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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Ocean Currents Disrupted

Marion E. Carney - 01/20/2011

I dreamt last night that the ocean's natural ability to flow was unbalanced. I was in a small vessel going back and forth through the waters to a ramp area almost like a transportation system.

As I headed out to the destination (I will call it a "dock-like" area), the water was flowing perfectly with no hesitation. The water flow was slow and choppy, yet naturally aligned. I was able to reach the area in a proper amount of time as the speed of the water was not affected in that particular area; however, as I was heading back through the water, I knew it wasn't flowing properly, as the undercurrents were off balance, which was causing a problem for the rest of the ocean, including the ocean's floor.

There was a male figure with me in this vessel and we were trying to determine what was causing the underground issue. We were speaking to one another, giving our thoughts on why the water flow was not normal. We were almost at a stand-still in the water, whereas the water should have naturally flowed and pushed us in the direction we were heading and this was a concern to us, seeing the water's natural ability to flow had begun to stop.

Now at a stand-still, we began to observe the areas that were affected and determined that there was going to be a domino effect with the ocean's natural ability to flow and called it as such.

I don't follow the news or watch TV. When I have these dreams, normally a pretty significant change is taking place, just like with the dream of the volcano, as well as the oil spill, all of which I was shown prior to these events. I didn't see oil or a dark color anywhere in the dream, as I was shown in previous dreams. This doesn't mean this is not "part" of the cause. I saw a "shift" in the water transportation system or unbalancing underground, meaning beneath the earth. This is what the man in my dream and I were discussing -- we were "determining the cause".

I had a dream of being in Earth's core many months ago, as well as a vision of an enormous break in the earth.

Note from David: The dream is what is happening. The Gulf Stream, Loop Current, North Atlantic Current and more have died because of the oil, which is disastrously changing the air streams and weather all over the world. I don't know how this affects the inner earth but I don't doubt it.

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