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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Out of the Ashes: A New World Order

Global elite signal declining superpower status of the United States, rise of new order

Old-Thinker News | Jan. 24, 2008
By Daniel Taylor

Comment: French TV was kind enough to inform us about the true decision makers behind Davos - the Bilderberg group. The discussion which took place in Davos, Switzerland among several individuals who were themselves members of Bilderberg (such as Henry Kissinger and Gordon Brown) gives a window into the inner workings of the elite game plan.

As the United States faces an economic crisis that is being compared by experts to the 1929 Great Depression, the global elite are proclaiming the fall of the US and the rise of a new global order.

The IOL reports that the recent meeting in Davos, Switzerland, which focused in part on the global economic meltdown, pointed to "global" solutions and the need for a strengthened United Nations in the face of world crises.

Sovereignty, according to many who attended, must be weakened. The IOL reports, For Gareth Evans, former Australian foreign minister and now president of the International Crisis Group, even those countries with a deep resistance to intervention were starting to recognise that egregious crimes against humanity could not go unchallenged.

"There is now the beginning of a global consensus that sovereignty doesn't mean a license to kill, doesn't mean a license to stand back and allow killing of that order to take place", Evans said.

"This is a very real phenomenon, that sovereignty is not what it was and can't be what it was", he added.

Writing in the evening standard, Anthony Hilton states regarding the Davos meeting, "World leaders have a similar problem in Davos as they try to think through the turmoil in world markets to focus on what is really happening to the global economy".

Henry Kissinger picked up on the political implications. The challenge to the world, he said, was handling the structural changes taking place - the transfer of economic power from America to the Pacific, the shortages of water and energy and the threat of climate change, which require global not national solutions".

A strengthened United Nations, also discussed at Davos, was promoted by Prime Minister Gordon Brown earlier this week after secret talks with world leaders. Brown called for a "new world order" and a "global society". As the New Zealand Herald reported, "British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has begun secret talks with other world leaders on far-reaching reform of the United Nations Security Council as part of a drive to create a "new world order" and "global society".

The economic crises that the world is plunging into is being and will be used as the pretext to forge the new global order long sought after by the global elite. More centralized control will emerge. "New" solutions will be presented in slick packages to a despairing population begging for order.

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