy. The crack was so big that automobiles were sinking into the earth.

The voice of the Lord said, "Know that when thou hearest about this that it will bring your mind back to what I have said. But fear not, My children, for I am with you always".

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