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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

God's Sovereign Numbers

David Eells

Some, including myself, have been seeing an interesting phenomenon. Ever look over at the clock and see 111 or 222 or 333 or 444 or 555 and know that it is too often to be a coincidence? When I first mentioned this in an e-mail, I received quite a few responses. Here is a sample from April.

This is interesting and timely. For the past couple of nights I am aroused from a dead sleep and looking at the clock it is either 1:11 or 2:22 or 3:33. I felt it was significant as though God was nudging me.

There are no coincidences in God. He is sovereign over all things concerning us. He wants us to know this, so He gives us little signs during the day. At the very least He is saying that He can direct your attention without you even knowing that He is doing it. By the way, if you ever see a 666, 777, 888, or 999 on your clock, that is a sign you need to get a new one.

When we add up the Greek or Hebrew letters, which are also their numbers, for the following texts the gematria is very significant.

111 = "Jehovah God"

222 = "I am Jehovah your God" (Exo.6:7). "Word" (Joh.8:55). "Nazarene" (Lk.4:34).

33:3 = God's phone number (Below).

444 = "The Word" (Joh.1:14).

555 = "God" in Greek. "The Holy One" (Act.3:14). "Lord of Hosts" (1Sa.1:3).

666 = "Darkness" (Joh.1:5). "World" (Joh.1:10).

777 = "Church of God" (1Ti.3:15). "Tabernacle of God" (Rev.21:3).

888 = "Jesus" in Greek. "Lord God" (Rev.15:3). "Lord of the Sabbath" (Mar.2:28).

999 = "Receive sight" (Luk.7:22).

God's phone number is (Jer.33:3) Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and will show thee great things, and difficult, which thou knowest not.

So if this is happening to you, it is clear that God has your number. The best thing to do when you are awakened at these times is dial His.

On 2/22/05 a sister sent me a check for $555.55 for the ministry. She said that was the amount that the Lord told her to send. Well, the first thing I thought of was that five is the number of grace. Five fives is the number of Grace multiplied by grace. It seemed to be a sign that God was multiplying His grace or favor to us. That wasn't the end of that sign. The next morning I awoke and turned to look at the clock and the time was 5:55, which is the gematria for God. I began to thank God for His grace and meditate on different things and turned to look at the clock again. It was 6:55. That's five fives again. As if that wasn't enough, I went to the bank that afternoon to deposit some checks, including that one for $555.55, when the teller noticed it so I told her the story. She said, "You expect me to believe that". I said light-heartedly, "I'm telling you the truth". Just then she pointed at her adding machine with a puzzled look and said, "There it is again, 755". I just laughed. That was the amount I owed that day for the radio program equipment. Let's see now: 555.55, then 555, then 655 then 755. God is sovereign to show us confirmations of His grace and direction.

Seeing 11:11?
Michael Weber - 09/18/2005

I have looked up the gematria for 1111 and I get "witness". I have been seeing this number in many places for the past several months. I mostly see this number on clocks (11:11). Often I will walk into a room or glance at a clock to see the time and I will see 11:11. Not long ago I was talking to a Christian brother on the phone and his wife came in and told him the time was 11:11.

I have found that there are many people that consistently see 11:11; enough for it to be beyond coincidence. Some see the numbers and are not seeing it spiritually so they don't understand why. I have had dreams that I feel have been signs of being in the group of the two witnesses but for me that would be just a great honor I certainly could never deserve.

(Rev.11:11) And after the three days and a half the breath of life from God entered into them, and they stood upon their feet; and great fear fell upon them that beheld them.

(Luk.11:11) And of which of you that is a father shall his son ask a loaf, and he give him a stone? or a fish, and he for a fish give him a serpent?

I found this on a web site:

11:11 and 2012: Do you remember the synchronicities reported surrounding the numbers 11:11? I just found this link at the US naval observatory that confirms that all those people could have been connecting in to the 2012 phenomenon. According to this page, the 2012 winter solstice will occur at 11:11 universal time.

Perhaps it is significant that 100 years after the sinking of the Titanic, the Mayan end date comes. A common factor seems to be the 11:11 AM times of the end of World War One and the exact moment of the Mayan cycle end.

The World War One armistice was signed at 11:11 AM on 11-11-1918.

(Note from Dave: Many are seeing 11:11.)

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