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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Oil Catastrophe in the Gulf

Bill Rowe - 9/20/08
(David's notes in red)

We received this dream back in September of 2008 but did not understand the meaning of a linear black storm.

In my dream, I was in my bedroom, lying on my bed and listening to an old-type electric radio on my nightstand to my left. The radio had the volume knob on the lower left and the tuning knob on the lower right. I was listening to Steve Quayle adding his characteristic hype as he was warning about a coming storm. Steve Quayle has been broadcasting on World Wide Christian Radio shortwave since 1994. I have not listened to his broadcast for over a year. I felt he had a tendency to overemphasize a situation without documented fact. In my dream, Steve was emphasizing (and in my dream possibly overemphasizing) a storm that was coming out of the Gulf/Caribbean area. He said, "Ladies and gentlemen, this storm is unlike any other storm. It is going to come without warning and you need to be prepared, lest it catches you off guard".

[.] He kept on saying that this storm is not a hurricane-type storm but is a linear-type storm. (The oil flowing from the sunken drilling rig in the Gulf was certainly on a linear plane instead of tall like a hurricane. Black balls in circles may be a way to describe it.) In my mind, a picture was forming: black, circular balls linked together, snaking their way up to the Gulf Coast of Florida and around to Louisiana. (Circles of oil were seen on the news and much of it is ending up in balls of tar-looking substance. It's not only going toward the Gulf coast of Florida and around to Louisians, it's going up the East Coast now.) There was no circular movement involved but a forward motion, such as a snake makes when moving forward. (Wave action.) In my dream, I got up out of bed and turned off the radio for I thought Steve was off base because I was not aware of any storm in the Gulf. I walked into the kitchen where my wife was on the computer to see if I could check the weather. I wanted to see if there were any storms formed in the Gulf. As I was attempting to find the weather site, I woke up, which was shortly after midnight.

On Tuesday morning, September 23, 2008, I listened to the Alex Jones Show and Steve Quayle was a guest. Steve was saying that he canceled his radio broadcast and this guest appearance on Alex Jones show was probably going to be his last radio appearance. Steve was saying that his job was over and there was nothing else for him to do as far as putting out the warning. "If anyone is ignorant of the coming times, let them be ignorant still", he said. One thing he brought up during this segment of Alex Jones show was Putin and Chavez making agreements in retaliation to what the U.S. has been doing in Georgia and Poland, etc. Also, he mentioned cities of refuge of God's people.

Update: In May of 2010, while I was mowing my lawn, this dream came to mind as maybe being about the Gulf oil disaster.

Also read Oil Spill Evacuation in the Gulf.

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