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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

The Only Safe Place

Rosie Lovejoy - 01/04/2003


This is the vision I had during praise and worship on January 4th, 2003, the evening we were praying for a pastor and his wife's departure to Israel...

It began with a vision of a huge lion, about ten to fifteen feet high. He was suspended about two to three feet off the ground. He was not a "cute" lion, rather His mane was large and shaggy, and He looked very virile and powerful. During the entire vision He was walking levitated two to three feet above the earth. The lion turned to me and thundered: "DO NOT MY PEOPLE KNOW THAT the TIME and the SEASON HAS CHANGED?" (I remember thinking that His grammar was odd, and that is not how we usually say things.)

After thundering the question to me, He breathed, and flames of fire came out of His mouth. I heard the words "LION OF ZION" reverberate through my Spirit. The lion began to walk, suspended above the ground, breathing fire. The fire that was coming out of His mouth was not the refining fire we have been taught about, rather a fire that destroyed and burnt up all in its path. I knew in my spirit that it was a fire of judgment.

I next saw a view of a downtown business district of a large city. I think it was New York City, but I cannot be sure. I saw a building that resembled the Empire State Building, and a few buildings that surrounded it, collapse. The image was similar to the collapse of the Twin Towers. I screamed in my spirit, "No LORD!! NO!!!!!" As I was screaming, I saw the rubble and smoke from the collapsing buildings arise into a cloud that resembled a mushroom cloud. I do not know for sure if it was a nuclear mushroom cloud or a cloud of debris from the building. I was horrified and weeping in my spirit.

The lion reappeared and again turned His head and spoke to me. In a mournful voice He asked: "HOW ELSE am I GOING TO BRING IN the HARVEST?" (I instinctively knew that as a nation and people we are totally pre-occupied with our little lives and situations, and nothing short of calamity was going to bring us to question our existence and purpose for being. I knew it would take something of this magnitude to bring us to repentance.) The lion then spoke again: "I HAVE USED BABYLON IN the PAST to JUDGE MY PEOPLE, and I WILL USE BABYLON AGAIN to JUDGE MY PEOPLE".

The lion began to walk, and I saw groups of people standing and talking, some were joking with each other. Others were buying new cars and houses. Others were plotting financial gains and what to do with their assets during these uncertain times. I knew that this was the Church in America. Most were erect and oblivious to the approaching lion. A few were face down on the ground weeping and interceding. They were each covered with a coarse, brown cloak. There were very few on their faces.

THE LION THEN ROARED, and flames came out of His mouth, and burnt up the Christians who were standing. They became ashes and were no more. Horrified, I realized that I was standing to watch the unfolding scene, and I dove towards the dirt, skinning my chin as I landed. I was immediately covered from head to foot with the same coarse, brown cloak the intercessors on the ground were covered with. I raised my head to look out, and witnessed more and more erect Christians being burnt to a crisp. It was clear to me that the only safe pace to be was on my face, in the dirt, interceding.

The Lion of Zion then turned to me again, and spoke. "DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE THAT I will KEEP MY HAND of PROTECTION OVER YOUR NATION, WHEN it is WILLING TO DIVIDE MY HOLY CITY, JERUSALEM?" (David's note: God speaks to those who know the spirit, not the letter. Natural Jerusalem is never called the Holy City after the resurrection of Jesus in Mt.27:53 but it is a type of the Holy City which is the bride. Just as the Jews are being sold out by Babylon in the letter, so the Christians are in the spirit. America is taking back territory once held by God's people as holy through the schools, government, courts and society as a whole. Sin is prevailing and becoming acceptable. Babylon will suffer greatly for this from natural catastrophes, to losing world influence, to a crumbling economy.) I knew in that moment that YAHWEH was lifting His hand of protection from our nation, and that judgment had begun. I clung to the ground, as the lion walked over me, and those of us who were prostrate on the ground, still breathing fire. By this time, the worship music had concluded and the Pastor's wife was speaking about the offering, and how giving our tithes and offerings was a joyful act of worship. Again the Lion thundered: "ARE my WAREHOUSES FULL? NO!!!! ARE MY PRIESTS TAKING CARE of MY WIDOWS and ORPHANS? NO!!!"

I then saw men I knew were pastors and priests, standing tall and erect. Some were standing in front of Mercedes, others in front of large, expensive churches. The Lion spoke again: "MOST OF MY PRIESTS DON'T CARE ABOUT MY WIDOWS AND ORPHANS. THEY CARE about THEMSELVES, THEIR CARS AND HOUSES, and the CHURCHES THEY ARE BUILDING. THEY CARE About THEIR MINISTRY, NOT MINE". "Oh no!" I thought. "These ministers are goners". The Lion then opened His mouth and roared. Fire came out and consumed the "priests" who were standing beside their new cars and large, expensive churches. They became a pile of ashes on the ground next to their possessions. Many, many were consumed.

The Lion continued to walk, breathing fire. Anywhere Christians were standing, rather than prostrate on the ground in sackcloth, they were consumed and turned to ashes..."

{PROSTRATE, INTERCEDING - the only safe place to be amid the coming judgments...}

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