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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Only Zion Will Escape Captivity

Scott Davis - 07/24/2010
(David's notes in red)

I had this dream, I believe it was early morning. In this dream, I was standing in a very large city, so wide and deep I couldn't see its edges (Christianity). I was looking into it from the north to the south, so I could see east, west and south as far as I could see.

I saw little off-white rectangular buildings. The city was set on a hilly surface but not mountainous, and the rectangular buildings were different in height -- some were taller, some smaller and some were higher up than others because of the hills they sat on within the city. (This represents different levels of maturity in the sects of Christianity.) I was deep into the city, I believe more north, when water began to rise. Now I couldn't tell if the water was rising or the city was sinking or a combination of both, but it didn't matter, as the only way to survive would be to make it to higher ground (more heavenly life).

The floor of this city was made of small rectangular stones perfectly set and arranged without cracks or imperfections. (This represents the simple foundation that Jesus is the Son of God Who gave His life as a sacrifice for us.) As I looked out into the city, the water began to flood the city, swiftly and steadily filling the lower areas first. (The beast enemy coming in like a flood with those living on a lower level coming into captivity first.) I was alarmed but not in any panic and just began to move to higher ground that was behind me. As I turned to look north into the city and move toward it, I walked I'd say a few feet when I saw a majestic building I never saw before because I hadn't been looking in that direction. Now I saw this sight: This building had stairs that surrounded it that slowly rose to its doors and it looked like a library, a monument and a temple -- all in one (Zion/New Jerusalem). As I stepped onto the grounds of this building, I noticed the water stopped rising and everything else was submerged and under water, except for this majestic building and its grounds within the city. I was in awe at the sight and at the fact the water stopped at the building's grounds. Then I woke up

I believe it's Zion and the Man-child (Revelation 11:1). The most wonderful thing about the dream was I was standing at least on the building's grounds and was safe from the rising waters.

This looks like Christian City with Zion in the midst. The areas being flooded is the same area the Beast conquered in the Assyrian invasion of Israel and Judah [2 Kings 18:11-13; 19:20-37]. Like this wonderful building, only Zion, which represents holiness, faith and maturity [Psalms 15;24;125] escaped. So it will be. Christianity will go into captivity but Zion, a type of the Bride with the Man-child at her head, will escape. Zion is a library of the knowledge of God, a monument of witness to God and the temple of God, all in one.

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