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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Our Tire Angels

Kaile and Doris Hamilton - 12/17/2007

Kaile: On Sunday, November 25th, I traveled back to Indiana to go back to college after my break but to my surprise I had an adventure in store for me when I arrived at the airport. When I arrived at the airport at around 2:30, I got my luggage and went out to my car and after I left the parking lot, I turned down the road to leave the airport and all of a sudden, after driving about a mile or so, I heard a weird sound and then my car started veering off to the right. As I started to pull over I pulled out my cell phone to call my mom for her to pray with me. (Note from David: Kaile's mom, Doris, shares her part of this awesome testimony below.) I had no idea what had just happened and I was planning on just standing on His Word that "no weapon formed against us shall prosper" and that Satan was a liar but not long after I got her on the phone a couple pulled up beside me. They proceeded to ask me if I knew I had a really bad blowout on my right front tire. I said that I didn't know and that I was trying to get a hold of my mom. They then asked if my mom lived close or if I knew anyone nearby that could help me. I told them that my mom was back in Texas and I was about an hour away from my school. They then felt led to pull over to help me with my tire.

The man named Dave said that he would be more than happy to put my spare on for me so he put it on but as soon as he put it on he realized that the spare might be too flat to drive on to the nearest gas station about half a mile away. So he took the spare back off my car and went to fill it up with air. Meanwhile, I got to share my testimony of all the wonderful things God has done in my life and is doing and it was an awesome time of fellowship with them. Then after Dave filled the spare up with air he put it back on my car but it still needed a little more air so they followed me to the gas station and filled my spare with more air. All of this time I kept thanking them for doing all of this for me and they had insisted on paying for the air to be put in the spare which isn't much but I felt like they had already done so much.

During the time that my tire had a blowout and driving out of the airport I had made a wrong turn so after they had helped me with my spare the couple insisted on showing me the way to the highway to get back to my school. I agreed that I would follow them but soon after we had started off to go to the highway we started making turns to go into the city. I still decided to follow them and they led me to a tire shop. Then, they told me that they had been talking and realized that they didn't want me to traveling all the way back to school on my spare so they took me to a tire place to get another tire. So after all was said and done I had a new tire on my car! So I got up to pay for the tire but the couple insisted on paying for the tire too! At this point I was about to start crying because of the love and generosity these people were showing me but all they said was "We would hope that if our children are ever in the same situation one day someone would help them out too". Then, they insisted on me getting their phone number just in case there is ever anything I need. I was in awe of God's hand in this situation!

God is so awesome! I love divine appointments! He sent two angels to help me in my time of need and for that I'm very grateful.

My side of the story - by Doris Hamilton (Kaile's mom)

I was sitting at home and received a call from Kaile that she was on the ground in Fort Wayne and she told me that she would call me back. A few minutes later she called and there was a terrible, loud sound in the background. She just asked me to pray with her and then I asked what that sound was and she told me it was her car. I told Kaile to pull over and just at that moment, I heard a man's voice ask, "Did you know you have a blowout?" Then, a woman's voice asked, "Do you know anyone around here?" She said a couple was following her and that they had stopped behind her. (Well, that is when the lying voice started reminding me of all the bad things that happen in this world.) Then Kaile said she would call me back.

I waited for a few moments and when Kaile did not call back; I called her. She said that the man was going to change her tire for her and that she would call me back. I was praising the Lord that someone would help Kaile since she had never changed a tire. More time elapsed and no word; again I called. Kaile told me that she did not have enough air in her spare and that they were going to get some air. I asked with alarm, "Are you with the people?" Kaile replied that she was. She said she would call me back. Well, I knew that we always taught our children not to go with strangers and I was rebuking the spirit of fear.

I kept telling myself that God was watching over her. My heart rate continued at an alarmingly fast pace! So, I decided to call Brother David Eells.

When I spoke with Dave I explained the situation and told him I knew not to fear and that everything was fine and he confirmed that. He told me, "She is fine, but let's pray". He then offered a prayer that asked for protection for Kaile and the most striking thing was that he stated that he thanked the Lord for "those two angels sitting in the car with Kaile, right now"! Well, my heart returned to a normal rate and I thanked Dave for his prayer and praised the Lord for His faithfulness and hung up.

I waited for word from Kaile to hear what had transpired. Once she finally called me back to relate to me the ENTIRE story, I was AMAZED! Indeed, there were TWO ANGELS dispatched to help Kaile! WOW! Those messengers of the Lord made Kaile's day and mine, too!

I just praise our Father for His provision, no matter what the circumstance! And I praise God for Brother Dave; he really helped me with words of encouragement and a fervent, righteous prayer that did availeth much!

Speaking of strangers:

Hebrews 13:2 Forget not to show love unto strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.

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