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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Peace Restored By Grace

Annie Cassity - UBM Kansas - 05/18/2010

Hello, David.

I wanted to tell you about the effect that UBM lesson on Sunday evening had on me. Father restored His peace to me as I cried out with praise to Him. He WORKS through faith and DOES NOT fail. Amen.

All the brethren here know our circumstances and are standing in faith for Mark 11:24. We prayed three years ago that this house and land would be free from a mortgage and utility bills. We prayed that Father would reserve this house and land for us and the family of brethren who have come to live here with seven children. I have thanked Father for His provision and the coming blessings and for giving us a very close group of brethren who desire to mature under the blood. I have spent many hours visualizing us working and praising Father together. It has been joyful.

But Sunday I had awakened with a strange feeling of doubt and anxiety. I even cried during our Sunday morning Bible study. This was not like me at all but more like the "old" me. I was busy that day and we had company as well. As the day went on, I couldn't get a minute of real peace in my Spirit. As we said goodbye to our company, I made my way to an empty room where I began to cry again. This time I was sobbing. An overwhelming ache was present, not of the calm that Father had given me. I cried in front of my family, which made them worried for me and our situation all over again. I felt horrible and wanted to stay in my room for a time.

I got the computer and I connected to UBM to listen to the live broadcast. I heard you saying that we are now praying for the entire UBM for healing. I prayed to Father for forgiveness of my sins. I cried out for healing from my jaw that was painful and had swollen large from clenching all day. And within the first moments of speaking this prayer, the pain began to leave my face. Then I asked Father to remove the fear, doubt and anxiety that were present. And He did that before I could finish asking Him and added to me a LOVE that I could feel in my blood.

Shortly after that, you said, "Now get up and tell someone about this!" And I did. I threw the covers off and ran upstairs to where my family was and told them what had happened. Of course, they could see that I was healed from the pain and from the grasp of the enemy. We all hugged together and I thanked Father for His loving care of all of us.

We continue to see miracles from one day to the next. We are weak and He is strong. Even as the court date is coming on Friday and our back is up against the Red Sea, we are LIVING in faith that Father knows all of our weaknesses and is WORKING THROUGH OUR FAITH and will NOT fail. He is training us up to become sons and daughters in Christ as vessels of honor for His glory in these coming times. Bless you and the elders of UBM for the edification of us all. Philippians 4:1-23.

With love for all the brethren.

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