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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Not My Father's House
Care Sebourn - 06/27/2008
(David's notes in red)

The dream starts with Mick and I going through a door of a rental house. (The house that is merchandised, Babylonish religion.) I am carrying a baby boy, he is bald and has huge blue eyes. (The fruit of Christ with heavenly insight and no submission to Babylon.) As we enter I stop in the first room and look around. I notice the place is filthy and torn up. (The apostate house of God's people has been trashed.) I can see the kitchen from the room we are standing in and there are stacks and stacks of dirty, gross dishes with food stuck on them. (Their table is unclean.) Mick and I are disgusted and wonder why we would rent such a place. I notice my three children (the ones that still live at home) working like dogs, trying to clean the place up. I tell them to stop and that it is useless to try because it will never clean up. My kids are relieved and almost grateful that I saw it was useless. (It is time to give up trying to clean up Babylon and call the people out. (Jer.51:9) We would have healed Babylon, but she is not healed: forsake her, and let us go every one into his own country.) Then they drag out a huge box that is covered in dirt. They want Mick and I to see what is in it so they open it for us. Inside is a guitar covered in dirt, rocks, etc. (Unveiling the hidden corruption in their music and word.)

In an instant the room becomes bigger and is filled with furniture and people.Across the room Mick and I spot this man that is sitting at a dining room table. Right away I realize that he is the owner of the house. Mick takes the baby from me and we make our way towards him. As I am walking toward him I run into a thrashed overstuffed chair and couch.

I look down and notice the terrible condition of the carpet. Then I move the chair and notice huge rips and tears in the carpet. I then comment to Mick that they tried to cover the holes with furniture. ("There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed".) How deceiving. Mick agreed with me. He is still holding the baby. I look up and notice the owner is still seated across the room. As we resume our journey towards him I realize that he and many of his "friends" are having a Christmas party. (Babylon's roots from Babel of the false Jesus and Mary.)

We hear someone call the owner "Sal". (Short for Salvatore, meaning Savior; teachers of false salvation.) These friends of his are smoking (partaking of unclean breath or spirits), drinking (out of touch with reality) and partying it up (overindulging in the world). They are eating from huge tables of elegant and rich food as they laugh and socialize. As we continue our way to "Sal", many of these people stop us and try to engage us in conversation. They offer us food and we turn it down. (Refusing Babylon's spiritual food as the three Hebrews.) I feel as though they are trying to stop us from getting to Sal. Mick and I join hands (we still have the baby) and we begin to try and maneuver around the people. One by one some of them step in front of us and begin talking to us. All of them are so sweet and friendly. One woman was right in our face smoking a cigarette; she was terribly overly made-up with hideous make-up. (The harlot hinders "the way" of the righteous and protects their leadership.) The room was crowded and smelled nasty. The strange thing was that none of these people noticed the filth or the smell. (They are spiritually assimilated into the harlot and do not recognize holiness.)

As we reached the other side of the room, Sal was in the corner. He looked up and saw us walking toward him and got really nervous. (These sons of perdition feel cornered and threatened by the righteous.) He gave us a fake smile and said, "Hello". I noticed he had a New York (Little Babylon) accent and had the characteristics of a used car salesman. (They are slick con men.) I looked him straight in the eye and told him that he lied to us; this house was torn-up and filthy and I wanted all of my money back. (Stop pouring God's money down a rat hole, Church!)

Sal dropped his eyes to the ground and ignored me. I repeated my request for the money back. He continued to ignore me. I was aware that people were still partying and going about their business and I could still hear Christmas music (Babylon's false Jesus worship). I stepped away and took the baby out of Mickey's arms and stepped into the other corner where I felt he would be safe. I observed Mick and Sal in an intense discussion and after a long period of time, Sal took out his checkbook and wrote a check and handed it to Mick. Then Mick made his way back to me in the corner, still having to dodge Sal's friends.

When he reached the baby and me, I noticed he was disappointed. The check was for $78 and I became angry because I knew that I had given Sal over $2000. (The apostates have stolen 2000 years from the Church and all they want to offer is 78, which means ignorance and idolatry.) I handed the baby back to Mick and took the check from his hand. I marched across the room towards Sal, and this time his friends didn't try to detour me or block my way. As I walked, they created a path for me to get to Sal and there was fear in their eyes. When I reached him, I could tell that Sal was not happy that I was back and he began to slowly retreat into the corner as I yelled at him, "This is unacceptable and I will not accept this $78. (Don't accept 78.) I gave you over $2000 and all I got was this filthy house. (The Church has nothing to show for 2000 years of self effort.) Take back your house and give me back my money". Sal retreated further back into the corner and the room became dead quiet. Again I repeated my request and told him I did not want the house; I want him to refund the money.

He ignored me and so I repeated it again. He dropped his eyes to the ground and became despondent, as though he were wishing me away, but I persisted, and again I demanded that he return my money as I held my hand out in front of his face. Reluctantly, he again pulled out the same checkbook and looked at me dead in the eyes and said nothing. I then noticed that Mick and the baby were standing directly behind me. Then I repeated to Sal that I wanted all of my money back. He slithered down into a chair and began to write a check. As he was writing the check, I noticed that he became angrier and angrier. He violently removed the check from the checkbook and slapped it into my hand. When he put it in my hand, I looked down at the check and noticed it was for over $2000. (God is going to restore through the latter rain all that the thieves have taken from His people for the last 2000 years as in Joel 2:25.)

I snatched up the check and Mick and I began to exit the house hand in hand. Once we were outside, I noticed it was night time. I gave Mick the check and I told him that Sal could not be trusted; we must go now and immediately deposit the check. Then I woke up.

This dream represents the ministry of bringing the fruit of Christ to the apostate church in correction. It is full of sin and worldliness. This church is likened unto a rental house because it is merchandised. Jesus told the Pharisees, "Make not my Father's house a house of merchandise". Their table (food) is unclean. Their leader and owner is Sal, which is short for Salvatore, meaning Savior. Many have trusted in these Pharisees and their word instead of the real Savior and His Word. Sal's friends are a hindrance in the way of the real Church. They have destroyed and corrupted (trashed) the Father's house. As Jesus said, their house is being left unto them desolate. All attempts to revive the system are over and the real Church is moving on. Everything their leaders have stolen for ($)2000 years will be demanded of them. As in Lk.16, they will have to give account of their stewardship before they are thrown out of office. All they offer the Church in return is ($)78. I asked the Lord what the 78 that the false leaders were offering represented. He gave me the 7th book and 8th chapter of the New Testament, 1 Corinthians 8, which speaks of false knowledge, sacrificing to idols (demons [10:20], preachers and religious systems) defiling the conscience, leading God's people astray, etc. This is what the apostate leaders offer in exchange for their leadership for the last 2000 years. But a great revival and restoration of all things is coming now. PTL!

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