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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Son Saved from Occult

Stanley Davis

When my son was 11, I had a dream that I saw him on one side of a large bottomless hole and I was on the other side. I was barely hanging on to my wife with my right while she was inside the hole. Then I saw a large snake come at him from behind but he fought it like a great karate fighter and he blocked every attack. Then he grabbed it and swung it around his head around and around then he threw the snake down the hole.nurse-winnieWhen I saw this fight and when I saw him throw the snake down the hole I got 10 times stronger and with my right hand pulled my wife up and out of the hole to stand on her feet with ease.

For 15 years he became a devil worshiper (he says pagan) and a vampire and a wizard. I would get reports but I'd always say, yeah but I had that dream he's going to beat that snake. His sisters said he told them he wanted to kill me but I would say, nope, I had that dream. Then they said he might go to jail, and I said well if he does he'll get out, I had that dream. He wound walk around with long fingernails and wild hair. He would break tables and glass with his bare hands and he sought after the dark book of knowledge as he called it.

This year after 15 years he beat that snake and quit all that pagan worshiping he did, and at the same time I found americaslastdays. Now I'm 10 times stronger, with more wisdom and knowledge than I ever had in my life. Now my son and I are friends. I gave him my Bible and he now has some of your site's teachings. Thank you Lord, thank you bro David.

P.S. I asked the Lord how did all this start, how did he get so carried away with the Devil, we raised him in church all his life? The Lord answered me and said, "It was the comic books", and then I remembered he did have a fascination with them. I wanted to say no, but everybody said it was OK, so I as his father had to repent for not keeping him safe. I should have for seen the evil in them, and I apologized to him and told him, "Son it was the comic books, please forgive me".

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