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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Our baby girl, brought back to life! 

Debbie and Denny Fenske - September 1989

On a early morning in September of 1989, our blue eyed Beulah Grace was born. One year and a half later, also early in the morning, she was almost taken from us. 

We had no idea of any physical problem in Beulah the day before, or the day before that. She hadn't been sick. But one morning at 2 a.m. or so, I was woke up by the sound of her crib shaking. Her crib was in our bedroom. I jumped up to see what was wrong. Beulah was in a seizure. I picked her up and yelled for my husband to wake up because something was wrong with Beulah and we needed to pray! We began praying over her as I was holding her. She was very hot with fever. Of all things, I could not find the thermometer so we didn't know what her temp was. We knew to put her in a tub of tepid water to cool her down. We had her in there for several minutes. When I took her out of the tub she did not seem as hot, yet her lips were quivering. We decided we got her too cold and so we wrapped her in a wool blanket and laid her in between us in our bed. I really don't know how long we had been laying there and I didn't  hear any sound coming from Beulah, but all of a sudden this terrific alarm went off in my spirit. I shot straight up in the bed and shouted at my husband, "Denny, wake up! Turn the light on. Something is wrong with Beulah!" He turned on the light and I looked down and saw this gray blue color on Beulah's face. I put my right had under her back and my left had on her chest to lift her up, and immediately I felt her heart beat so very hard 3 times under my left hand. And then I heard her breath gurgle out of her. I knew she was dead. Of course we both jumped into action, Denny running to the phone and me holding Beulah crying out Jesus name while trying to feel any breath from her on my cheek. There was no breath coming from her and there was absolutely no heart beat. There was no life in her at all. I cried to Denny that she was dead. He said, "She's not dead!" I said, "She is! Hurry! Call the  elders! We had plurality of elders at our fellowship and Denny got on the phone with one of them and told him what was going on, and they prayed.  While they were praying against the spirit of death, I was crying out to Jesus while on my knees holding Beulah. I was crying out to the Lord for our Beulah's life and intermittently yelling to Denny, "She's still not breathing!" Then Denny said that He was calling the paramedics. And then my authority just took over and I started rebuking and binding the devil. I was yelling at Satan, "No you don't! Satan, you are not taking my baby! This is just not going to happen!" I was not permitting it. And then I remembered Naomi, a woman in our fellowship who moved to our town in Illinois in 1980. She had been raised from the dead after being dead many hours. She had died of Yellow Fever when she was just a girl in Sri Lanka. Her father held her in his arms for hours praying and believing, until Jesus brought  her back to life. So I yelled to Jesus, "Jesus, you raised Naomi back to life. You do this for our baby!"  Do it Jesus! Do it! Then I looked down at her after holding her like that for about 5 minutes, but it seemed like hours. And all of a sudden she began moving right in my arms, and I watched color change in her face. It was turning pinkie! I ran over to Denny holding Beulah joyfully shouting, "He did it! Jesus brought Beulah back!" Now I was standing by the phone, as Denny was back on the phone praying with the elder again. He told the elder the news. I was standing there in the doorway by my husband on the phone, and I was looking down at her as she was looking up at me. I was showing Denny and exclaiming to him how pretty pink her face had become. It was just amazing! Then all of a sudden I watched as her face suddenly started turning a deathly pasty white as it contorted and twisted to something that was just a horrible grotesque face! It was the devil again. I gave a scream. Then I rebuked Satan again. "Satan, No! You let her go, in the name of Jesus! Let her go in Jesus name!" I watched her face relax and change back to normal, and I watched the pink come again into her face. I was so excited, yelling, "Denny! She's okay! Thank you Jesus! Thank you Lord!" By then the ambulance had come . They came in and did what they do and then took her to the hospital. We had to follow behind in our own car. In the minutes after calling the ambulance Denny had called someone to come and be with our other children, so both of us could go to the hospital. By the time we found our way to the room where Beulah was she had already been quickly examined. The paramedics told us they could not believe how okay she seemed, jabbering to them the whole time in her baby language on the way to the hospital as she also played with a little brown bear they gave her. The doctor told us that she had spiked a high fever from an inner ear infection. The quick spike of temperature threw her into a seizure and when she got there to the hospital her temperature was 106. He said that she should have been delirious, or worse, not jabbering like a healthy child the way she did, and was still doing. The doctor was sitting at a big desk, quiet and with his arms folded against him, just starring at Beulah in unbelief as the nurse was giving us further instructions. I stayed with her in the hospital for a couple of days, as I was nursing her. They wanted to see that fever go down and  keep a eye on her. But we knew she was going to be just fine. And she was. Thank you Father for your great love, for the authority you give to your children, and that you do miracles for your children. Thank you for our jabbering Beulah Grace!

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