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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Healing of Our Fat Cat

Michael and Michele Weber - 04/22/2009

When we moved into this place that we are living in now, we had several stray cats that were hanging around our home. For some reason, we took a liking to one of them and decided to let her stay in our garage and feed her during the winter months, since it's so cold. We named her Naomi.

She was such a fat cat that she appeared to be pregnant (she looked very pregnant :)). She waddled so cutely and we were all excited about the soon-to-arrive kittens that we would have, or so we thought. We got a box all prepared for her to have her babies in. Well, several months went by and we decided to do some research on how long a cat stays pregnant, since it seemed like she was pregnant way too long.

We found out that 65 days was about the maximum time they are pregnant and we had her way longer than that, so we knew something was wrong. I started to worry about her since she seemed a little uncomfortable, so I asked my husband what we should do and I suggested maybe we could take her to the vet. He was very hesitant about that.

Michael didn't think that taking her to the vet was the best idea and thought we should just pray over her. So we laid hands on her and prayed that either the kittens would come back to life and be born, or just come out of her so she would be more comfortable.

Nothing happened right away, so we prayed over her another time or two and Michael really stood in faith on this one. I did waver a bit, but, amazingly enough, a few weeks after praying, while my husband was away, I went in the garage, calling for Naomi (and she always comes when I call her), but she had disappeared. I thought maybe she got out or something and didn't think much about it. But about five or six hours later I went back in the garage. (I had never opened the outside door to the garage, so there was no way she could have left and come back in.)

All of a sudden, there she was. I didn't notice it right away and thought that whole situation was a bit strange but still didn't think much about it, but when I was on the phone with Michael that night, she was sitting on the bed with me and I looked over at her and at that moment the Lord must have shown me that she was smaller. She is a fat cat so it wasn't incredibly noticeable if you're not paying attention, but right then, I thought that she had her babies. It turns out that about a year later we took her to the vet to have her nails taken out since she was tearing up our carpet and they told us that there was a possibility that she was already spayed! (So now we realized that she may not have been pregnant but she was definitely healed from whatever she was suffering from, including a large, swollen stomach and a very fowl urine smell that showed definite signs of infection.)

I excitedly told Michael and we were both thankful to the Lord for her healing! The Lord did an amazing thing to her. She has been so much happier and much more comfortable since that day, with no infection or anything; it never did return, either!

Praise the Lord! It's neat that the Lord showed us that He loves all of His creation; even the most lost, stray cat He saved from what could have turned into a severe infection, maybe even fatal!

The Lord is so awesome! Thank you, Lord!

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