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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Our Economic Ceiling Is Crumbling

Ellie McBride - 04/26/2009
(David's notes in red)

In a dream, I was at work when I happened to look up at the ceiling. To my surprise, the ceiling was in bad shape, with several serious cracks in it. It had not been this way the day before. I wondered if there had been an earthquake or something that I missed. I felt the ceiling was no longer safe and could collapse at any time. (This is a warning of the soon coming collapse of the economy, possibly even precipitated by an earthquake, spiritual or physical. A "ceiling", in economic terms, represents the extent to which someone or something can grow in its present place or job. Example: glass ceiling, debt ceiling, price ceiling, state ceiling, etc. "Breaking a ceiling" can mean for an economic problem to outgrow your ability to contain it, i.e., costs or wages going out of control.)

I then became very busy with work. There were many people for me to deal with this day. At work I mainly deal with people charged with Driving While Intoxicated cases. This day I had one after another come in. (A symbol of the spiritual intoxication that does not permit people to discern reality.) When the second shift reported for work and it was my time to go home, I remembered the ceiling and wanted to pass this on to my co-workers. I took them to the room where I had seen it and pointed out to them the cracks and the unstable areas in the ceiling. As I was showing the ceiling to my co-workers and having to look at it a second time, I was amazed all over again at how this could've happened in one day. None appeared as alarmed by this as I was. It was almost as if they were not seeing what I was seeing. They had a very lackadaisical attitude, so I told them to please be careful and I left for home. (In real life, I remembered that I have been gently cautioning and warning some of the people I work with who consider themselves Christians, but are very worldly, about these things that we believers know are coming. But, they don't believe me. They're not sure what to make of me anymore. I realized that it is just like in the dream -- it is as if they can't see what I am seeing because they're still living a comfortable life.) (The worldly do not see or expect the sudden collapse of the economy because it looks to them like it is recovering right now. They think it is like Chicken Little proclaiming, "The sky is falling!" This is what other dreams and prophecies have been saying -- a recovery and a sudden collapse.)

Once at home, I remembered I had not cashed my paycheck yet, and reminded myself I needed to do so the next day. I knew I was in my mother's house and that she was in the house, too. (The apostate church, our mother.) I was given the understanding that Michelle and Barak Obama were now my parents. (Like socialism, they are ruling at will and have put all of us in debt for many years.) Mr. Obama entered my room and asked me about my paycheck. I told him I forgot to cash it. Then he just stood there, looking expectantly at me. I asked him if he wanted me to sign the check over to him and he said yes. I took the check out and signed the back of it and handed it to him. He asked me how long I had it and I told him since Monday. (Another black Monday, which has been prophesied, could ultimately prevent people from cashing their checks.) With that he left my room. (The collapse in the economy will force the government to take more and more of Americans' paychecks just to keep things running.)

I stood there and thought it was a good thing I still had money left from my last check. Suddenly, it occurred to me that he had not said anything about giving me an allowance. I quickly walked over to his room and found Michelle and Barak standing close together. I asked if he was going to give me an allowance. I mentioned I would need to get gas for the car and other things like that. He told me they had been discussing this and he would let me know. (Oh, well, forget the tax refunds, bailouts, etc. They will not allow the people enough for living expenses and gas for cars.)

The next day I was getting ready to leave for work, when I looked out and saw a woman crossing the street and heading in the direction of our house. I understood she was on her way to the bus stop. I recognized her as someone I knew and understood I would be riding in the same bus as her to work. (A great change in lifestyle after the government taxes everyone to the bone to pay for their disaster and community transportation becomes the norm.)

My husband, Dan, wanted to speak to me before I left for work. He wanted me to talk with him outside the (apostate) house, and for some reason, instead of getting dressed and stepping outside with him, I gathered up my clothes in my hands and then stepped outside the house with him. Once outside, Dan reminded me of a house my mother owned (The house of God that He gave to His people but they refuse to live in.) (in real life she doesn't own another house). (This represents leaving the house of the apostate church and its worldly economy for the house that was given to the early church of faith in God and giving and receiving. Like Ellie, we cannot get dressed up with Christ's works in the apostate's house until after we leave there. {Rom.13:12} The night is far spent, and the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armor of light. {13} Let us walk becomingly, as in the day; not in reveling and drunkenness, not in chambering and wantonness, not in strife and jealousy. {14} But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to [fulfill] the lusts [thereof].) He particularly mentioned it was the house on such-and-such street (I no longer remember the name of the street). I immediately saw it in my mind as a nice, yellow-colored (sun/Son) house located in a poor part of town. (The non-materialistic, primitive, true house of God that is dressed with the Son. There will be provision, but not the useless prosperity of the worldly church.) I reacted by exclaiming, "You don't think he'll take it from us, do you?!" (They can take your worldly house but not your spiritual one.)

I then decided to put my clothes on and looked around, preferring to get dressed in a restroom. I looked in one direction which looked kind of dark. I saw there was a man standing nearby and I asked him if he knew whether there was a restroom in that direction. He said something about a certain famous TV evangelist having one there (in the dark). I shuddered and said, "No thanks". (Submitting to the carnally minded leaders of churchianity is not God's direction to get rid of our waste doctrines, as Paul put it, and get dressed up with the Word of truth.) I then decided to dress there, since Dan was standing with me.

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