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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

New Madrid and Financial Quakes
Eve Brast - 10/23/2012
[ (David's notes in red) | (Deb Horton's notes in green) ]

I had a dream that I was standing in the middle of an intersection (an intersection is a crossroads, which is a place you need to make a decision) with only a single red flashing light (Danger!) hanging from wires connected to telephone poles. I was facing east (toward the coming of the Lord but was looking northeastward toward my left. (The direction of the Beast who is on the left, as goats.)

There was a wide river (The Mississippi) that flowed in the north/south direction with houses that lined the banks on both the east and west sides. The houses on the east bank had their back yards backing right up to the river. (So those on the right were facing east like the Bride; toward the coming of the Son and away from the muddy water of men's doctrines and nature.) The houses on the west bank had their front yards going right up to the river. (So the goats on the left faced and were close to the dirty water.) The last house on the east bank, that my attention was mainly focused on, had maroon-colored siding with white painted trim around the windows and a garage built on the side which was made of white siding. (I believe this could be the UBM house in TN that is covered with the blood of Christ and dwells in the cleft of the rock. [On the right or east of the Mississippi.]) The last house on the west bank (on the Left) was made of brown brick (from hardened earthtly dirt). There were several black people standing off to my left. (Those walking in darkness and in bondage to darkness as goats.) They were in the grass (living in the flesh) on the west bank (farthest from the Sun), milling around in-between the intersection and the house made of brown brick (indecision/undecided/lukewarm).

Suddenly, everything began to shake violently. I couldn't feel the shaking myself. I only saw it happening, but the other people to my left all crouched down with their hands up over their heads. (It was like the intersection [an intersection is a cross] was a spiritual thing superimposed over the west bank and the river itself.)

As the shaking was happening, I saw the ground on both sides of the banks crumble and slide down into the water of the river all the way up to the foundations of the houses on both sides. But at the maroon house the cement foundation was a foot high (12 inches) so the water could not go past it. Then, one of the black women saw her white car, that was an '80s model, start rolling toward the river and she went up behind it and pushed it into the river (completely drowned in apostasy) and turned around as I watched it sink to the bottom.

After this, I could hear the radio reports coming into my right ear. The disc jockey was telling his female co-host, "Wow! That was a huge earthquake! It must have been a 7.6 to an 8.0 over there around St. Louis, Missouri!" And the female co-host was agreeing with him. (I believe this is the New Madrid earthquake that is coming.) (This is certainly where the New Madrid Fault Zone is.)

I said to myself, "Man! I have to see that again! It all happened too fast!" And as soon as I said that, the entire scenario replayed itself all over again. (As Joseph said, when the dream is doubled, it will shortly come to pass. Here is the text and amazingly the context shows the beginning of the tribulation and Man-child ministry. {Gen.41:31} and the plenty shall not be known in the land by reason of that famine which followeth; for it shall be very grievous. {32} And for that the dream was doubled unto Pharaoh, it is because the thing is established by God, and God will shortly bring it to pass. {33} Now therefore let Pharaoh look out a man discreet and wise, and set him over the land of Egypt (who was Joseph the Man-child).

After this, I turned around and went inside a large warehouse behind me to the south that was white on the outside. (A place for storing up treasures on Earth, contrary to Jesus' commands.) (Luk.12:15) And he said unto them, Take heed, and keep yourselves from all covetousness: for a man's life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth. (16) And he spake a parable unto them, saying, The ground of a certain rich man brought forth plentifully: (17) and he reasoned within himself, saying, What shall I do, because I have not where to bestow my fruits? (18) And he said, This will I do: I will pull down my barns, and build greater; and there will I bestow all my grain and my goods. (19) And I will say to my soul, Soul, thou hast much goods laid up for many years; take thine ease, eat, drink, be merry. (20) But God said unto him, Thou foolish one, this night is thy soul rquired of thee; and the things which thou hast prepared, whose shall they be? (21) So is he that layeth up treasure for himself, and is not rich toward God.

There was a black woman who was a bank president who seemed to be taking charge of everything and everyone inside this warehouse. (After the quakes, the economy will collapse and the banksters will take charge of other people's money.) She was going around introducing herself as Phyllis Diller. (The banksters are a joke and their true machinations are hidden in darkness.) She was telling everyone what they could and couldn't do, like she was the boss of everyone (and their money). Phyllis Diller (July 17, 1917 - August 20, 2012. She created a stage persona of a wild-haired and eccentrically-dressed housewife who made self-deprecating jokes about her age and appearance, her terrible cooking and a husband named "Fang", while pretending to smoke from a long cigarette holder. (Her stage persona was the epitome of love of the world and its curse brought on because of this.)

I was in charge of or responsible for a 10-year-old girl. (Who in real life is a neighbor of ours, named Marison. She is a "fair weather" friend of my son, Elijah, and many times they have a falling out over childish disputes.) She was wearing a rainbow-colored tie-dye t-shirt (hippie clothing that indicates rebellion, just like in the '60s) and white shorts (not enough righteousness to cover her; her walk was exposed). (I had another dream once where I saw Ephraim, the younger son of Joseph [representing the secondborn church], with this same tie-dye shirt on.) I had a hard time keeping up with her because she was so busy chasing after her girlfriends. (The immature women who represent the queens, concubines and virgins who were not a part of the Shulammite Bride [Hebrew: "perfect, complete one"] - Song of Solomon 6:7-13.) I was looking around for her in closets and I finally found her under a king-size bed that had an egg crate foam pad on it with a white sheet over it. She was looking for something underneath it (not IN the rest) and I only saw her lower legs (exposure to the world, to the financial collapse) sticking out from under the bed. I told her, "You better get out from under that bed before you get hurt!" (Marison may represent the Shulammite's "little sister".) (SoS.8:8) We have a young sister and her breasts are not yet grown. What shall we do for our sister for the day she is spoken for?

Once she got out, I noticed a clock on the wall but it had no numbers on the face, only a rainbow metallic anarchy/peace symbol on it. (The "peace" symbol of the hippie movement is in reality a broken, inverted cross meant to be an insult.) It also had a digital seismograph reader in the center where the hands normally would pivot. (The earthquake of the financial collapse is going to be physically felt.) As I was looking at this clock, little red squares started popping up all over the pivot point in the center (God has been giving warning after warning) and then a big blue one went off. (Since blue is the color of grace, this may represent God specifically giving one final warning to His people OR, as in The Bride's Sandal dream, it could represent the "blue blood, royal" elite grabbing what they can and getting out of the system, while letting everyone else take the loss.) Then, a huge one that took up 3/4 of the face of the clock went off. (A seismograph reading a huge quake.) (This reminded me of a dream I recently had sent to David of a clock drawn on top of Mt. Zion that had the plumbline descending down from Heaven that pointed directly at the center pivot point where the hands should have been. But there are no more hands because time has run out and judgment is on the way.) As this was happening, I again saw all the shaking inside this warehouse but did not feel it. I looked back over at the king-size bed and it was broken, split right down the middle, even the egg crate was torn all the way down the middle. I went over and touched where the egg crate had been torn, amazed that an earthquake could even tear the foam of the egg crate. (The carnal people of God will lose the rest they should have had.) (This king-size bed represents the kingdom of Babylon. It will be rent in two, not only by the New Madrid quake but also by a financial collapse. Everyone's "nest eggs" will be wiped out. Everyone who does not get out from under it will be destroyed one way or another.) (A New Madrid quake would certainly precipitate a financial collapse and be a wonderful excuse for martial law.)

I told Marison, "We have to get outside. They are ordering us to evacuate the building". (In other words, leave your money with them and their bank holiday and don't bother them.) When we went outside, I couldn't see any physical damage in the surrounding area. (The banks are still there but the people have no access to their money.) And, again, people were milling around as if they had nothing to do. (Great unemployment [because of loss of operating capitol].)

Then I heard another radio news report in my right ear from the same disc jockey. He was reporting about the bank president who was going back inside the warehouse after the damage inside the building had been assessed and the "all clear" had been given. (Yep, they are indeed going to try and raise the dead banking system; all they know is how to steal.) He was saying, "Well, she's going back to work now, if she still has a job to return to!" He sounded happy or amused about it. (Many in the banking system will lose their jobs.) (This quake, I believe, is a massive [quake, followed by a] financial quake that will start with many smaller ones and build into a global collapse.)

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