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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

We Aren't the Only Ones

Dan Meoak

There is actually more than just my family who sees the things we see and understands the things we understand!

A number of years ago, my wife, Dee, was, and still is, suffering from a severe back injury. She was laying on the floor of the house we were staying at, and she was alone.

A voice spoke out of nowhere saying loudly, "Train". She was startled and managed to hobble up and look around the house, even glancing outside the windows to see of anyone was there. No one was. She laid back down again, and a few minutes later the voice repeated its message. "Train". Again she looked and no one was there. A third time this happened. This is appropriate, as it has been our experience that God tells and confirms in multiples of three.

When I arrived, Dee told me about her experience and it seemed apparent to both of us that God had dispatched a messenger to us to tell us to 'Train'. We were not really following God at the time, however, both of us had deep respect for Him, His Son and His Spirit. The main reason we were not following God wasn't because we hadn't heard His Calling, it was because we had no idea how to make Christianity work. It gets depressing to step into a Calling that is very *real*, and end up in a spiritual life that is very *dead*. You want to answer the Call, but everything you've been taught in the Church about Christian Life is filled with error. There's little substance there.

Dee and I thought about how we were supposed follow the order to 'Train'. The thought of going to Church felt like Death. The thought of going to some sort of Bible college felt like Death. Listening to TV-Evangelists was an exercise in not getting disgusted and throwing something at the TV (which is to say they promise amazing things, but give almost nothing real and lasting; plus, the public conduct of many is terrible to see).

So we discussed how to find out about God's Ways, and his Teachings. We decided to skip all the middle-men, and go to the source, the Bible. The Bible was supposed to be God's direct communication with people, so we figured if anything had His Truths in it, it would be God's Word.

We started (Dee first, then later myself) to read the Word, but saw little but superficial stories to begin with. Then our Lord reached down and gave us an amazing insight. He imprinted onto our hearts a key to understanding His Word: "In order to gain anything from the Bible, first: a person must put aside all he has been taught by the human church, and ask God to show him what there really is to see in the Bible, instead of what we've been taught there is to see by the churches". If you have been taught a certain thing is true, don't accept it as truth, but let the Word prove or disprove it. The Word, after all, is the framework on which all Truth exists. And second: Jesus taught in parables, and seeing as how the whole Bible came through Jesus, we discovered the whole thing is set in parables. So we doubted everything we had been taught, except things we already knew were in the Bible, like Jesus being the Son of God, and He being the only way to be saved. And took nothing at its superficial appearance.

God began to open our eyes, but only a little bit at a time, so we wouldn't be overwhelmed. He began to build His truths in our minds and hearts like a master-builder building a very solid and strong house, one timber and brick at a time.

A funny thing happened. We learned all sorts of things and got VERY excited! We wanted to share with everyone all the new Truths God was showing us, and we also read Paul's exhortation to gather together with the Believers, so we headed to Church! Our new Truths were mostly rejected by everyone, especially the Pastor who treated us as zealous but misguided babes. We went there for about a year and had various problems. People could see a light in us and were both attracted and repulsed by that light. They were attracted because the light was God and was beautiful by its very nature, but were repulsed because the light makes all hidden things seen and exposes them for what they are.

Finally we left and started a circuit of all manner of Churches in the area. Everybody wanted us until they found out what we had come to believe. Then NOBODY wanted us. They told us we were dead wrong about our newly discovered Truths, even though by that time we had read the Bible straight through multiple times and could validate our Truths with Solid Scripture references, as well as cross-reference various precedence from throughout the Bible. They didn't care about hearing the Truth. They wanted their fantasies and traditions, and we were a threat to that.

We attempted to tell every self-professing Christian we got to know, trying to share the understandings we had been given. We met no one like-minded. Not even one single person!

Then, yesterday, after years of becoming increasingly worried, meaning scared to death!, about the future of Christ's People...and because Christ's People are the light of the world, we worried deeply for all the world, because it had almost no light left anymore. I happened to stumble onto this (David Eells') web-site. I began to look around and found...Truths! Real honest-to-goodness TRUTHS! The same Truths God had been showing Dee and I for years! I clicked on 'Hidden Manna' and began to read...Even the *wording* is the same as that which my wife and I have been using for YEARS! I never knew anyone still existed who believed as we had come to. We thought seekers had faded into extinction at some point in history and we were simply a lingering remnant of that time. We hadn't met even one person who would accept most of what we knew to be Truth!

I Praise God and His Son, and His Spirit, for showing us that there is more than just us. What a lonely existence it has been in thinking we were all there was that was left, who had been shown the Truth.

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