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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Our Washing Machine Testimony

Jay, Terez and Nikola Nara - 07/06/2011

Just a quick testimony from us. One of those "washing machine" miracles; some people might be over them but, believe me, if it happens to you like it did to us today, you would run for joy and look for someone to share with like we did.

We live in a nice, big house with our two-year-old boy, Nikola, and elderly gentleman whom we look after and who is the owner of the house. He is like a family to us and he treats us like his own children.

For a long time we were trying to preach to him with a limited success but yesterday the washing machine broke down and that happened to be our best chance. My wife told me that she already prayed over it yesterday when she discovered it, with a no apparent result. Then, today, when I was busy on my laptop, she came again from upstairs and told me to come up and pray over it because she had to use it.

She was so confident and determined not to go any other way but to God. I went up and John, the elderly gentleman, was already there next to the washing machine waiting for me. I usually take care of little technical things for him and he was hoping I might come up with something.

And I did, praise God. Not I but Him!

I tried few things but machine was dead. I changed the power point, in case it was faulty. Nothing. John was standing next to me in anticipation. I totally forgot to pray (to my shame). Then, my wife, Terez, showed up again and asked, "Why don't you pray over it?" I have to confess here, for a moment I was hesitant to pray. I think maybe even bit embarrassed in front of John (to my even greater shame).

Anyway, I went against this natural reaction of a natural man, opened my mouth and said, "So, John, can hear me? In the name of Jesus Christ, I command you to be fixed". (While holding my hand down on the machine.)

John was looking at me, a bit surprised, even confused. After few moments, I lifted my hand and went up for the power switch on the machine and nothing happened. John, with a disappointed look, said to me, "So, it's not working". But I, encouraged by the words that came out of my mouth, stood back and said to him, "No, we don't accept that. This machine has been fixed and is working because Jesus Christ fixed it a long time ago" (we already preached to him the true Gospel many times but never had a chance, or maybe I should say, we never took a chance to be doers of the Word).

So, after I boldly confessed our promise of God, I went for a switch and, Praise God, water started rushing into the machine's tank. To be honest, I was shocked but beautifully shocked -- the best shock of my life!

John, seeing my reaction, could not believe it at first. I kept exclaiming and praising God and he kept getting excited, just believing from my reaction. Even our dog came around and was jumping for joy. John still could not hear the water, so I turned the control wheel on a washing cycle, which is much noisier, and then I saw his bottom jaw drop, Praise God!

Terez came around and we had a few heavenly moments there rejoicing, praising God and confessing to John. That was better than a 1000 sermons!

I went out asking God to forgive me for being initially weak and thanking Him for taking over the situation. I felt enormous conviction from the Holy Spirit and the favor of God like never before in my live and I started speaking and confessing against other things and problems. Then, my wife came and said that the machine was working like no other and I said, "Oh, you bet it does!" And we kept praising God and confessing.

Thanks for your time and your service. We pray for you ALWAYS.

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