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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Nuke Attack and Revival

David Eells

Dear Friends,

Many are receiving warnings of a nuclear attacks on major cities. I have felt that revival was coming soon and that it would come after another attack worse than 9/11. I also clearly received Jer.18:7,8 today. "At what instant I shall speak concerning a nation, and concerning a kingdom, to pluck up and to break down and to destroy it; if that nation, concerning which I have spoken, turn from their evil, I will repent of the evil that I thought to do unto them". I do not believe that this nation will repent this week. I don't believe that God gave this to me as an excuse for why something may not happen but rather to let us know that when it does it is not His fault.

God is merciful but He knows the nature of man must be chastened to repent. Sooner or later it is not to anyone's advantage to delay judgment.

{Ecc.8:11} Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.

{Isa.26:5} For he hath brought down them that dwell on high, the lofty city: he layeth it low, he layeth it low even to the ground; he bringeth it even to the dust. {26:6} The foot shall tread it down; even the feet of the poor, and the steps of the needy. {26:7} The way of the just is uprightness: thou that art upright dost direct the path of the just. {26:8} Yea, in the way of thy judgments, O Jehovah, have we waited for thee; to thy name, even to thy memorial [name], is the desire of our soul. {26:9} With my soul have I desired thee in the night; yea, with my spirit within me will I seek thee earnestly: for when thy judgments are in the earth, the inhabitants of the world learn righteousness. {26:10} Let favor be showed to the wicked, yet will he not learn righteousness; in the land of uprightness will he deal wrongfully, and will not behold the majesty of Jehovah. {26:11} Jehovah, thy hand is lifted up, yet they see not: but they shall see [thy] zeal for the people, and be put to shame; yea, fire shall devour thine adversaries.

When the people continue to turn the Grace of God into a license to go their own way (Jude 4), even if Noah, Daniel and Job were there interceding, they would deliver only their own souls by their righteousness (Eze.14:12-20). Eventually when men refuse to repent God says don't pray for them any more (Jer.14:10-12, 7:16, Lk.13:24), in other words stop asking me to delay or have mercy. I hope we haven't reached that point for these cities yet.

Please follow the email exchanges below and pray for wisdom.


I woke up this morning (12-07-03) half awake half asleep. I heard a voice say four cities have been bombed with nuclear weapons. Then I heard these were dirty bombs. Lam:3, Lev:3, Gen:3, Ex:3, Eph:3, came out of the Word after this.

I asked God for a dream ... I remembered nothing when I awoke it was not until the afternoon that it hit me. When I was asleep I heard a confirming word I had no visuals. The Lord said plainly "Joel" then again "Joel". I read the 3 chapters and see it coming through the Word. Joel 2:2,10, 30-31; 3:15 all speak of thick smoke and not being able to see the sun, moon or stars. The number of these accounts in Joel are four.

Your Brother, Philip

Warning dream from Chris Radic Feb.14, 04

This dream was about 2 weeks ago . I was standing in a big city. In the middle of the street, I could see evangelists on the corners trying to give warnings, but the people did not listen, they only laughed at them. Some were being taken off the streets by force .. Afar off, I could see the Pacific Ocean. I could almost say for sure it was San Francisco, California. The Lord showed me that the evangelists knew what was coming, but they stayed at their post... All of the sudden, I heard an explosion, and saw a huge fire ball... As it was traveling closer to me, it was consuming everything in it path. As it got closer, I heard a sound that I have never heard in my life. It was a precursor. This explosion was so powerful, that it was like a nuclear release... and maybe it was... precursors usually happen this way... When the fire ball got to me, I was totally atomized. The only thing I could see in the street was a shadow of where I once was standing... I was then being brought up. I was about 10,000 feet up over the city. I was crying, because I thought I did something wrong... The evangelists were going up to the heavens... At that same time, the Lord told me, "No son, you haven't done anything wrong... Come here, says the Lord, let me show you the moral decline of this nation!" I started seeing like a movie of our country from 1776- 1920- 1940- 1950-1960..... very bad all the way.... In all this, there were Gods chosen giving warning...but only a few listened . The nation itself, never came to full repentance... Then the lord told me, "Chris my righteous judgment is now on the nation and other nations along with her... I am going to consume them by fire, says the Lord!!" I awoke out of my sleep and started to pray in the spirit. I could not intercede, only pray, that His Will be done....

San Francisco Dream


I've never been to SF, but on the night Feb 14, 2004 or early morning Feb 15, I had a dream about a cataclysmic event coming to SF.

On Feb 14, I was reading about the mass gay & lesbian marriage happening in SF and I was thinking about God's warning through his prophets like Duduman, Gruver and Bohler and many other men of God through the past few years.

That night when I went to bed I dreamt that I was on a car traveling across the Golden Gate bridge. All my companions were unbelievers and they seemed to be in a "joy ride" mood. As we reached half way the bridge, all of a sudden the bridge started falling apart, beams snapping and falling, and lanes breaking up, and cars started falling into the ocean like pebbles. Instantly, I knew in my spirit that a huge terrorist attack had just taken place in the US. The people I was traveling with started screaming and panicking. I manage to calm them down quickly and then I led them to a short prayer. The first words that came to my mouth were, "Lord we are so full of sin - please forgive us ".... In the next instant, our car had reached the other side of the bridge, safe and sound then the dream ended.



We lived in Grass Valley Calif. from 1983-1993 with a hilltop 360 degree view, that allowed us to see the coastal mountains all the way across the Sacramento Valley. In the mid to late 1980s I awoke from a dream that was from the Lord. In the dream I was standing on my hilltop looking out across the Sacramento Valley toward San Francisco, and noticed this huge column of black cloud going up 60 to 80 thousand feet and forming a mushroom head. I knew it was atomic.

Also in another dream I was walking in a hilly area such as I grew up near in the east side of Oakland, Calif. Walking amongst the oaks and scrub brush I came across three men. Watching them, I noticed they appeared disoriented turning this way and that as they carefully progressed. When they became aware of my presence, facing the sound of my foot fall they lifted their heads up to look at me and were holding their arm and hand up so as to shield their eyes from intense light. I now see that they were light struck from a nuclear explosion. When I greeted them I invited them to look at this map I had possession of. They milled over and peered over my shoulder, and this is what we saw. I saw a map of the California coast line. In this dream the San Francisco peninsula was gone as far south as Santa Cruz. The north peninsula was gone as far north as Navato or Santa Rosa. At the bottom of the map was a date glowing in red and blinking. It read August 9th. (I'm sure about the month but the day I'm not sure). At the time I knew the day also and waited for it. When it arrived something did happen. On the Sacramento Channel 3 News there came the news blip of the opening of the National Democratic Party Convention in San Francisco being hosted by the Gay Caucus.

David Whyte

Bryant Holmes

About 8 years ago, the Lord had me read Joel chapter 1:4, about the different locusts. He then showed me a vision of a tree and showed me that the locusts were attacking the tree; one group attacked the fruit, another the leaves, another the bark, and the final one the root. He said that the tree represented the family and that the last attack would be at the root. In April/May of last year (2003), He reminded me of this again (just before the Episcopalians ordained the gay priest) and said that homosexual marriage would pass, but after it did, there would be a time of relative quiet. Then, the homosexuals would start going to mainstream churches for their weddings and the churches that did not allow them to be married there would be threatened with the loss of their tax exempt (501c3) status. He said that we would be surprised at the big churches who went along and performed the ceremonies because of the potential loss of their tax exempt status. He also said that when this happens, this would be the door through which persecution flows against the church in America.

Also around April/May of last year (2003), He gave me a vision of what the next attack would be like; He showed me a beautiful woman with a beautiful pearl necklace and a blue dress (i never saw the woman's face; i saw her neck, the necklace, and the top and collar of the dress)...out of nowhere a man's hand came and snatched the pearl necklace and the feeling of panic, terror, horror, shock, fear, was like nothing that i have ever experienced; it is beyond my ability to describe it...I don't know specifically what the next attack will be, but whatever it is, it is going to be much worse than 911 and horrible beyond our comprehension.

(Editor's note: The string of pearls could be a group of cities that will be taken away from the Babylonish harlot of America.)

I had a four part dream in the middle of a 40 day fast in early may of 2004.

In the first part I was standing on something, I don't know what it was, and the whole earth was spread out in front of me, like a map. I could see everything, all at once, every continent, every city, everything...to my left was the u.s. and Canada, Mexico; Europe was in in front of me. for some reason, the whole world was dark, because every city had its lights on...I saw lights on in buildings, but I didn't see any people. someone was standing next to me, narrating, explaining what I was being shown, but I don't remember seeing them. I just remember a light next to me and understanding that the voice was coming from the light, but I couldn't see who was in the light...anyway, i saw 9/11 hit....there were 'ripples' that went through the whole earth, like when you throw a stone into a calm lake or something...there wasn't a feeling of panic or fear, but mostly sadness. not even sorrow, really...more like when a friend is hurting and you go and pat their shoulder like, 'awww, it'll be ok', kind of thing, if that makes sense...I saw people taking their money out of the us and putting it in Canada and France (France was prominent in this)...I mean, rich people, movie stars, etc., thinking that their money would be safe...then I saw the next attack, which occurred on the west coast....Los Angeles lit up like fireworks, at least 2 explosions...it was a nuclear attack...the ripples then went deeper and further than they did for 9/11....remember in the string of pearls vision that there was such a feeling of panic and terror that I couldn't even describe it? I felt it again in this dream, but the panic was not just in the U.S.- it was worldwide...I suddenly found myself in Africa, and I was walking among people, and they were crying, because they were very afraid...and the people in the U.S. who had taken their money out of the u.s. and put it in Canada and France after 9/11, thinking that their money would be safe, were wrong...they couldn't get to their money anymore...the entire economy had locked up like an engine with no oil. I saw, superimposed (if this makes sense) over the whole earth, a mechanism lock into place, like some kind of lock...I saw this land mass, that represented the economy, slide off into water, and it didn't rise again, though I got the feeling that people were really expecting it to...it was explained to me that these attacks are being taken advantage of (I hate to say orchestrated, but that's the feeling I got) to lead us into a truly global economy, but first, the existing structure has to be destroyed, because the existing economic structure cannot sustain a truly global economy...a truly global economy not only means that there is no one nation that is stronger than another, but it also means that there is no one nation that is richer than another...a true global economy is not about getting the rest of the world to meet our economic standards, it's really about dragging us down into their standard; America is going to be a 3rd world nation as a result of this...the beginning of this is the outsourcing of jobs, which has been in the news a lot lately. like i said, there were 4 parts and this was just the first; the second had to do with the timing of the attacks, the third had to do with secular and religious people not listening to the warning, and the fourth had to do with the church as a whole not listening....

The second part of the dream was by far the most disturbing. I was in the parking garage of the world trade center, but the parking garage wasn't underground or even on the ground level-it was 10 floors beneath where one of the planes was about to hit. I was holding onto a concrete pillar and looking out to my left, and there was a 'window', for lack of a better word, that allowed me to see the city...I think I was in the first building because no plane had hit yet; it was peaceful, sunny, and quiet, very serene and calm...I remember saying within my spirit, Lord, these people have no idea what's about to happen, but I know... I'm the only one who knows what's going to happen...as I held on to the pillar, which was about 10-15 feet away from the 'window', or clear space that let me see outside, I closed my eyes and prayed, 'is it now Lord?', and He said, 'No, not yet'...I began to tense up, because I knew in my spirit that the impact was coming, and that it was coming soon...a few seconds later, I asked, 'is it now, Lord?', and He said, 'No, not yet'....something in my spirit began to rumble (rumble is the only way I know how to describe it)....the intervals between the 'rumbles' got shorter and shorter and shorter and more intense, and I asked, 'Is it now Lord?', and He didn't answer...suddenly i felt the impact of the plane hitting the building and there was a dull WHOOMP!, and the concrete pillar that I was holding onto vibrated violently......as I looked out to my left, to the clear space, everything was still silent....and then a body fell, just one.....I was horrified...have you seen movies or pictures and fills e bodies and body parts, like confetti...I saw arms, legs, I saw a woman in a skirt, falling, I saw what was left of a man, from the waist down: a shiny black belt, black slacks, black shoes, and the feet were crossed at the ankles...I heard the people's screams...I was close enough even to hear the wind whipping through their clothes as they fell...the sky was full of bodies and body parts...I could even tell which ones had jumped from above and which ones had fallen...the ones who jumped seemed to have a little more control of their bodies than the ones who simply fell; i saw a man bent in half, like he had jumped off of a diving board...suddenly, almost outside of my peripheral view, a head bounced into the parking garage...a man's head, no body, no limbs, just head, but it was alive...it was gnashing its teeth in the most horrible way that i have ever heard, demonically, repeatedly, and very loud...I got scared and i said in the dream, Lord, I don't like this; Lord, I don't want to see this anymore....the dream faded gradually, i woke up and sat up in my bed for a few seconds

When I laid back down and went back to sleep the dream continued....this time i was in an elevator at my job...i work for PayPal, which i truly believe to be either the mark of the beast or the system that the mark is going to be based on; it's slogan is 'the new world currency', which most people who don't work here don't know about....I was in an elevator with 3 co-workers (we had an elevator at the old building that we were in until last year; we don't have one in our new building), all of whom are still working here and I see frequently....there were 2 women and a man; I was standing in front of one of the women, my face in her face, and i said emphatically, "there IS going to be a nuclear attack in the united states, and it is going to be in Los Angeles!'..her face turned red and she backed up, smiled, and walked away, and the Lord said, 'this is a religious spirit'...He helped me to understand that she represents the people who send those cutesy emails, the ones that say something like, 'say this prayer and send this email to 10 people, including the one who just sent it to you, and God will answer your prayer by the end of the day'...people who have no concept of Who He truly is...they think of God as being a cutesy all love all accepting God, not a God who has standards and not a God who demands righteousness....the other 2 people, the man and the other woman, were talking amongst themselves, and when I turned to tell them what was about to happen, their conversation intensified so that they were so focused on each other that they ignored me...I believe that they represent the people who don't necessarily reject God outright, but ignore Him...

The final part of the dream is the part that i believe has to do with the church and our current state...I was standing outside of this massive building that looked like a school...I was carrying these things in each arm, burdens is what I heard in my dream, and I could see them clearly, although no one else could, but I got the feeling that because of where I was, people should have been able to see what I was carrying...I found myself in a huge auditorium, and it was like a party or celebration was going on...there was loud, raucous laughter, children running everywhere, even on the stage, women and men talking and laughing and smiling...papers were in the air everywhere...and I'm standing facing the crowd, with my back near the door, with these 'burdens' in my arms, and no one is paying attention to me, although, like I said, I got the feeling that they should have been, and that they should have known what I was carrying...all of a sudden, I feel the same 'rumblings' that I had when i was in the world trade center, and I'm getting agitated...I see a young girl named autumn (of all of the people in my dream, she is the only one who was called by name), who is about 6 yrs old and has a crush on my 6 year old son (in real life, this is true)...she's chasing my son and he's trying to get away; I found my wife and told her to get the kids because we had to get out of there NOW, and the rumblings are getting closer together and more intense...she said that she would but walked away and didn't come back, and i got frustrated, so I left and went outside and was going to go down some steps to get to away from the building, but as I stood at the top of the steps, I realized that they were very steep, unusually steep, and that the steps themselves weren't very wide; it seemed to me that if I tried to step on one, it would only be big enough for about half of my foot, or less, so I said, Lord, I can't go down these steps...they're too steep and too small and with these burdens that I'm carrying, I'm afraid I'll lose my balance and fall....then, I was prompted to look to my left and I saw a lush green grassy area that gradually went to a sidewalk and away from the building...I went that way and as soon as I cleared the grass and got to the sidewalk, the Lord said, 'go back', and I knew that He meant back into the building to try to warn the people one more time, and I didn't want to because the rumblings were increasing in frequency and I knew that whatever was coming was coming quick and that there wasn't much time, but I ran back into the building with these burdens and came back out with my wife and 4 of my 5 kids (my 6 year old son was still inside for some reason)....our car was parked right in front of the building and I yelled to my wife to go back inside and get our 6 year old because we have to go NOW!!! and that we don't have time to wait...my wife and I have 16 month old twins, a boy and a girl, and I was buckling my son into his baby seat and it broke, so I tossed it over my shoulder and said, Lord, what now? suddenly, out of nowhere, a red cord appeared from behind the seat, like where a seat belt would be. I was getting very agitated but my son was very calm and he was looking at me with his huge brown eyes, not worried about anything...I put him in the seat and tied the rope/cord around him and I remember thinking, at least if we get into a car accident, he'll be ok; this won't cut him in half...just as I'm doing this, the rumbling are getting closer and closer and more intense, to where I feel them deep within my bowels, and now there is no interval between them, and suddenly I sense something coming over my shoulder, and there is this large, round shadow on the ground, and I remember thinking, sadly, great, this is it; this is what was coming and we're not supposed to be here; we're not going to make it, and I woke up.

The Lord hasn't given me full understanding of everything in these dreams, but i do believe that timing wise, something is going to happen in the fall (autumn)...because autumn was the little girl's name who was chasing after my son, and of all of the people in the dreams, hers is the only name that I heard audibly...also, because of the dream where I was in the world trade center; fall begins in September.

An Open Vision Feb. 25, 2004 Vincent Xavier

On January 5, 2004 while driving north on I-15 I was at perfect peace with the Lord and enjoying the beauty of that day. I had been in prayer and had drawn very close to the Lord in my heart. As I was driving in perfect peace with my eyes wide open, I saw several nuclear bombs explode in several cities across America at the same time. Immediately the scripture came to mind about the UNWALLED CITIES.

I did not want to see this vision and actually asked that it would depart from my mind. Yet as I continued to travel down the road I began to sense the seriousness of what I had seen. The Spirit began to speak to my heart about a SERIES OF EVENTS that will take place SIMULTANEOUSLY. The Lord revealed to me that the reason there have been no suicide bombers blowing up malls and other people oriented facilities is because in the mind of the terrorist there is a knowledge that if they were to walk into a place or be on a bus and blow it up, there would be a quick intervention that would arrest the entire population of men and women from these foreign countries throughout the United States. One explosion would not fulfill the intent and purpose of what has been planned against this country.

What is happening at this time is a planned and plotted series of explosions at the same time that will cripple and cause to collapse the nation in one day. When I saw this vision I saw cities fall in a moment. What has propelled me to write this is that approximately twenty minutes ago I was told that a "Dirty Bomb" was found in a locker in Las Vegas Nevada. I know in my heart that there are nuclear weapons in this country that are planted in several cities throughout.

Part of a prophecy 1-27-04

"Are these not the days of the PASSOVER? Is it not the season called MARCH? Yes it is at this time during the month of MARCH that the dynamic of my Kingdom shall manifest in the earth. A great outpouring of My Spirit is to come and fill the house with the Glory. A great deliverance from the power of sin and death shall be broken and my people will come forth in freedom and liberty. Truly old things shall pass away and all things shall become new!"

More March 04 prophecies: etpv.org/2003/tyoac.html | etpv.org/2004/ahum.html

Michael A. Landrum, January 21, 2004

An open door in 2004
Prophesy now
To the land, the sea, the sky, the shore.
Break the chains. Start to soar.
Listen now for the Lions roar.

He comes in mercy and He comes in might.
He comes to heal the devil's blight.

The nations will tremble and kings will fall,
But the people who trust in their Jesus will call
To the land, the sea, the sky, the shore
That He who tarries will tarry no more!

From the time that my people seek me with the whole heart,
From the time that my people will set themselves to call upon me in one
I will with single purpose visit them
To break the yokes of their oppressor.

On March 12th and 18th, I will show you my Hands:

First, my left Hand of judgment;
Second, my right Hand of healing.

From that time shall my people begin to finally seek me with the WHOLE HEART.
I will not allow my testimony to be obscured or my works ignored in the earth.

"Come, and let us return to the Lord; for He has torn so that He may heal
us; He has stricken so that He may bind us up. After two days He will revive
us--quicken us, give us life; on the third day He will raise us up, that we
may live before Him". [Hosea 6:1-2 Amplified version]

I must write about another vision that the Lord gave me on February 15th, 2004. I woke up at 5:30 that morning, and my thoughts were instantly filled with the names of the cities that I had ministered in during the past several years. I thought of New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, and numerous others. After praying and reading the Scripture in preparation for preaching that morning, I was getting ready to go to the church at about 9:15 A.M., when I suddenly became overwhelmingly sleepy. I was not tired and had had a good night's sleep, but I was compelled to lay face down. Suddenly I saw a residential area of a large city. It was as dark as night, but I could see rooftops and a large square building. I did not recognize the area and wondered where it was. In an instant there was a massive explosion, and the large square building disappeared in fragments of glass and concrete. Immediately there was another flash of light, and then a column of red and yellow fire that rose high into the air appeared like a mushroom cloud. I asked the Lord where this was taking place and in the split second that I asked, the telephone rang. The phone almost never rings at that time on Sunday morning. I heard three rings, and I heard my wife say that it was a New York call as we have caller I.D. I said to her, "You'd better get it". The caller was a man I had never heard of before, but he had obtained one of my tapes from someone and decided to call me at that moment of time. He said he was from Brooklyn. I do not pretend to know what all of this means or what the time frame is. May God help us and be merciful.

Samuel Garcia

This morning March 1, 2004 I had two dreams about possible judgment on NYC and San Francisco. First dream was: I was in Manhattan in my Mother's apartment and I looked out the window and saw three volcanic eruptions happening one after another. I noticed that there was snow in the ground, that might mean that before March 21, the last day of winter there may be some kind of volcanic eruption, at least three of them in Manhattan, New York City. The second dream was that I heard a Christian lady news reporter, maybe like from CBN, the 700 Club or something like that reporting that something had happened in San Francisco, around where the 49ers football team plays. Time is running out for America, let us make sure that WE are found FAITHFUL to the LORD.

A prophet friend in E. Florida

This morning the Lord woke me at 2 am. I spent hours reading what he wanted me to and I went back to bed. The power was very strong on me. I saw myself able to walk thru walls and go up to the ceiling. The police tried to arrest me and couldn't find me. Someone needed help and I could translate and help them. Then I saw dark clouds and things moving very fast; I could see pages turning very fast. Then an angel came to me and said everything is ok till 7- 30 [July 30]. Dave this was real, the lord wants me to practice on translating like Phillip in acts 8. Oh what a god! What I was reading is on death to self and on the inner life. Our spirit and soul and body has to be only doing the desire of God. No pleasing self, only the Father. Completely dead to self, no self motivation, no self will ,no trying to please self, just looking at Jesus' eyes and only doing what he shows us, no matter what circumstances. We are in do nothing till he shows us what to do, that means no opinions not trying to figure out anything or use reason, just let God be God and trust him.

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